GREY DEATH is a new game from Voxpop Games Partners Salt&Pixel. Its first episode is coming free to the Voxpop Game platform!

In a world full of demons and the undead, a man searches for his lost wife. Resources are limited. Death is instant and waiting in the darkness. You will be running, jumping, climbing and searching in this 2D or 2.5D puzzle platformer.

Gray Death is a linear horror-themed puzzle platformer, reminiscent of classic games like Solomon’s Key and Dangerous Dave. The 20+ levels are short but challenging. You can either shoot or avoid enemies. You’ll need to search for supplies and ammunition. The game can be switched between 2D and 2.5D.

After weeks of searching for food and supplies, Gray returns back to the compound he helped build. Gray finds his friend Red dying from a gunshot wound and learns that a group mutinied and another fled.

GREY DEATH is now AVAILABLE for WISHLISTING on the VoxPop Games platform

Sign-Up:HERE & Download Now:HERE

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