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TOP FIVE: How to Turn Your Children into Weebs While Also Giving Them an Education (or 5 Edutainment Anime to Show Your Kids )

Dear The Millennial Weeb Generation,

The year is 2021 and long gone are the days when we had to hide our generic Naruto-nin headbands and plethora of body pillows. No longer do we feel pressured to sheepishly private a playlist of our favorite fan amvs, nor must we steal away from judgmental eyes to the school bathroom during lunch hour to read the latest issue of Shonen Jump. The continued globalization of pop culture over the last ten years has done wonders for us weeaboos. Anime has more and more become a commonplace leisure activity…it has become accepted and, dare I say, even prized and cherished in this new world order. No longer will we be so casually stereotyped as junk-eating freeloaders lurking in the dark of our mother’s basement. Gone are the dark days of our ostracization. We may now step into the light, openly in our multicolored wigs and gothic Lolita dresses. 

…Congratulations, fam. We have come a long way. We have made it to the promised land. 

All jokes aside, this wide acceptance of anime as an entertainment and art form by the general public has been years in the making, and it will only continue to grow exponentially with time. Chances are, by the time y’all younger millennials and teeny-bopper gen Z-ers finally have kids (or if you already have kids), they will have significantly more anime and or western cartoons heavily inspired by anime at their fingertips. The market is going to be oversaturated, yo! And not all of it will be good content. That’s why it is important we don’t forget the landmarks of our time. You can bet I’ll be showing my kids all the anime classics.

But also, I want my kids to have a proper education (it’ll makes me feel less guilty about letting my kids watch TV all day, ahaha). And so, without further ado: my current list (soon to be growing) and breakdown of the best edutainment anime classics to show your weeaboo children!

1. This one is a no brainer: Cells at Work!

Subject (aka Synopsis): “Inside the human body, roughly 37.2 trillion cells work energetically 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Fresh out of training, the cheerful and somewhat airheaded Sekkekkyuu AE3803 is ready to take on the ever-so-important task of transporting oxygen. As usual, Hakkekkyuu U-1146 is hard at work patrolling and eliminating foreign bacteria seeking to make the body their new lair. Elsewhere, little platelets are lining up for a new construction project.

Dealing with wounds and allergies, getting lost on the way to the lungs, and bickering with similar cell types, the daily lives of cells are always hectic as they work together to keep the body healthy![Description via myanimelist.net]

Report Card (aka My opinion): I mean, the name really just says it all. This is basically the anime version of Osmosis Jones, except rather than a buddy-cop vibe, its tone exudes that of a comedic slice of life. Our cast of characters consists of a crew of cells, all cleverly athropomophosized to look aesthetically pleasing AF. Seriously. Check out how cute this platelets are:

But this show isn’t just pleasing to the eyeballs. It’s also incredibly informative, presenting facts about the cells in our body in a way that is both entertaining and easily digestible. Every episode features a different scenario revolving around a conflict in the body — sometimes several at once. Each storyline represents an event that triggers the body’s autoregulated immune system. For instance, when it’s under attack from invading bacteria, the white blood cell and killer T cell characters arrive on the scene to exterminate them; or when outside forces like fever or heat stroke threatens the body’s homeostasis, the cells in charge of the sweat gland send sweat missiles into the air (an allusion to our bodies “sweating bullets”). In addition, the show’s narrator explains what is happening on a scientific level all throughout the action. This show really does do a fabulous job depicting the different cells’ functions!

Grade Level (MPAA Rating): I give this show a PG rating. There are regular depictions of heavy combat in this show, e.g. white blood cells chopping down bacteria, but it’s honestly fineee. It’s meant to be comedic, not scary! So y’all are good to show this to your kids and future kids, people. Oh, but make sure you’re watching Cells at Work and not its weird cousin Cells at Work: CODE BLACK. That…that’s the much, much more violent spin-off…

2. Holy moly — Heaven’s Design Team?!

Subject: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. He also sought after a wide variety of animals to populate the planet. However, he felt that it was too tiresome to think of new ideas within his criteria. To address this problem, God appointed an organization—the Heaven’s Design Team—to do the work instead!

Shimoda is a newly-hired angel who serves as the mediator between God and the design team. As he steps into his role, he witnesses his coworkers conceive interesting ideas for many unique life forms according to God’s desires. From giraffes and snakes to birds, anteaters, and everything in between, the possibilities for different animal species are endless!” [Description via myanimelist.net]

My Opinion: All right, y’all — I cannot express enough how much I love this little gem of a show. Seriously, I’ve already written an entire article dedicated to all the reasons why “You Need To Watch Heaven’s Design Team”. Now here I am, back again to shove this show down y’alls’ throats. All the reasons for watching Heaven’s Design Team go far beyond its educational value — read my previous piece to find out just why— but for the purposes of this list, I will stick strictly to its edutainment qualities.
This show can largely be summed up as a graphic design meets National Geographic gag comedy. The episodes follow the general formula of God assigning the designers an animal prompt and the designers scrambling to fulfill it. Through this process, we are able to see how the, often completely illogical seeming, combination of animal traits proposed by God actually comes to life — through SCIENCE! This anime presents in-depth explanations of the strange intricacies of animal biology by showing us the multiple stages of the design process. With every failed and successful prototype of a new animal, we discover how each feature (such as wings or horns or webbed feet) contributes to a species’ survival. We also learn, through the designers’ failed concepts, why certain features are less evolutionarily successful and why the actualization of certain mythological creatures, such as unicorns, just wouldn’t work! There’s also an informational section of the episode that provides real life pictures and more detailed introductions of the animals’ qualities. 

Grade Level: With a rating of G, general audiences are all welcome here. This is the perfect show to watch with your kids. The humor can be enjoyed by humans of all ages — which means your kids can easily understand what is going on and you can supervise without feeling trapped in a kiddy snoozefest! Have fun laughing at all the unexpected crazy traits of these animals, folks — it’s gonna be one w i l d ride. 😉

3. YEEHAW! Buckle up, Cowboy — it’s Golden Kamuy:

Subject: “In early 1900s Hokkaido after the Russo-Japanese war, Saichi Sugimoto tirelessly pans for gold. Nicknamed “Sugimoto the Immortal” for his death-defying acts in battle, the ex-soldier seeks fortune in order to fulfill a promise made to his best friend before he was killed in action: to support his family, especially his widow who needs treatment overseas for her deteriorating eyesight. One day, a drunken companion tells Sugimoto the tale of a man who murdered a group of Ainu and stole a fortune in gold. Before his arrest by the police, he hid the gold somewhere in Hokkaido. The only clue to its location is the coded map he tattooed on the bodies of his cellmates in exchange for a share of the treasure, should they manage to escape and find it.

Sugimoto does not think much of the tale until he discovers the drunken man’s corpse bearing the same tattoos described in the story. But before he can collect his thoughts, a grizzly bear—the cause of the man’s demise—approaches Sugimoto, intent on finishing her meal. He is saved by a young Ainu girl named Asirpa, whose father happened to be one of the murdered Ainu. With Asirpa’s hunting skills and Sugimoto’s survival instincts, the pair agree to join forces and find the hidden treasure—one to get back what was rightfully her people’s, and the other to fulfill his friend’s dying wish.” [Description via myanimelist.net ]

Report Card: This THE historical anime of all historical animes! The anime’s creator, Satoru Noda, does an amazing job of making his story historically accurate. Okay, so technically, this is a work of historical fiction, but it does feature characters based on real figures in Japanese history who play pretty big roles in the show’s plot. While education isn’t the anime’s main objective, its portrayal of Japan’s Meiji Era, the era it is set it, is incredibly informative. From the depictions of the character’s clothing, to the characters’ weapons, to the battlegrounds and other landmark locations, this show is seeped in the richness of its setting. It’s also a landmine of information regarding the Ainu, an ethnic minority group of Eastern Asia who are indigenous to northern Japan’s area of Hokkaido. Soda pays special attention to the Ainu, intricateily showing and explaining the people’s culture, such as their attires, their cooking and hunting methods, and their ancestral and marriage customs. While there are plenty of anime out there that celebrate the history of Japanese heritage as well as European heritage, it isn’t usual that we can engage with a story that centers around a minority group, much less one that is so culturally sensitive and expansive. It’s so invigorating getting to broaden your cultural knowledge while watching such a captivating story!

Grade Level: I’m gonna say PG-13, recommending Teens and up to be safe (or recommended parental guidance). This ain’t the anime for the younglings. There’s some adult humor (aka gratuitous usage of the word ‘penis’), depictions of violence, as well as discussions of physical torture, such as skinning (which is pretty dang important to the plot, so it’s not like you can avoid it). Buuuut, it’s still an awesome story with awesome characters. If your kid isn’t easily perturbed, then this one is a go! Better yet, adults should watch it with them and get edu-ma-cated. 

4. Here’s a throwback for sure…Hetalia Axis Powers:

Subject: “What if nations were people? What traits would they have? What would this mean for historical events?

Hetalia Axis Powers takes these questions and runs with them, personifying countries into characters. The show takes a comedic and light approach to politics and historical events while educating the viewer.

Taking place primarily during the events of World War I and World War II, the story focuses on the Axis Powers and occasionally throws the spotlight onto the tumultuous relationship between the Allied Forces. The Axis Powers feature the titular character North Italy, who is clumsy, carefree and loves pasta; Germany, who is very serious but easily flustered; and Japan, who is stoic but has bizarre interests.

Based on Hidekaz Himaruya’s widely popular webcomic turned print manga, Hetalia Axis Powers is a historical comedy that pokes lightly at culture, examines the relationships between nations and breathes fun into history.” [Description via myanimelist.net]

Report Card: Wow. It’s been a while since anyone has mentioned this show. In part, it’s because it came out a whole freaking decade ago. As for the other reason…well, the general public has criticized its humor for aging poorly. This is in part due to its culturally stereotypical portrayals of each personified country and its depiction of LGBTQ+ characters. So why is this title still on my list of recommended edutainment if it’s been facing all this retrospective backlash, you might ask? Before I go into that, it’s important that we get something straight regarding the accusations hurled against this anime. First of all, this show. Is. A. Satire! Every country is personified in an oversimplistic and stereotypical manner because to poke fun at World War II politics. The countries are larger than life; they aren’t supposed to be realistic, nor are they supposed to be representative of their peoples. The characters are over exaggerated to highlight the childishly convoluted relations between countries. It’s a spoof comedy about world politics! It’s not meant to be taken seriously! No one country gets special treatment. They are ALL caricatures on purpose, because caricatures are funny and satirical. As for the show’s depiction of queerness, a majority of the characters are either queer or coded as such. Sure, one could argue all day that using queer characters in a weird spoof comedy is a case of problematic humor. However, that once again misses the show’s intention: to satirically portray the relations of countries in the context of WWII (in addition to other historical events). The character’s queerness is largely incidental to the humor and the show. The slapstick comedy is funny because it is bawdy, sarcastic, and inconceivable, not because the characters are queer. Additionally, there are plenty of poignant moments between characters. It’s not always one big joke. The queer characters who are in love are portrayed to genuinely care for each other. The show may be comedic in tone, but it doesn’t mean that all the relationships are a farce.
Ok. Long rant aside, let me be startlingly clear: I didn’t learn a single thing from this show. That being said, however, Hetalia is still the sole reason I was able to pass middle school history. Look, this anime is not incredibly informative. As I previously stated, it is meant to be a spoof. However, while watching this show in addition to studying for my world history classes, my memory for historical events greatly improved. By picturing the personified countries in my head, I was able to remember which countries had roles in each world event much more easily. Sometimes, there would be an episode that tied directly into what that I was learning about! My recall ability was aided even more through humor. Pro tip: laughter and fun times helps retention. Huh. Who knew?

Grade Level: Teen and up recommended due to humor and hijinks. If you read my rant, well… you get it. The humor can be quite raunchy at times and if you’re young and don’t know any better, the satirical stereotypes could be misconstrued.

5. Growing up is hard…Koe no Katachi:

Subject: “As a wild youth, elementary school student Shouya Ishida sought to beat boredom in the cruelest ways. When the deaf Shouko Nishimiya transfers into his class, Shouya and the rest of his class thoughtlessly bully her for fun. However, when her mother notifies the school, he is singled out and blamed for everything done to her. With Shouko transferring out of the school, Shouya is left at the mercy of his classmates. He is heartlessly ostracized all throughout elementary and middle school, while teachers turn a blind eye.

Now in his third year of high school, Shouya is still plagued by his wrongdoings as a young boy. Sincerely regretting his past actions, he sets out on a journey of redemption: to meet Shouko once more and make amends.

Koe no Katachi tells the heartwarming tale of Shouya’s reunion with Shouko and his honest attempts to redeem himself, all while being continually haunted by the shadows of his past.” [Description via by myanimelist.net]

Report Card: Ok, so its technically not a show, it’s an animated film. It’s also not your typical edutainment title, but I swear I can explain! This story is mainly a character study of Shouya and Shoko as well as an exploration of their relationships. While this film doesn’t necessarily teach your typical school subject matter, there’s so much we can extrapolate from their journeys and apply to our own lives. This is especially true and important for children or teens coming of age. The film deals heavily with the relatable subject matter of bullying, showing characters on all sides of the situation. I’m willing to bet that all of us, at some point in our childhood, have witnessed or experienced some type of bullying, whether we were the frightened bystander, the helpless victim, or the misguided aggressor. It’s a realistic and nuanced portrayal of the lasting repercussions of bullying that can carry long past childhood, some of which can be rather dark such as depression and suicidal thoughts. Despite the discussion of heavy topics, this movie ultimately sends a message of hope for emotional healing and forgiveness. It reminds us that people can change if they genuinely work at it. It’s also just a general lesson to actively combat bullying when you see it happening — in a way that also doesn’t destroy the bully’s life, of course! Think of this film as investment in your child’s interpersonal skills. I guarantee it will remind them to treat people with kindness and be more conscientious of other’s feelings. I mean, what more could you want for your kid as you send them off to school?

P.S. I also recommend reading the manga it’s based off. It’s a short read of seven total volumes total. Some details are more fleshed out, there’s an epilogue, and I feel like story is really well suited to the pacing of comic panels.

Grade Level: This show does deal with some heavy topics, but it is a coming of age story and extremely relevant to a kid’s school life. That being said, I will rate this a hard PG to soft PG-13 with an additional trigger warning. I also suggest you watch this with your kid (or at least be on standby), so you can provide emotional support if anything triggers them.

All righty, that’s it for this time, folks! Make sure to follow for my next roundup of edutainment anime 🙂

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Top 5 Underrated Anime You Should Watch!

All Ages of Geek gives recommendations on some underrated anime you should check out!

My Top Five Dungeons and Dragons YouTubers

Dungeons & Dragons is a game that can have some of the most hilarious, heroic, or heartbreaking stories. For example, here at Allagesofgeek we have Dice Sesh, which is our D&D podcast. Other people have created YouTube channels to share their love of D&D. In no particular order, here are some people who I like to watch.

1.) Dingo Doodles

In her first D&D video, she shares the story of a Campaign, called Fool’s Gold, where the apocalypse almost happens because of karaoke. This sets the mood for the rest of her Fool’s Gold stories. Currently, there are 17 parts and it shows no signs of stopping yet. Her stories are wonderfully drawn, greatly voiced, and has made me feel dread, joy, anger, and more for these characters that are all part of Fool’s Gold. Overall, just an exciting and engaging story to hear.

2.) Brandon Cutler

What happens when professional wrestlers play D&D? You get Critical Botch. It is by far, one of the top D&D Campaigns I have listened to in a while. If you think things will go according to plan, you are wrong. There is chaos, as to be expected, but most of all, it is friends coming together to play D&D and having fun

3.) Zee Bashew

Zee Bashew does a mix of stories and a series called The Animated Spellbook. The Animated Spellbook discusses a spell and a way that it is normally implemented, or in a way that’s outside of the box that is very clever. His stories aren’t just one way. One can make you laugh, however, another one could break your heart. The animation is smooth and has the look of something you would expect in like a book of fairy tales.

4.) XP to Level 3

XP to Level 3 is a great resource for newcomers to D&D. He has guides for all of the classes and they are all entertaining. Also he has skits and shares some D&D stories that are always great to listen to. A personal favorite of mine is the Immovable Rod story.

5.) JoCat

JoCat’s Crap Guide to D&D has made me laugh several times. It teaches what it supposed to teach about each topic, but it also is wonderfully hilarious. With each class JoCat makes great points, while making playful jabs at each trope that the class has.

I know for a fact that there are more D&D YouTubers out there. However, these are my top five. Watch who you want to watch. Like who you want to like. That’s the joy of the D&D side of YouTube. You have a lot of choices to watch and listen too.

Inspirations I Want To See In Volume 8 of RWBY

A constant theme in RWBY is that characters are based off of other characters from Mythology, History, or even classic works of literature. Like how Ruby is based on Little Red Riding Hood, or how Ironwood is based on the Tinman in The Wizard of Oz or even how Jaune is based off of Joan of Arc. In this I will go through five characters I hope RWBY makes some characters of.

5.) King John from Robin Hood

This to me is the next logical step. We already have Robyn Hill and her Happy Huntresses, which is a clear reference to Robin Hood and his Merry Men. So it would make sense that RWBY gives Robyn her King John. This character I see as a rich Atlesian who we (the audience) are not supposed to take seriously at all, but the character themselves takes theirself seriously. I’m picturing them as a one and done character that TRIES to stop Robyn and her team, but ultimately fails rather quickly, and is basically there for a laugh and then taken care of.

4.) The Sheriff of Nottingham also from Robin Hood

This is a lacky of King John and who basically does the heavy lifting, and who is actually the main antagonist in the story of Robin Hood. For RWBY’s Sheriff of Nottingham, I’m imaging as someone who grew up in Mantle, but is on a rich Atlesian’s payroll.

3.) Sherlock Holmes from Sherlock Holmes

We know that Arthur Watts is based off of Watson, if he was partnered up with Moriarty instead of Sherlock Holmes. Now this makes me think, what if there was a character that did care about Watts and blames themself for him joining Salem. The way I imagine a RWBY Sherlock would be that they worked close with Watts, or knew him well, but one single mistake is what they believed led Watts down the path he is on.

2.) Odysseus from The Iliad and The Odyssey

We already had Pyrrha, who was based on Achilles, so why not another Greek Mythology character. Odysseus is a unique Greek hero because he didn’t really brute force problems away and he used a bow instead of melee weapons. At his core, Odysseus was more of a strategist than a warrior. I think it would be cool for there to be another strategist so there could be someone for Jaune to look up to.

1.) King Arthur for the Arthurian Legends

Ok. This one MIGHT be cheating, since we have heard about the King of Vale, but hear me out. I could picture an élite group of Huntsmen and Huntresses from all over Remnant that is simply called The Round Table. Plus, there is so much you can do with King Arthur. You have Mordred, Sir Lancelot, Queen Guinevere, Merlin, Morgan, and more! There is so much matrial in the Arthurian Legends that I think Rooster Teeth could tap into!

5 Reasons to Watch Attack On Titan

The fourth and final season of Attack On Titan is nearly upon us. The hit anime series will be ending more than seven years after premiering in 2013. Having received widespread acclaim, Attack On Titan has transcended the anime genre to become of the most captivating shows on television during its era. Here are the best reasons to binge the series in time for the fourth season.

The Stakes Are Colossal

from Fandom.com

Attack On Titan is set in a society where humans live in a walled-in nation to protect themselves from giant, man-eating titans on the outside. These titans do nothing but devour humans and appear to be naturally drawn to them somehow. In the first episode, the outermost wall is breached, jeopardizing all of humanity. In every second of the series afterward, the stakes could not be higher. At any moment the scales can turn for either side, raising the intensity of every battle. With every victory and defeat for the show’s main characters, you feel the lasting impact that affects those that go unseen. It’s more than people pitted against the titans, it’s a fight for the survival of the human race.

There’s a Whole World to Explore

from Fandom.com

Attack On Titan utilizes a very unique method of world-building. Starting out in the small cities on the outer portion of the walled-in nation, the series gradually makes its way towards the central districts. There are three massive walls that form the skeletal structure of the land: Wall Maria, Wall Rose, and Wall Sina. Nestled between each wall are a large number of districts, villages, and fortresses; however, after the initial titan attack, Wall Maria’s residents were evacuated and it became a wild area for titans. There is much about their world that the characters are unaware of, and the series keeps the same information from the viewer, though sometimes providing vague hints via foreshadowing and flashbacks. This allows Attack On Titan to reveal the world and its history to both the viewer and characters simultaneously. 

It Will Scare You Silly

from DreadCentral.com

Attack On Titan is far from a children’s anime. Though they look silly at first glance, the titans are some of the most terrifying monsters in modern pop culture. They wander mindlessly like zombies seeking flesh for no nutritional purposes. They don’t digest the humans they eat, they merely regurgitate them. The horror the titans are capable of isn’t fully discernable until they have someone in their grasp. The only thing more disturbing than watching a smiling titan bring a panicked human towards its mouth are the final words that most doomed characters shout out before being eaten. On the other hand, the people in the walls are more than capable of their own heinousness. There are many human villains who often show similar sentiments towards human life as the titans. The constant unease created by the show is done to keep viewers emotionally attached rather than celebrate bloodlust. Simply put, Attack On Titan sugarcoats nothing about its grueling and gruesome world. And make no mistake, there are many scenes that haunt you long after you’ve seen them.

You Never Know What to Expect

from Fandom.com

As mentioned earlier, there is much about the world of Attack On Titan that is hidden from both the characters and the viewer. From the first episode and the attack of the Colossal Titan, the series is shrouded in mystery. While the beginning is rather straightforward, the show builds more intrigue as it progresses.  Eventually, the true nature of human and titan society are revealed, along with how they correlate to one another. Filled with inexplicable phenomena and cryptic flashbacks, Attack On Titan grows so much between seasons that Season 1 and Season 3 seem almost entirely different. Twists and turns abound and reward attentive viewers who can catch hints and clues. The more questions that arise, the more you will want to watch in search of the answers.

The Characters

from Pinterest.com

Like any great show, Attack On Titan is buoyed by its cast. The anime features a wide ensemble of characters across various roles, personalities, and backgrounds. While Eren Jaeger may be the true protagonist, nearly every character holds an equal amount of weight in the story. Whether you are a fan of stone-cold badasses like Mikasa or Captain Levi, the comic relief of Hange and Sasha, or an arc of retribution like Armin’s, there is a character for everyone’s taste. New characters are introduced every few episodes, which means there are also plenty of deaths and downfalls. Each character has a unique purpose to the story, even if their destiny is to become titan fodder. Some will make you laugh, a few will infuriate you, and others will make you cry, but that is the strength of great characters: they make you feel something.

Five villains that I’d like to see in a Superman film, that isn’t Luthor or Zod

Ever notice that whenever Superman gets rebooted or remade on film, the first villain he faces is always either Lex Luthor or General Zod? I’m tired of that. Superman may not have a legendary rogues gallery as his best bat-friend from Gotham, but he has other villains than those two. We can make an exception for Luthor, since he is a huge part of the Superman mythos, but we’ll relegate him as the man working from the shadows, either assisting the villains that pop up in Metropolis, or the one making them.

Over the past two weeks or so, I’ve had this sudden need to watch anything Superman related. No clue why, but one thing’s for sure, I’d like to see other villains show up on the big screen to challenge the Man of Steel. This is my top 5 list for villains to show up in a Superman film.

Metallo and Toyman

When you get your chest waxed…

Our first spot goes to two people actually: Metallo and Toyman. Though I think both characters can present enough of a threat on their own, I feel that there are some interesting possibilities when established together. Winslow Scott aka Toyman is a deranged psychopath who creates dangerous toys capable of maiming and killing anyone unfortunate enough to line up at his store on Black Friday. I figured, that it would be interesting to see a version of Toyman that once worked for Luthor, designing all manners of weapons for LexCorp, until he was fired for being unstable. He goes on to use his engineering skills to create a company selling “toys” in the black market. Ranging from exploding teddy bears to Political Assassin Barbie dolls.

I want to play a game…

You may be wondering, how can toys stop the unstoppable Superman? Well, look no further than his latest action figure, Metallo. The cyborg’s origins have been a mangled mess over the years, with more than one person taking up the name, but the one I gravitate towards the most is the version from the Animated series. John Corben was a hired mercenary working for Luthor. When he was imprisoned by Superman after a failed plot to steal a LexCorp battle mech, Corben was diagnosed with a rare, incurable heart disease. Luthor offers the mercenary a second chance at life and revenge by turning him into an unstoppable cyborg. What if instead of Luthor tricking Corben to becoming DC’s take on the T-800, it was the Toyman who turns the mercenary into the latest holiday sensation, complete with a Kryptonite heart. With both murderous pychopaths after Luthor’s bald head, Superman must swoop in and put a top to this year’s killing spree.

Also make it a Christmas movie. I think that would be fun.


Me am confused…

One of the most interesting questions posed by the presence of Superman is what would happen if there were others like him, but not as kind? That’s sort of why Zod almost always shows up. Kryptonian criminals are brought to the big screen to place doubt in people’s hearts when it comes to Superman. But I’m tired of Zod, let’s put him back in the Phantom Zone for now and think about a better “evil Superman”. He am Bizarro! Wouldn’t it be cool if Luthor was running for President and one of his campaign platforms were to keep humanity safe from Superman. He’d definitely get followers for that. Imagine if he concocts this elaborate plan to use a Superman clone to get him elected into the Oval Office? I’d love to see that. You know what else I’d love to see? Bizarro getting an Iron Giant moment, where he learns the importance of being Superman and what it means to be a hero. Now that’s a tearjerker.

Manchester Black

Punk is not dead… just went all into this guy….

Now here’s an interesting pick. Ever wonder if Superman is still relevant today? Superman was the premier superhero—the golden standard, if you will—when it came to superheroes. Nowadays, people gravitate towards edgy characters with a “tragic backstory” or someone who operates in the morally gray. It’s an interesting shift in the audiences caused by real world current events and modern-day cynicism towards absolutes like truth and justice. Manchester Black can provide that challenge. Manchester Black is the leader of a ruthless vigilante team called The Elites, and they all share a distrust towards The Big Boy in Blue. It would be interesting to see a battle of philosophy on topics like heroism and justice. Where Black is on the side of swift justice by killing villains while Superman is on the other, advocating that murdering criminals makes you no better than them.


I found this really sick fan art of Kalibak, by artist, Datrinti

I was watching Batman v. Superman the other day with my father and brother. It was the Special Edition Cut with the extended scenes and what not. My brother and I noted how “all over the place” this film was. We reached the scene where batman is having a vision of the future where the forces of Apokalips had laid waste to Earth. It’s such a poor set-up for Justice League, or Darkseid in general. So, I thought to myself, how would I set Darkseid up for future films? It would be through Kalibak. Kalibak is the first-born son of Darkseid. His whole deal is to basically prove to his father that he is a capable warrior and really just wants his father’s approval. It would be cool to see Kalibak go to Earth and prove his loyalty to his father by conquering Earth, the only planet that has been able to stave off the forces of Darkseid. When Kalibak gets to Earth he is met by Superman. Now, it would be interesting to see Kalibak cause untold damage to Earth but imagine if he did untold damage to his fathe’s plans? Kalibak is a strong and capable warrior, but he’s not exactly smart. It would be cool if his unexpected arrival messes up Darkseid’s plans for Earth, having secretly infiltrating their forces for generations, having key people like Granny Goodness and “Glorious” G. Gordon Godfrey manipulating Earth’s masses through media and mind control. Kalibak’s arrival would be the catalyst that sets off Darkseid’s premature invasion of Earth, and the launching of a Justice League film. (DC hire me…)


My favorite version of Brainiac

No list is complete with this final entry. Brainiac is ultimately Superman’s greatest foe, in my opinion. So much so, that whenever this 12th intellect baddie is involved the entirety of the Justice League needs to be summoned. Like all iconic villains, Brainiac has had a messy always changing origin story. Sometimes he’s an alien from the planet Colu who transformed his body into the “perfect” vessel of knowledge, sometimes he’s a super advanced AI that goes rogue. One thing’s for sure, he’s always trying to collect knowledge and destroy the worlds from whence they came. I’ve always liked the stories in which Brainiac and Superman’s fates are intertwined when it comes to Krypton. It would be cool to see Brainiac show up on the final months of Krypton’s life cycle, collecting all their knowledge and shrinking the city of Kandor, before leaving the planet to its fate instead of blowing it up himself. Brainiac travels to Earth when he realizes that one Kryptonian eludes his collection and it’s not Superman. It’s Kara Zor-El.

Now imagine that…

Top 5 Video Games To Play During A Quarantine

We are at an unprecedented time where everyone is stuck at home, but at least we still have video games to escape our boredom. With the internet, it’s even better that we can also connect with others online and play most of these games together. With so many video games out there to choose from, it’ll be difficult to know which ones are worth it during our new reality of life. Well, to help you all out, we have chosen some of the best games to check out if you want to play with your friends and have a good time while everyone is in the comfort of their own homes.


If you are among those who haven’t joined the craze of this Battle Royale game, now is your chance to join in on the fun. Think of it like this, imagine you are among a group of about 100 people launched into an island with nothing but an ax at your disposal. The main objective of this game is pretty simple, just be the last one remaining on this island. The only thing is you have to survive long enough to win, and in order to do that, you must eliminate the competition. On this island, there are plenty of weapons you can find and even build yourself some cover against other players. In this game, you can either compete solo or become part of a squad. The only thing is, once you lose, the game is over for you and you start over in a new game. It’s a highly addictive game with millions of players online, whether it’s on a console, PC, or even on mobile. 

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart has been an instant classic for Nintendo ever since it’s inception for the Super Nintendo. It has grown with lots of sequels across many different consoles over the years. This new version of the game can be played anywhere on your phone and it’s absolutely free either on an iOS or Android device. The game has had a recent update where you can know play against other players around the world. Every two weeks, the game sets up new courses to keep the game fresh and exciting, so you’ll never get tired of racing though the same tracks. There’s also tons of unlockables like new characters, costumes, carts, and parachutes. It’s the perfect game for new and old players alike.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

With everything happening in the world, sometimes you just want to find a sense of escapism from reality. Ever since Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out, everyone has suddenly found their new home away from home with their slice of paradise. Creating a home on a getaway island is only half the fun as you can customize your character and grow different kinds of fruit as well as crafting materials for your island. You can even visit other players’ islands to trade or even check out their version of a sweet escape. Under these circumstances that we face, it seems like now is the best time to check out this game and see what all the craze is about.

Jackbox Party Pack

It’ll be hard to invite friends over for some party games, but thanks to certain games, everyone can still have a good time while in isolation. Back in the 90s, You Don’t Know Jack grew in popularity with their crazy and insane trivia games. Since 2008, developer Jackbox Games saw a resurgence during the age of mobile gaming. With Twitch, anyone can play these games on the latest consoles. Filled with dozens of party games, Jackbox Games can make any night into a friends’ party night. Whether it’s answering insane questions on Fibbage or playing a fun game of charades in Drawful, these mini party games will surely be fun for those who just want to let loose during these unfortunate times. With the Jackbox Party Pack, you can enjoy all these different mini-games with friends just by streaming it online for everyone to partake. What’s great about these games is that even if you aren’t playing the games, you can still participate with just your phone and cheer on for your favorite person to win. 

Grand Theft Auto Online

The Grand Theft Auto series has had a lot of success over the years with their games. The latest entry, Grand Theft Auto 5, ended up becoming their best selling title and breaking huge records. It’s not just for the story that’s bringing players in, it’s also the online mode. In Grand Theft Auto Online, the game offers a different experience from the single-player campaign as you go through the city of Los Santos robbing banks with your crew, participate in street racing, and completing some fun missions. The online community is still going strong for a game that released back in 2013. Ever since it’s launch, the game continually makes the online experience so much better with free updates being added. With up to 30 players in one session, the amount of content and things to do in this open-world is endless.

5 Book Series to Revisit During Quarantine

During quarantine, you may have a lot of time on your hands. It’s the perfect time to revisit some favorite literary series. With the ubiquity of library apps such as Hoopla, Overdrive, Libby, or RBdigital, and paid e-reading apps like Kindle or Nook, getting a new book while social distancing can happen in seconds.

This list contains some geeky series that are particularly enjoyable when read one after the other—something you may not have the time to do otherwise. And they’re all older series, making it more likely that they will be available from library apps or already on your shelves. Happy reading!

Harry Potter

Of course, I’m going to say, Harry Potter. For most fans, a yearly reread is part of loving the boy wizard, and now is the perfect time to fit in this year. Gone are the days of waiting years between installments of Harry’s story, now you can follow him in his years at Hogwarts as quickly as you can read through it.

It was big news recently that J.K. Rowling was making Harry Potter available for teachers during the pandemic, as well as launching Harry Potter at Home. For many people, however, the books are already on their shelves. Revisit Hogwarts and the wizarding world and take your mind off the real world for a while.

The Infernal Devices

Arising from the Harry Potter fanfiction universe is author Cassandra Clare and her Shadowhunter Chronicles, currently consisting of five connected trilogies, a major motion picture, and successful Freeform TV series. My personal favorite is the second trilogy, the Infernal Devices, the Victorian era trilogy of The Shadowhunters Chronicles. Notable for its fast pace, high-tension, and heart-rending romantic plotlines, this trilogy is beloved amongst Shadowhunter fans.

The Infernal Devices brings readers characters also in the more modern sections of the story such as Magnus Bane, Tessa Grey, and Jem Carstairs. Unforgettable, of course, is Six-Fingered Nigel, as well as the demonic curses and creeping automatons. Bring your tissues and consider the audiobook versions if you have a thing for Welsh accents.

The Hunger Games

With a new prequel due out in May, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes now may be the time to reacquaint yourself with Panem, the Capital, and the Districts that once were the United States of Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games Series. Set in a distant future where kids fight to the death for entertainment on TV—a bold indictment of reality TV and our need for increasingly revolting entertainment—the Hunger Games follows Katniss Everdeen, an ordinary girl who must fight the power of an evil regime.

With themes frighteningly recognizable in modern political history, the Hunger Games is a thrilling adventure to read back-to-back, and an inspiration for those seeking justice everywhere. May the odds be ever in your favor!

The Young Wizard Series

It tells the tale of Nita Callahan and Kit Rodriguez, two young teenagers who both happen to stumble over magical manuals that teach them how to be wizards. Each book brings them a new challenge to master, many with eco-friendly plot lines. The Lone Power, their foe, reappears in different forms as the series goes on, forever lurking in the shadows. 

The sliding scale timeline has kept the series fresh and relevant despite being written over thirty years. From sentient dog, Ponch, to intergalactic airports, the Young Wizard Series gives readers a new and exciting episode with each lengthy installment.

The Time Quintet and the Austin Family Series

Madeline L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time is a quintessential favorite for young readers everywhere. The related series, however, are equally deserving of love as L’Engle explores more fantastic worlds, times, and human connection at its core.

The world began with Meg, Calvin, and Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Which interweaves with the one in the Austin Family series, which is a little less fantasy-esque, but equally enjoyable. L’Engle’s books are prime nostalgia reading.

Top Five Gamecube Games to Play

Since the Gamecube is definitely one of my favorite consules to use here are my top five favorite games to play!

Animal Crossing

This game (just like all the Animal Crossing games) is a perfect game to play when you have A LOT of free time. Not only will you be meeting new villagers but you will have to make bells to pay off your loan to Tom Nook. Be prepared for villagers to have sassy remarks in this game.

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon is a great game to learn more about the farm life. Be prepared to take care of your crops, animals, make new friends, and maybe even fall in love. 

Pokemon Channel

Pokemon Channel is not your typical Pokemon game! In this game, you will be able to play games with Pikachu, go on adventures, and channel surf on your TV with your favorite Pokemon!

The Legend of Zelda Windwaker

If you love the ocean this Zelda game is perfect for you! Get ready to go on adventures in the ocean, fight bad guys, and maybe throw some pigs at the people of Windfall Island! 

Super Mario Sunshine

This Mario game takes place on the tropical resort of Isle Delfino! Be prepared for an awesome adventure with your favorite plumber and a great soundtrack! 

Top Five Recommended Things to do While in Japan

This year I took my first trip to another country. I traveled across the world and lived in Japan for three months. I traveled around the country and saw many different things! I decided to make a list of my Top Five Recommended Things to do While in Japan. 

Number one is by far Mt. Fuji

If you are a nature nerd like me seeing Mt. Fuji will definitely make you emotional. When I got off the train and saw Mt. Fuji across from me in the sky I cried! Happy tears don’t worry, but seeing it really, really changed my life. 

Number two is Visiting the Shrines and Temples

Not only is it very peaceful, but you get to experience a different culture. There are some shrines in the middle of busy Tokyo that look like their part of their own world. It makes you forget you are in a busy city with loud noises and allows your mind to be at peace. 

Number three is Riding the Ferris Wheels

There are many different Ferris Wheels across Japan. Center Kita, Yokohama Cosmoworld, Osaka, pick your favorite and see Japan from a different angle!

Number four is Akihabara

If you love anime just go here. SO many shops and arcades with your favorite anime characters and manga. AND since Bleach is returning I’m sure you’ll see lots of your favorite bleach characters (my favorite hehehe)

Number five TRY THE MATCHA

You won’t regret it IS 100% life-changing.