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Upcoming Game Announcement: V Rising

Greetings fellow gamers! Tracy Preston/CuriousCat-13 here with a special gaming news report. Earlier this week, Stunlock Studios (creators of the Battlerite games and Bloodline Champions) announced an upcoming game that you’ll be able to sink your teeth into later this year: V Rising

via IGN’s Youtube channel

While we don’t know everything about the story, this is the basic premise of the game: Centuries ago, man and vampire fought against each other in a brutal battle. Beaten and humiliated, the vampires hid away, where they suffered and starved in the darkness. Now, a vampire (the player) rises from their dust-covered coffin to take on the world and survive in an unforgiving world.

V Rising is an open-world survival game where you face not only the environment around you (i.e. the sun of daytime and vampire hunters) but other vampires. For those that aren’t familiar with the lore, vampires are extremely territorial, so you’re going to end up competing for resources as you build your own empire. While there is competition, there will also be plenty of unions as your friends and other players can choose to join your clan (which is part of your empire). Even though you can persuade every vampire, there are still plenty of humans that you can turn into vampires (just try to be discrete about it). 

While there hasn’t been a gameplay video (at the moment), the screenshots of the game are breathtaking. In all honesty, the concept and screenshots are enough to hook me in. Given that it’s coming out later this year, I hope that it comes out around October for the spooky season. I will say this though, currently, V Rising will be available on Steam for only Windows PC; if you’re a Mac user like myself, we can only wait and hope that a Mac version will be released sometime after. As for console gamers, who knows. Either way, I can’t wait to see what Stunlock Studios will have in store for us in this epic vampire talk. At the moment you can sign up to try out the beta the second it’s available here. For those that aren’t familiar with the term, a beta is basically the version of the game that isn’t complete (but almost is), so it’ll still have some weird bugs and glitches. Given how good the game looks right now (again from the screenshots), I can’t wait to see the completed version of V Rising in all of its gothic vampire glory. For more information on any upcoming updates, you can follow Stunlock Studio on their Twitter @StunlockStudios and the official V Rising Twitter page @VRisingGame.

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Resident Evil Village Final Demo Impressions: Castle Dimitrescu, Mother Miranda, and The Four Lords

Resident Evil Village, the eighth main entry in the iconic video game franchise, is scheduled to hit stores on May 7th, 2021. In April, fans got their hands on two gameplay demos, locked to 30-minute timers. 

One of the demos takes place in the opening village, and the other in Castle Dimitrescu. These are some impressions of the castle portion of the demo.

The environmental detail is elegant, with refined textures and dynamic lighting that create a glossy, eerie atmosphere. The variety of (excellently modeled) gaudy furniture is impressive. Those chandeliers really do something to the hairs on the back of my neck. The sound is dynamic and spacious, too, selling the scale of the castle. The play-style in the castle is undoubtedly more claustrophobic with lots of crawl spaces, and it seems to be more puzzle-based. 

In the village, I felt no real threat from the Lycan enemy-types. I could move freely. Also, Lycans die when you shoot them, unlike Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters, Bela, Cassandra, and Daniela, turning into swarms of insects and cornering you in the castle’s tight corridors. Lady Dimitrescu has mechanical similarities to Mr. X from the Resident Evil 2 Remake. They both enter doors with shared bully energy.  

The game uses its linear design moments to set up some masterfully scripted sequences. We’re introduced to The Duke, who offers up some mild direction but serves primarily as this game’s version of the Resident Evil 4 Merchant. He’s not as cool as The Merchant, but he’s got some lively characterization. The store UI is also classic, clean to look through.

I’ve always liked the ideas of labs under the mansion in the first Resident Evil. The sciency bio-weapon aspects of the horror gave the absurdity some grounding. Resident Evil Village, however, is very committed to fantasy/folklore elements. The lower levels of this castle seem to be grimy cellars packed with slow-moving, sickle-wielding ghouls. These hooded creatures crawl out from every crevice in the brick, and I believe there’s a winged variant in a later stage of the game. 

The running joke of players actually wanting to be chased by Tall Vampire Lady and her daughters comes from a real place. They are the most personable in a long list of Resident Evil enemies who relentlessly pursue the protagonist, and they have especially playful dialogue. The daughters talking about “devouring man-flesh,” or Lady Dimitrescu calling Ethan “a silly man thing” is a little more light femdom than survival horror — BUT make no mistake, when they do catch you, they will f**k up your life (not in the sexy way, well–). 

The castle demo is an expansion of the play from the Maidens demo earlier this year, revealing more of the castle and a bit more interaction with the enemies. Resident Evil Village is teasing a grand scope. Outside of Lady Dimitrescu’s castle and the opening village, there is still Karl Heisenberg’s factory, which seems to borrow from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, as did Resident Evil 7. Heisenberg, who was initially rumored to be the return of fan-favorite Luis Sera from Resident Evil 4, is actually one of The Four Lords governing the land under big bad (?) Mother Miranda. He seems responsible for the Lycans, who ride horses and shoot bows at some point in the game. He also might transform into a hulking Resident Evil 5 executioner-type Lycan himself. Then there are The Lords we still have limited information on; the fishy House Moreau, and perhaps most creepy, House Beneviento, represented by an upsetting talking puppet. 

Check out Rohil’s thoughts on the opening village portion of the demo here

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Resident Evil Village Final Demo Impressions: Opening Village

Resident Evil Village, the eighth main game entry in the franchise, is gearing up for release on May 7th, 2021.  

In April, journalists and gamers got access to two more demos, each locked to a 30-minute timer. One of the demos takes place in the opening village, and the other in Castle Dimitrescu. 

Starting with the village gameplay, we immediately get a sense of the ritualistic elements embedded in the culture. Carved colored doors, shrines, and intricately patterned cloths. The inhabitants are beholden to a seraphim figure, Mother Miranda, and her Four Lords that govern the land. The environmental detail is rich, with dynamic lighting and textures that inspire an inquisitive mind. The depth is also handled well. Distance is believable and used to create a daunting atmosphere… It had me thinking, “Oh, we’re headed to that big ass castle down there… this is about to be an entire ordeal.”

It isn’t long before the first encounter. Resident Evil Village is borrowing a lot from fantasy/folklore, so our starter/grunt zombies take the form of Lycans. They’re not terrifying, but the AI is engaging. The Lycans can bust through player-made barricades and climb buildings, adding some awesome verticality to the fights. There are memorable moments of elevation in the play. The tall grass also adds a level of tension, sort of like that scene in The Lost World: Jurassic Park, where the raptors use the coverage of the grass to pack-hunt. 

In the closing moments of this demo, we meet the few remaining traumatized inhabitants, and there’s a prayer scene. Writing prayers is more challenging than you might expect. You’re borrowing from existing belief systems but not too much as to offend unintentionally, and the choice of words has to hit just right so the villagers’ faith is believable.

It’s tough to block out the Resident Evil 4 vibes during this chunk of the play, and there is footage of a 2-story barn fight, serving a lot of the same energy from the iconic RE4 cabin fight with Luis Sera. This village-setting playthrough is noticeably less tense than the Maidens demo earlier this year. Protagonist Ethan Winters plays a little more competently. There is a distinct feeling that he’s more up for a fight, which is narratively consistent, seeing that he made it through Resident Evil 7 — but also, we get a shotgun fairly early on in the playthrough. Ethan’s delivery is a tad cheeseball again, but that’s how I like my Resident Evil. 

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G4 Returns With New Host Kassem G

On 19 April 2021, something miraculous occurred… an upload on the iconic O.G. Kassem G YouTube channel. Not just any upload, but an upload of the beloved Ask Kassem format.

Ask Kassem was a comedic interactive Q&A show, with host Kassem G thrown against a greenscreen of brilliantly janky animations, hitting its peak of popularity between 2010 and 2012. The brief return of the show features favorite, Director of Photography, John “Fucking” Na.

The episode serves as an even larger announcement for the return of another dearly missed entertainment property, G4tv, with Kassem G stepping in as a new host.

G4tv was a geek-culture channel for the early 2000s, possibly most known for its original programming Attack of the Show! and X-Play. G4tv made it to approximately 61,217,000 American households by 2013, unfortunately ending all operations the following year.

On 24 July 2020, the Twitter accounts of G4, Attack of the Show! and X-Play were reactivated to announce a revival of the network. Finally, in January of 2021, we got the G4 relaunch announcement trailer, featuring Gus Johnson as G4’s “stand-in CEO” and confirmation of returning hosts Adam Sessler and Kevin Pereira, Ovilee May, and Froskurinn. 

The channel has already posted videos with guest appearances from ProZD, The Completionist, and Ron Funches.

On 19 April 2021, Kassem G’s official host announcement video went live on the G4 YouTube channel, followed by a pinned comment with Kassem expressing his gratitude for the warm welcome, as well as his intentions as a host. 

“Thanks for the warm reception so far everyone! I’m a G4 fan first and foremost! I want to see a lot of the old G4 stuff I remember watching on television in the early 2000’s but also very excited to see and help make new content and shows that reflects how gaming and pop culture has changed over the last decade. I’m very thankful for the opportunity and will do my best not to let you down! Plus I’ve already been paid so there’s no backing out now!”

Kassem G is already all over the G4 channel, participating in live streams as well. His sardonic, spicey wit is a welcome addition to video game commentary — almost perfectly timed for the current games media landscape with many critical of games journalism and craving a more self-aware, non-gatekeepy ethos. 

G4 will bring back versions of Attack of the Show! and X-Play,  along with Gaming News, Let’s Plays, Community Live Streams, and the occasional sketch — all with a digital-first approach.

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Mercenaries Mode Returns to Resident Evil Village With More Strategy and Fire Power

Resident Evil Village, the franchise’s eighth main installment, drops on May 7th, 2021. The game is a direct follow-up to the protagonist, Ethan Winters’ story in Resident Evil 7.

Once you beat the primary campaign, you’ll unlock the fan-favorite Mercenaries mode, an arcade-rush style of play where you clear out waves of enemies and make your way to various checkpoints, trying to get the best time.

Here are some quick deets on the updated game mode.

Before each round, you’ll link up with The Duke (Merchant) and purchase your load-out and support items. You’ll also be able to upgrade weapons too. Previous Mercenaries modes in Resident Evil 5 & 6 had predetermined load-outs based on the character you selected. This added choice of what you take with you into battle adds a new layer of strategy and allows players to explore the play styles which work for them.

RE: Village is a first-person shooter, bringing a new perspective to the traditionally 3rd-person Resident Evil Mercenaries play. Pairing the first-person camera with arena verticality makes for a more fluid, tense play experience. Shout out to Doom: Eternal one time for making that vertical combat trend again.

Dispatching enemies will buy you just a few more seconds for your run, while collecting orbs will give you a solid 30 seconds. Blue orbs will allow you to choose from 3 abilities you’ll have until the end of the game. Each ability pairs with your weapons. For example, one might enhance your melee, while the other boosts your sniper game.

Resident Evil Village is shaping up to be a release stacked with tons of replay-ability.

Check out Rohil’s thoughts on the final Resident Evil Village demos here.

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Gaming Masterpiece Resident Evil 4 RE-Worked for VR Oculus Quest 2

Shinji Mikami’s Resident Evil 4 is widely considered a masterpiece in gaming. The title was initially launched in 2005 as a GameCube original, but sixteen years since its original drop, Resident Evil 4 is perhaps one of the most ported games in the industry. If you’re a true gamer, you can even play RE4 on the Zeebo.

Capcom, Austin-based Armature Studio, and Facebook Reality Labs are now bringing Leon’s ordeal with the Las Plagas to the Oculus Quest 2. This project has been ongoing for many years in the background, while the franchise’s main game entries and old-school remakes took center stage. 

Resident Evil 4 VR will, of course, play in first-person. Can’t wait for that El Gigante boss battle. The player can physically pick up item pick-ups like ammo and herbs, switch weapons by grabbing them off their body, and dual wield their knife and pistol (which might be OP, If you’re a real one, you understand the knife’s true savagery). 

There is no longer a pause-screen menu/attache case situation, which will up the tension significantly. Racing through a menu pop-up while the action continues? Nothing but anxiety. You’ll also have to physically reload your weapons and can accidentally drop your mag during this process. 

There are several movement options, including teleportation incrementally bouncing Leon across the map. The gameplay footage regarding movement looks to be immersion-breaking, and the transitions aren’t the most seamless. Hopefully, this won’t be the case at launch, and the game will succeed in being a widely accessible play experience.

Around 4500 art textures have been remastered. The world geometry has been adapted to work in stereoscopic 3D. It features 3D-spatial audio, taking RE4’s already imposing setting to the next level of atmospheric dread. The game runs on Unreal Engine 4 at a higher frame rate than the original.

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No More Heroes 3 Parodies YouTubers and Shares Game Deets In Series Digest Movie

Grasshopper Manufacture’s much anticipated No More Heroes 3 has released a “Series Digest Movie” to catch players up on the story thus far while hyping up the latest entry in the franchise. 

The digest movie concept is interesting, presented as a parody YouTube channel run by NMH’s resident love interest and scammer, Sylvia Christel, complete with mid-roll ads and pseudo-end-card Call to Actions.

A fake ad-break, that’s an actual ad… within an ad for a game…? Sheesh. Good job, capitalism x the arts. 

No More Heroes 3 is set to hit Nintendo Switch in late-2021. We learn from Sylvia that the upcoming scuffle in Santa Destroy will be on a galactic scale. An alien army has created its own ranking system for protagonist Travis Touchdown to climb. So, the core No More Heroes narrative structure remains the same, as does the core gameplay loop by the looks of the footage. 

Travis will have to complete odd jobs to earn money for each over-the-top alien fight, much like the first entry in the series when Travis was making his way through the assassin ranks. In the original NMH, the city was so visually drab, yet the world felt fully realized. This is a real testament to director Suda51’s characters — and ability to make a small scale believably grand. This time around, Santa Destroy is much more lively, NPCs are more interesting, and the environment is varied.

There is the addition of a Death Glove, which brings up a quick-select of new attack options. NMH3 also seems to feature a more extensive upgrade system. We can also expect some genre-breaking boss battles, paying homage to other popular video game titles. The alien-boss designs are also next-level nutty, colorful and intricate, drawing inspiration from Japanese squad-centric action-adventure. 

Travis is back at his weeby motel with his pudgy cat, Jeane. He’s got on a neck brace, and his classic douche-hawk is uncharacteristically unstyled. Fan-favorites Shinobu and Bad Girl will also join Travis in his battle. 

While some of this “digest movie” is supposed to serve as a recap of the story thus far, Sylvia really wants you to know that you don’t need to play the prequels to enjoy NMH3.  

No More Heroes is known for its meta-commentary — and this digest showcase is no different. The presentation references the franchise’s own arbitrary character choices, plot inconsistencies, and even pokes fun at its mixed reviews, mentioning how Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes will be considered an experimental cult hit in the near future. 

I love meta-commentary as a device to critique the medium, but it is often used to forgive lazy writing and uphold tired tropes, defeating the purpose. The second installment in the franchise, No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle, has received criticism for becoming the type of mindless revenge plot the initial entry received acclaim for deconstructing. I hope this won’t be the case for NMH3.

Reasonable concern for unironic corniness aside, I am still excited to jump back in with Travis Touchdown and the gang. 

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Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Gamescom Impressions

One of the most anticipated PlayStation 5 exclusives is the latest entry in the Ratchet & Clank franchise.

Some early Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart gameplay trailers and other promotional footage reveal that Dr. Nefarious is at it again. He crashes an event celebrating our heroes and attempts to use a Dimensionator to blast Ratchet & Clank into an alternate dimension where he’s an emperor, succeeding in all of his conquering endeavors.

The Dimensionator opens up rifts to alternate realities, which means we’re going to see a bunch of fan-favorite enemies. It also means there’s a possible calamitous multi-dimension implosion in dire need of prevention.

The opening sequence is one of the most impressive scripted events I’ve seen in a video game. Rifts tear through the reality all around Ratchet & Clank. Our Lombax protagonist has a Rift Tether, a gadget sort of like the Swingshot, only it swings him into another dimension… or pulls that dimension into his? It’s a truly trippy mechanic, seamless and visually stunning, to say the least.

In just 8-minutes of gameplay, Ratchet & Clank go through a high-octane rush of platforming adventure — shattering through the fabric of reality. Giant creatures fall from the sky. The Thugs-4-Less rebrand, “Goons-4-Less,” Sand Sharks, Robot Mutts, even a Kraken also attack. Hopefully, we get a Blargian Snagglebeast rematch too. The duo falls down various rifts into other planets in other dimensions. They land on the backs of flying creatures and gleam on grind rails.

The level design is vibrant and layered, with excellent moments of verticality. Controls seem fine-tuned and seeing Ratchet sideflip off a platform evading Goons-4-Less fire, pulling up the quick-select menu, switching to the Bomb Glove, then exploding the arena in a chaotic cluster of bolts brings me the purest joy.

I imagine all the weapon fire and collision make the most of that PS5 controller’s haptic feedback. Every burst has believable energy, props to the sound design for cranking that immersion all the way up.

Some other impressions; Clank looks mad glossy. Dude is shining. I love how the world’s inhabitants react to seeing the duo do battle in the city, and all of the dialogue is classic Ratchet & Clank.

Ratchet maintains his cool, punchy personality. Clank’s quips are wholesome, and his inquisitive nature and morality remain adorable. Damn, I wish I had a super-genius robot homie to go on adventures with… instead, I have Siri spying on me and selling all of my questionable searches to advertisers.

I am always blown away by the Ratchet & Clank franchise’s character designs. They all have masterful squash-and-stretch animation — and filmic expressiveness.

The gameplay trailer and other teasers all end on the reveal of Rivet, another Lombax — most likely filling the role of Ratchet in her particular dimension with Ratchet filling her role in his dimension. Aside from the shared naming convention, the two certainly have similar personality traits.

It’s been a while since Ratchet & Clank used its narrative themes to ride for environmental sustainability and anti-capitalism with the battle against Chairman Drek. Still, the series has maintained fun storylines. This newest entry is shaping up to have one of the more complex narratives in the franchise and is doing phenomenally in building fan intrigue.

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Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart State of Play Impressions

During PlayStation’s April 2021 State of Play, we received more stunning gameplay from the much anticipated Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and some juicy deets on the different mechanics players can expect. 

We open on a Nefarious Juggernaught attacking Rivet & Clank in the pursuit of a missing Infobot. Ratchet has also crash-landed in this dimension, in the chaotic, sprawling urban setting of Nefarious City — where Emperor Nefarious, this dimension’s more competent version of Ratchet’s Dr. Nefarious, rules through propaganda.

You had me at “dismantle a regime.” 

The world is one of the most vibrant I’ve seen in gaming. There is a metric-ass ton of activity going on in Nefarious City; sprawling skyscrapers, space crafts jetting around, floating screens and bots, sparks of electricity, holograms, and rifts opening up — all emitting different lighting sources.

It’s bloody impressive how the developers have managed to bring Nefarious City to life and running with minimal frame drops (in this footage). The environment is beautiful. 

Insomniac Games has always shined brightest in its characterization. Ratchet & Clank has some of the most personable, expressive characters in gaming thanks to phenomenal squash-and-stretch animation and sublime humorous writing. Even the smaller moments of scenario immersion dialogue, like Ratchet asking city locals if they’ve seen his charming robot-BFF, Clank, are excellent. 

Clank will be paired up with Rivet for a good chunk of the adventure from the looks of things, and Ratchet has a few more moves to get his parkour on without Clank’s Heli-Pack. Ratchet can chain together dashes and wall-runs, allowing for slicker, more fluid platforming than seen in the previous titles. Can’t wait to ninja-warrior my way to some rare bolts.

The combat will take full advantage of the PlayStation 5 controller’s haptic feedback. The player’s pressure on inputs will shift up how various weapons in Ratchet’s arsenal will fire — and lord, those bits of scrap shrapnel splintering off the bots you destroy is glorious. Particle FX on 100.  

Again, the rift mechanics are jaw-dropping. Ratchet and Rivet use a Rift Teather to pull themselves into alternate dimensions, sometimes into whole other planets, and these aren’t contained arenas — you’re being pulled into completed worlds. I wonder what deal Insomniac struck with The Game Development Devil to pull this off so seamlessly with no significant loading times. 

The State of Play sees Rivet & Clank crash-landed in a Sargasso swamp. It will be a real treat to see some favorite locations further realized and expanded on with the new tech. As expected, Rivet is a somewhat clumsy badass, instantly loveable. She’s actually more of a badass than Ratchet — she lost her arm fighting with the resistance against Emperor Nefarious, so she just built her own robot arm. Respect.

Her dynamic with Clank also seems wholesome. We see Rivet riding speedy swamp creatures and traversing Pocket Dimensions, which have a similar feeling to the dream sequence in Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters. It’s like a hazy collision of different dimensions, adding even more environmental variety. I think I spotted a floating big Big Al in one of these Pocket Dimensions. We’ll for sure bump into a few familiar faces, but be warned, they may be a tad different than the versions we remember from Ratchet’s dimension. 

Rivet & Ratchet will share an inventory through the weapons vendor, which is a smart way to deal with two heroes on their respective paths without inconveniencing the player. Also, side note: I absolutely adore the attention paid to the different ways characters hold their various weapons. A subtle animation detail that makes characters feel real. 

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart will feature open areas alongside the linear paths. There’ll be arena challenges, aerial combat, and Clank dimension puzzles. The game will also feature a ton of accessibility options, and we love to see that. More studios need to be forthcoming with their game’s accessibility during showcases. Getting excited for a game only to purchase it and have it be an unnecessarily, unintentionally difficult, or unplayable experience is a major f***ing bummer. 

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A Few Tips For Animal Crossing: New Horizon

Introduced in 2001 by Nintendo, Animal Crossing was a fascinating social simulation game. All ages can play and go about creating clothing, design a house or fishing in the ocean. This is only a small part of the options offered. When released in March of 2020, Animal Crossing: New Horizons went gangbusters. Possibly due to the start of the Pandemic where there were lockdown’s, one option was to play a game that would allow socialization. Of course, no Animal Crossing game can be successful if it didn’t have new villagers, islands to discover, and musical guests like K.K. Slider. In addition, there are so many tips for Animal Crossing. A few include how to grow rare flowers, how to use the Nookphone, and obtaining golden tools.

One tip to boost the landscape in Animal Crossing is to grow flowers. The standard flowers an island starts with are different than the next island, but to make unique and rare flowers it will take finesse. It is called cross-breeding, plant two different colors of the same type diagonally from each other.  As in, a red rose and a white rose will make a pink rose. Rain helps water the flowers, of course, but watering them from a watering can boost them to grow even faster. A key reason to crossbreed is that Island evaluations can earn more stars when there are diverse flower collections.


The Nookphone is a feature in Animal Crossing with a few helpful options. Push the ZL on your remote or hand-held Switch, and the Nookphone will open. This is very similar in layout to a personal phone. There is a camera, Critterpedia (this has every insect, fish, or sea creature you have caught), a map of your island, and DIY recipes. One tip to individualize a villager is to use clothing, rugs, or art that has been picked from internet searches. It will take a few steps to get there. If dressing a villager in Pokémon shirts, or an Anime rug outside the house is the look you are going for, be sure to check out items from the internet search.  First, download the Nintendo Switch Online app on either an Android or iPhone. Once this is linked to the game go talk to Tom Nook on the Home screen. Tom will make sure that the app is linked appropriately to the game by answering a few questions. In the Nookphone there is an app called custom design. This is used to choose any image that would fit your motif for outfits or art. By accessing this tool it creates a unique look to any island.

Animal Crossing users do numerous real-time activities to improve their island.  One way to pass countless hours is to Fish in a small pond or catch insects to donate to the museum. Unfortunately, the majority of tools that make money or will be used to work on a hobby are going to break over time. This will cost a villager resources to be able to obtain them. One tip is golden tools, which include an ax, shovel, watering can, fishing pole, slingshot, and a net. Obtaining each tool is not an easy task.  After breaking 100 normal or flimsy axes a golden ax is available to make in a DIY recipe and to get a golden slingshot pop 300 flying balloons prior to a recipe. The fishing pole and net require one of every fish or insect on the island, whichever is appropriate, to be caught.  The shovel is the hardest golden tool to acquire. A downed seagull, Captain Gulliver, will wash ashore. The objective is to talk to him 30 times with 10 separate times helping him to get off the island.  After those steps are taken a DIY recipe will be sent.  Golden tools are an arduous task to achieve even a few of them, but once built they are meant to be used for quite some time.

Via[Animal Crossing World]

Whether you need additional tips on how to obtain stars to boost an island’s standing or how to make money for new items, there are many features Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers. The outcome of each discovery is completely up to how one approaches the game. For example, a villager can travel to other islands, fill up a museum with beautiful butterflies, or just sit and listen to music when the fireflies are out.  Each season and holiday is highlighted and occasionally there are small touches and details that pop up. Animal Crossing will offer additional options the longer it is played which creates a smart and interactive way to play any simulation game.

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