Attack on Drip — A Refined Selection of Rohil’s Favorite Anime And Video Game Memes (Part 1) (May 2021)

These made All Ages of Geek producer and staff writer, Rohil, laugh (audibly).

Attack on Drip

Can’t express how many times I’ve opened my laptop to blaring post-hardcore.

Sports is my favorite genre of anime.

This made me uncomfortable.

Bernie Sanders is my favorite anime protagonist.

Incel The Hedgehog.

After confessing to my crush…

Genuinely the most wholesome crossover.

A modern classic.

ProZD gaming observations.

Sick of these discriminating-ass potion sellers. (An oldie.)

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G4 Returns With New Host Kassem G

On 19 April 2021, something miraculous occurred… an upload on the iconic O.G. Kassem G YouTube channel. Not just any upload, but an upload of the beloved Ask Kassem format.

Ask Kassem was a comedic interactive Q&A show, with host Kassem G thrown against a greenscreen of brilliantly janky animations, hitting its peak of popularity between 2010 and 2012. The brief return of the show features favorite, Director of Photography, John “Fucking” Na.

The episode serves as an even larger announcement for the return of another dearly missed entertainment property, G4tv, with Kassem G stepping in as a new host.

G4tv was a geek-culture channel for the early 2000s, possibly most known for its original programming Attack of the Show! and X-Play. G4tv made it to approximately 61,217,000 American households by 2013, unfortunately ending all operations the following year.

On 24 July 2020, the Twitter accounts of G4, Attack of the Show! and X-Play were reactivated to announce a revival of the network. Finally, in January of 2021, we got the G4 relaunch announcement trailer, featuring Gus Johnson as G4’s “stand-in CEO” and confirmation of returning hosts Adam Sessler and Kevin Pereira, Ovilee May, and Froskurinn. 

The channel has already posted videos with guest appearances from ProZD, The Completionist, and Ron Funches.

On 19 April 2021, Kassem G’s official host announcement video went live on the G4 YouTube channel, followed by a pinned comment with Kassem expressing his gratitude for the warm welcome, as well as his intentions as a host. 

“Thanks for the warm reception so far everyone! I’m a G4 fan first and foremost! I want to see a lot of the old G4 stuff I remember watching on television in the early 2000’s but also very excited to see and help make new content and shows that reflects how gaming and pop culture has changed over the last decade. I’m very thankful for the opportunity and will do my best not to let you down! Plus I’ve already been paid so there’s no backing out now!”

Kassem G is already all over the G4 channel, participating in live streams as well. His sardonic, spicey wit is a welcome addition to video game commentary — almost perfectly timed for the current games media landscape with many critical of games journalism and craving a more self-aware, non-gatekeepy ethos. 

G4 will bring back versions of Attack of the Show! and X-Play,  along with Gaming News, Let’s Plays, Community Live Streams, and the occasional sketch — all with a digital-first approach.

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Rohil Aniruth is a producer and staff writer at All Ages of Geek. You can follow him on Twitter @yorohil & see his portfolio at rohil.work


An Interview with The Judgmental Critter

For those who may not know you, who is The Judgmental Critter?

I am a reviewer on YouTube! My passion is to critique animated shows and RWBY is usually the show I like to discuss the most!

Why do you enjoy discussing RWBY?

I don’t know what it is, but I absolutely love the show. I think the world is fun, the characters are unique and enjoyable! I just found myself constantly thinking about the story progression and the evolution of the characters and the story. So I got to the point where I thought “what if I start trying to better articulate my thoughts about the show?”

What is some parts of creating your videos that an ordinary viewer may not think about?

Definitely the editing. I don’t think most people realize how much effort it takes to edit a video together. I can have a little picture float across the screen with a silly sound effect to go with it, and people won’t realize that could take me up to an hour to do. Editors really are unsung hero’s.

Looking at your videos, you redesigned Blake. What character in RWBY do you think has the best design and why?

Ah! It’s so hard to narrow down! But I’m going to say Jaune has the best design. It conveys important aspects of his character. The regular jeans and hoodies awkwardly bunched up underneath the blocky, mismatched colors of his white armor tells us loud and clear that this set of armor wasn’t made for him. It’s his grandfathers’ hand-me-downs along with his sword and shield. But the really fun part about his design is how he evolves to fit his armor better over the years! He slowly starts to get better fitting clothes, his armor gets redesigned to be a bit more stylish. It portrays his character growth amazingly watching his design develop to show how he’s grown as a huntsman.

What would you tell someone who wanted advice in creating their own videos?

Don’t be discouraged by having cheaper equipment! I see a lot of people asking creators “what editing software do you use?” Or “what mic do you use?” It’s important to remember you don’t NEED those expensive fancy things to make videos. I still use MS paint and Gimp to make my videos because they’re free! You don’t need to try and mimic what other people are doing, you can make great content with whatever you can get!

The Judgmental Critter YouTube

The Judgmental Critter Patreon

Showrunners of Blood of Zeus Talk Personal Connection And Love of Anime

Blood of Zeus has continued Netflix’s foray into anime as the latest addition to the streaming service’s library of animated original shows. After the success of Castlevania, Powerhouse Animation Studios goes deep into Greek mythology in this tale of good versus evil. Following the adventures of demigod Heron, the son of Zeus goes on a perilous journey to save Mt. Olympus and Earth from sinister forces. It sounds like your typical Greek story, but its much more, according to writing duo Charley and Vlas Parlapanides. We sat down with the two showrunners on their personal ties to the story and their fascination with anime.

Growing up with Greek background, Charley and Vlas have grown to love the stories of Greek gods and heroes told to them as kids. “We always loved Greek mythology. They were told to us by our grandmother and our mother, and they were very good at telling them in a way that brought about a certain sense of excitement,“ Vlas explained. With this familial connection to the source material, it was very personal for both of them. “The reason Blood of Zeus is, I would say even a little more personal is that we’re children of immigrants. So even though may you may look at us and we felt like we were outsiders, even though we may not look like that. When it came to write Heron, he’s the quintessential outcast. He’s the bastard. He’s the one that’s made to feel less and minimalized. And so that really was something that we wanted to explore, and that was something that was very personal to us.”

Knowing that they would be displaying their motherland, Charley reflected on how this was a story about Greece. “This is this is not our story. This is Greece’s story, because truth, we were using a lot of the tropes and archetypes that are well established in the Greek mythological canon. And and part of it is we just tried to take from the stories that existed,just taking little tidbits and nuggets from it.”

The showrunners also touched upon how they made the Greek deities so relatable. “There are certain troupes that we used and then we took the liberty to also create a new character in Heron. The way Zeus was portrayed, we wanted to portray him in a way that felt really to what you knew about Zeus. And same goes for Hera. But we also wanted to go a little dig a little deeper. So it was important to show some vulnerability in actually both characters,” Vlas said. “I think when they seem them, the audience sees themselves in the characters and the gods and even in the main characters, I think it helps. And I think that was that’s been part of the appeal of the show.”

Along with the luscious scenery of Ancient Greece, Charley and Vlas also went into the work behind the epic action sequences. “That cinematic kind of feel that you get after watching the show that is something that was a mandate from the get go. It’s more expensive to do it cinematically, because what you’re really doing is you’re milking moments and your really doing it through kind of the lens of almost trying to make it feel like a movie. And that is also that also, the music is a big part of that, along with the directing with with everything,” Vlas mentioned.

The Parlapanides brothers also went into finding the voices behind these characters. “The actors did a fantastic job with the material. We feel like they elevated the material and again, the mandate with them too was to treat this as a movie, bring that emotional truth to the work,” Vlas said. “A lot of them were theater actors, so they really were able to bring their characters to life in a way that I think really helped with the performances resonate.” Charley added to the fact on how incredible it was to work with the cast on the series. “I’ve never been more impressed by a group of actors because they are on point.”

Vlad shared his gratitude to all the people involved in bringing the Greek mythological series to life. “One of the things that we feel very fortunate that happened among this entire journey is that we worked with some very talented people…We feel very good when we shine a positive light on the work that they did because it was massive and its a big reason that the show is as successful as it is.” Charley discussed how different animation was for them as opposed to a live production. “With animation, you are building it little by little, its not like physical production where you show up and there’s a set and you film and there it is…Basically what you’re doing here is that there’s a complete blank page and Shaunt has to take our script and we have to talk about how we stage it, what the location is, and what the characters are doing. It was a really fun process.”

So will there be more stories to tell for Blood of Zeus? Vlas seemed enthusiastic to continue the tales of Heron and the Greek deities if the opportunity arises. “We’ve thought of a whole bunch of things. We have to wait and see if we’re going to be given a season two.” Charley expressed his gratitude to Netflix for allowing them to present their series to an audience as the streaming platform continues their foray into animation. “We hope that they’ll order a second season. We think that audiences have embraced the show. We wrote a 25-page outline for the second season and where the show would go. We love this story and we have lots of ideas. Whether we get to tell it depends on the audience.”

Check out the rest of the conversation on our video and don’t forget to check out Blood of Zeus on Netflix.

Interview with Robyn McConnell (CubixFails)

How would you describe your content to those who may be unfamiliar with you?

I think my content has a lot of good vibes haha, if it’s streaming or voice work, I try to put the most care and effort I have into it. If I see new folks coming in during a stream I make sure to greet them by name and ask them how their day is going. I often like to compliment folks on their unique usernames, as some can be quite funny. Though with voice work I think the key word would be range. I specialize in doing both masculine and feminine voices, so it’s always fun to show that range off.

Speaking of voice work, what got you interested in the voice acting world?

Ah I think it was a lot of things, a mixed bag of alluring opportunity.
When I was first being social online as a young teenager, I tried doing a few things to stick out and be creative, be it illustrations or writing, but those things didn’t quite hit the mark for me.
I took a note out of my Dads book, since he’s a theater actor, and thought I could try acting! One of the first voice roles I did was for a friends Dissidia dub, I remember using a karaoke mic that I managed to hook up to my laptop, I voiced Kuja from FFIX if I recall correctly.
From there I think I kept an eye out for anyone who might need a VA on sites like Deviantart, and searching key words on twitter, I wasn’t aware of any real voice acting communities at the time.

A little bit ago you mentioned that you stream. What’s your favorite game to stream?

I quite like Minecraft! I know it’s a little old hat and overdone, but it’s just so chill. I can work on whatever and do my own challenges, and funny moment can often arise from the unexpected nature of the game.
I recently finished Sonic Mania on stream though and enjoyed that a lot, though a viewer did point out that I didn’t get the “true” ending, so may have to come back to that in future…
I would like to stream more fighting games, in particular Dragon Ball FighterZ, but unfortunately you need stable internet to stream fighting games during a stream, and I don’t quite have that yet, what with having my partners using the network at the same time.

What words of advice would you give someone who wants to become a content creator?

For anyone who does any creative work that they want to share with the world, consistency is key. You could get lucky and make something that blows everyone out the water, but you’ll only get fifteen minutes of fame if you don’t keep at it. I have a stream schedule that I keep to as best I can, so folks know when to expect me. It can be harder with other endeavors, like writing or voice work, but giving yourself time each week to work on what you love is important. Collaboration is also a huge part of making it as a content creator. I think I only got as many YouTube subscribers as I do with the help of bigger creators who I happened to work with. Their userbase would take notice of my work and migrate over to my channel to keep an eye out for anything that I made. Also and possibly most importantly, don’t lose your integrity, and make things that you enjoy. I also do writing and often get asked who I’m writing for, like what’s my target audience? The honest answer is that my target audience is me, I make things that I enjoy, and that I think people who are like-minded would enjoy. That being said, if you’re in it to just get big, follow some trends and take some notes.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CubixFails?s=09

Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/cubixfails?sr=a

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/CubixFails

Interview With Voice Actor David Garcia!

We interviewed Voice Actor David Garcia! Here is what he had to say:

1.What inspired you to start Voice Acting?

If I had to point to one man who set me on this path, it would have to be Alejandro Saab. I’ve been a fan of him for about 7-9 ish years-ish, not too certain on that number. I started becoming an avid fan of his, watching all his videos and such. When I first found out he did voice work, I simply thought “oh, that’s neat” and didn’t think too much about it. It was until I started actually hearing his work that I started developing a slight interest in it. Then I started hearing his stories about working in the industry and it seemed like fun! I started by just trying to impersonate voices that I heard from animes and video games. This led to me going down a path of discovering and learning about voice actors and their communities! There was an interview featuring a voice actor that really moved me to start trying my hand at this (I sadly cannot remember the voice actor and I haven’t been able to find the video). They said that they don’t do voice acting to get famous or to make a lot of money, but instead to entertain and make memories for whoever hears his work. This especially struck a chord with me because not long after they said that, they also said, “Anyone can be a voice actor, they just have to work hard!” I started thinking about doing it, doubting that I could succeed in something like voice acting. But then one day, while I was relaxing and watching one of Alejandro’s videos, he said the same thing. “Anyone can be a voice actor.” That was the final straw that pushed me to start voice acting. I looked up tutorials, advice, acting classes, and audio recommendations to start. And that brings us here, to where I am now! I’m having a blast doing this! I voice act now for a similar reason; to entertain and give a performance that sticks with everyone who hears it! Though that doesn’t mean I WOULDN”T mind making a bunch of money, haha, but that’s secondary! Now whenever I try to encourage someone to try voice acting or to keep up their VA work, I always tell them “anyone can be a voice actor.” Sounds a bit like My Hero Academia now that I’m writing this all down, heh. I still stand by this philosophy though.

2.What are your goals for 2021?

– Make a Demo Reel I’m PROUD of!
– Take more acting and audio engineering classes.
– Network and get to know more people in this community!
– Start trying to dip my toes in commercial work!
– Get cast in my first indie video game!

3.What is your favorite thing about Voice Acting?

My favorite part about being a voice actor (besides screaming in a microphone) would ironically be the more social aspect about it, networking! I love using social media to get new names in my head and research and learn all about them! I love setting up public casting calls for small projects for I can work with new talents and we can help each other improve! You can form lasting relationships that can usually go past the professional boundaries and become personal, close friends! Generally, I just like meeting and getting to know new people! That’s honestly why I’m super easy to reach and try not to give off a threatening aura, because I want people to approach me, for whatever it is they need! Whether it be for advice, a new job, or just talking in general! I said ironically at the start of this because, despite all I’ve said, I’m honestly not a very extroverted person, I just like new things and making myself as uncomfortable as possible. They say comfortability is the enemy for improvement so maybe that’s why I’m so “fearless” about things like that!

Find more HERE

Creator Spotlight: David the Hooman

Four months can seem both a very long yet very short time simultaneously. 

Four months ago, I was trawling through YouTube (as I do) when a video popped up in my recs. “Musician REACTS to This Life Is Mine (feat. Casey Lee Williams)”. With that song being my complete favorite from RWBY, it was an absolute must watch for me. Plus, hearing the thoughts behind some of the composition was enticing. I’m not a sophisticated musician by any means. (I can’t even read music or name the key signatures.) But I enjoy hearing about the technical aspects of music. 

The short video was only ten minutes long so I was just like, “Why not?” 

I was greeted with an extremely warm, extremely enthusiastic person. Of course, he paused during the video to give some insight into the lyrics and what’s going on in the music. However, once it hit the rock section, he just gave up and gave into the music, jamming along with it. There was just so much genuine and authentic joy that it was hard to ignore. 

Admittedly, I kind of forgot about him until about a month later when his Red Like Roses Part 2 review came up.

From there, I subscribed and became a regular viewer of his channel. 

His channel originally started off as reactions to more normal music which didn’t catch the biggest audience. But after shifting to fandom music, he’s found his footing. His community has absolutely exploded in the past several months from that very shift.

And, honestly, it’s a great community. The comment sections seem to be relatively chill which matches his personality. 

But his Patreon on community is where things shine the most. While there are a lot of people in the server, it’s kind of the typical Patreon server. It’s kind of a small group of the same people that talk. We’re all generally pretty supportive of each other. There’s generally no negativity. There’s a venting channel, of course, but that’s pretty standard. We can definitely offer critique to writing and artwork. But it’s never in a way that talks down or demeans anybody. It focuses on striving for improvement. As for right now, it’s a good bunch of people with no bad eggs in the bunch.

I think that can be attributed to David himself. He himself is someone that’s truly positive, upbeat, and authentic. The way he reacts to RWBY episodes really highlights that. He watches and gives thoughtful insight into what’s happening in that moment. Of course, there are criticisms; it’s not just all praised. For example, he started off not liking Roman since he thought he was a bit of a douchebag. He did come around, though, after hearing what other fans thought and seeing more himself. 

His insights are so genuine and relatable. During the V2 arc where Blake’s running herself ragged, he relates to that. He says he tends to be the type that just keeps going and going and going. As a bit of a perfectionist myself…I completely get that.

One thing I really enjoy about his RWBY reactions are the fact he offers points to talk about at the end of every episode. Again, one was on the point of “do you rest or do you keep going?” And he always reads a comment that talks about it. The engagement is just so legitimate.

Of course, one of the cool things that happens on Patreon is weekly watch/jam sessions. The community comes together to watch anime and/or just chill and listen to music while talking. Being able to interact with David like that really just reinforces that what you see in the videos is what you get. 

Of course, like any creator, some distance from fans is necessary. Giving out all the personal info isn’t the best idea. But you can just tell that he’s a legitimately sweet, nice guy that loves what he’s doing. 

Watching him grow as a creator bit by bit over the past several months has been pretty cool. Things still remain largely the same. He’s pretty humble and down to earth. Things remain rather simple. But he’s managed to hire an editor that helps polish video quality up a fair bit. 

One thing I do have to appreciate for his personal style isn’t the use of a lot of jump cuts. I get that they have their place. I do not disparage creators that use them a lot. If you’re a commentary-type creator or someone who talks to the camera, oftentimes they’re really necessary. Bailey Sarian is an example of a channel that uses them a ton that I really enjoy. There’s just also something to be said for creators that don’t use them a whole lot. In this case, it just enhances the feeling of genuineness he brings to everything he does. 

So yeah, if you’re a fan of animation, music, and especially RWBY, give his channel a look! We’re currently about halfway through Volume 2 in terms of reactions. His upload schedule can be a bit inconsistent since he’s still figuring things out. Despite that, it’s still frequent enough that you won’t be wondering where the next video is.

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWH6O3GL1sLj-cIjukOmppQ 

Twitter: https://bit.ly/34Oc6l2 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CFnAhnMFDki/ 

Patreon Link: https://www.patreon.com/davidthehooman

These are Just Some Awesome Youtubers!

Just a youtuber was trending on twitter recently and the All Ages of Geek crew decided to put together a list of some cool youtubers you should check out!

Denise Walker

Youtube Bio: “Denise Walker Animator Artist (Traditional/Digital) Video Editor/ Creator (Sony Vegas) This is channel that is going to be visual analytical breakdowns on animation and video games that I loved like character designs and talking about animators. Will post animations and video edits often.”

Check out their Youtube HERE!

The Southern Bella

Youtube Bio: “Hello and how are you? My name is Bella and I animate short stories from my life on my YouTube channel! I live in Texas (yeehaw) and I love cats!”

Check out their Youtube HERE!

The English Simmer

Youtube Bio: “Hi there, I enjoy procrastinating by playing The Sims and recording it for you guys to (hopefully) enjoy. Sometimes I even go as far as playing other games for entertainment. I am obliged to say that if you aren’t subscribed already then you should.”

Check out their Youtube HERE!


Youtube Bio: “Brandon MessYourself here! We have been making YouTube content for over 8 years. My content has grown as have I and I am really proud of everything that we have achieved as a community so far. I am a comedian and yes I do act very crazy in my videos with the intent to make you laugh! I’ll always try to do something unique or obscure in every video so trust me, you will be surprise where ever you go! MessYourself was originally a Gaming Channel but however currently has turned more into a topical humour channel. If you would like to see my gaming videos please check out my gaming channel MessYourself Gaming: http://www.YouTube.com/messyourselfgaming In March 2020 we launched our Animation and have set a goal of 100 Animations coming soon. We have a patreon if you would like to help by becoming executive producers.”

Check out their Youtube HERE!

Darrion Nguyen

Youtube Bio: “Science is fun!”

Check out their Youtube HERE!

Tell us who your favorite Youtubers are! We would love to feature them in an article!

An Interview with Cami-Cat

Art by: @KIDWMA

Will: Just to break the ice a bit, how has your day been?

Cami Cat: My day has been alright! A little tired, but who isn’t this year? laughs

W: For those who do not know you, how would you describe your YouTube Channel and yourself?

CC: I think the best way describe it is I post what I like to do.

W: Allagesofgeek talks about a variety of fandoms. What would you say is your top three that you are a part of?

CC: Ok. Critical Role, but I enjoy things without being major part of fandoms

W: What is your favorite cover you have sung?

CC: Ok, I give a different answer every time. Welcome Home is a good one, so is Friend Like Me. I like doing different voices.

W: What is one song you would like to cover?

CC: This is hard laughs Maybe more of the forever alone covers.

W: What is your favorite original song that you have wrote?

CC: This one is a tie. I love Maw of the King and Lioness

W: Is the Jingle Bells parody based on a true event in a Campaign?

CC: Not entirely. There were definitely moments in the Campaign. I’m working of a few other songs about the Campaign.

W: What are some interesting things about your bard Danni?

CC: Danni is more of a follower than a leader. When she performs being a leader.

W: What is one D&D class you have not played yet, but you would like to play?

CC: Ooh, I think that I would be interested in playing Ranger. I have seen people bashing the ranger, but I have seen so many others playing Rangers.

W: What is the oddest character you have ever made?

CC: I think Kiriki would be the oddest. She’s a Tabaxi that sells goods out of a bag of holding that she made out of yarn. The only bag she has that she didn’t make is a bag that allows her to teleport to a random location.

W: What is your favorite memory from a D&D Campaign that you were part of?

CC: Oof ok, it was probably the giant sword. We dropped a giant’s sword with a force ball attached to the bottom, the sword was imbued with our Paladin’s Divine Smite, and we just dropped it 100 feet off a peguses onto a pirate ship.

W: What is your favorite thing about D&D?

CC: I love the storytelling potential, interactions between characters. I’m not much of a Dungeon Crawler.

W: In closing. What words of wisdom would you leave the reader with?

CC: No matter what the numbers are saying, keep doing what you are enjoying. The more you are enjoying doing something, the more people will flock to you.

Diving Deep Into RWBY Volume 8 With Kerry Shawcross and Lindsay Jones

Fans have been clamoring to return to the world of Remnant and the time has finally arrived with RWBY coming back for Volume 8. After what transpired in the previous season, things are about to heat up with Team RWBY as they try to save what has left of Atlas as well as Remnant from Salem and her invading army while also avoiding a clash with General Ironwood’s own military after his betrayal. We got to sit down with writer Kerry Shawcross and Ruby herself, voice actress Lindsay Jones on what viewers can expect for the rest of the season.

With the first two episodes out in the open, both Shawcross and Jones have looked back at the process it took for them to put volume 8 out after a year since it was first announced. “It’s just kind of crazy how the pre-production was so well planned out that we were able to kind of prepare for COVID. But at the same time, the team is working so hard from home to adjust during the COVID period. So I have seen people from the production team go above and beyond, and I feel like every volume they just take it one step further,” Jones said. Shawcross addressed how the split with Team RWBY will affect the season moving forward. “We’ve essentially got a three-way war going on. We’ve got Ruby and our heroes as a unit. We’ve got Ironwood and we’ve got Salem.”

With every volume, RWBY has tackled themes like strength in numbers and being true to yourself. In volume 8, the characters are all trying to figure out what is most important to them after finally coming back together. “I think from a broader standpoint, I think this season is a lot about figuring out what is important to you and making sure that you stay true to that,” Shawcross explained. Despite being together, the group also has different ideologies as to what the next course of action is for Atlas and for Remnant, as Jones informed us. Speaking on Ruby’s relationship with the team, she said, “There is that emotional separation between her and Yang, between her and Blake. Same with Weiss, obviously with a bigger global separation with the Atlas as a whole and their role in the world of Revenant.”

The voice actress also spoke on how she has connected with Ruby over the years as she has has grown from a novice hunter into a leader. “There is a little piece of us in every character we play because as an actor, you have to have that connection, that emotional connection with the character you’re playing with. Ruby, it goes so much further than that.” Jones expressed just how connected she is from Ruby, having played her for a while. “As far as my connection with the character itself, I feel like she is a huge reflection in my growth and my 20s…We in the real world are dealing with a lot of distrust. I completely understand where Ruby is coming from that standpoint.”

This season has also given other characters more prominence, like Oscar. Shawcross went into some detail on the relationship with Oscar and Ozpin in Volume 8. “Things between them are complicated and will continue to be complicated. Its a really interesting relationship. But it is still two people that trust each other but have had moments of conflict and figuring out how to get past that.” He also added about the journey Penny would be going through this season. “Penny is part robot, but she’s also part human. Figuring out what your path is and how you’re interpreting what is going on. We haven’t seen that in chapter one with her…and she’s kind of pushing back now. That’s going to continue to play into some things with her and Winter.”

With COVID still in the world, it hasn’t stopped Rooster Teeth from working on RWBY’s current season, which is still in production. “We are still working on Volume 8 and we are also working on Volume 9. In some ways, it has changed in larger ways and some in less meaningful ways. We’re really trying to find that balance of making sure everybody working on the show and their quality of life remains great. Making sure the show is great as it can be.” Jones agreed with how well she and the crew have been adjusting to their workload. “The spirit and soul are still there and I think that is a fantastic testament. When you get in the booth, it doesn’t feel any different to me. Despite working remotely, Jones looks forward to getting things back to normal. “I would still love to work up toward a group recording in some setting. Maybe once COVID is over, we can look into that?”

So what can fans expect for the rest of Volume 8? In one word, Jones described it as a “spectacle” and praised the animation. “Reading what I read in the script, I feel like anytime I read the scene descriptions, I get really into it and to see that come into fruition animation-wise, is a whole different story. That translation is beautiful and those animators are wizards.” Adding to that, Shawcross tells fans to expect a lot to come out this season. “A very dense season is what I will say.”

Check out our video from the interview above and don’t forget to tune into RWBY on Rooster Teeth’s website.