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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 3 Review

Attack on Titan’s new episode starts off with Reiner remembering a story from the past. He wanted to live with his mother and father and wanted his father to accept him. Attack on Titan’s new season has been an exciting ride for the audience so far. “The Door of Hope” focused on his past to give everyone more of an idea on why he is the way he is. This episode shows the viewers all the suffering that Reiner endured as a child.

Reiner is fighting for a personal reason because he wants to rewrite the fate his family instilled in him. He wants his father to acknowledge him however that does not happen. He is rejected by his father. We learn that Reiner is very loyal but is not skilled like the others.


Most of “The Door of Hope” focuses on Reiner when he is a child starting his Warrior training with Bertolt, Marcel, Annie, and Galliard. Reiner was not chosen for the Armored Titan, Marcel encouraged the higher-ups to chose him to protect his brother. Marcel sacrifices himself to protect Reiner when they are under attack. Making Reiner eager to change the Founding Titan. 


Annie and Reiner fight about the mission, after brutally hurting each other they decide to break down Wall Rose. The episode then goes to Reiner in the present time ready to take his life with a loaded gun. He is interrupted by Falco punching the wall outside in frustration. This reminds Reiner he still has people he cares for and a reason to continue living.


If you ever feel like this here are some hotlines to contact.


Suicide Prevention


Trevor Project

International Hotlines

At the end of the episode, Falco passes the hospital. He then is seen having a conversation with an injured soldier. Who might just be someone the attack on titan audience is familiar with.


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