NEWS: What is DC FanDome and Why is It BACK?!

Okay, seriously. What the heck is this DC FanDome thing-y and why haven’t I heard one word about it? Yea I’ve been living in quara-limbo for what feels like the past century (it’s only been a year), but c’mon, I thought at the very least massive nerdom news such as this would trickle down to my depression lair. 

Chances are, the majority of you are already in the know about this event (heck, you probably attended the event last year didn’t you?). Well, go ahead then. Roll your eyes at me all you want, and then after that please skip the following background information and go to this year’s update at the bottom half of the article.

But for those of you like me, who’ve been mentally checked out since March 2020, let me explain a little background information about this “dome” and how you, too, can enter. 

In June of 2020, DC Comics and Warner Bros. Entertainment created the DC FanDome, a virtual event platform, to broadcast highlights of their upcoming projects across a multitude of media. It was first announced in response to the cancellation of San Diego Comic-con’s in person event due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Divided into two parts, the FanDome conventions featured pre recorded panels, interviews, sneak peaks and showings, all of which could be accessed for free by the public. The first half debuted on August 22, 2020 and its continuation shortly followed a few weeks later in early September. The virtual platform has since been used to stream the virtual premier of Wonder Woman 1984 in December 2020. 

DC FanDome was lauded for the high quality of its online experience. Similar to 2020’s virtual San Diego Comic Con, it featured pre-recorded content. DC FanDome’s presentation, however, set it leagues apart. Warner Media, the parent company of Warner Bros. and DC Comics, fully utilized the editing opportunities that a pre-recorded virtual presentation afforded them, and thoughtfully programmed the event into a well coordinated spectacle. 

The convention’s first part, titled “Hall of Heroes”, featured eight hours of content broadcast three times in a row back to back, making it a full 24 hr event. The programming consisted of sneak peaks and exclusive reveals of the newest and biggest titles to hit DC’s film and TV production, comic stands, game studios, etc. The convention’s second part, titled “Explore the Multiverse”, allowed fans to choose their own schedule from over 100 hours of on-demand content including screenings, panel sessions and interviews, and unseen content from the DC multiverse. 

The key factors that set DC FanDome’s convention far apart from other virtual conventions were its cohesive visuals and staging. Whereas conventions like San Diego Comiccon were streamed across multiple Youtube channels, all of the FanDome events were broadcast across in-house DC Comic specific portals. Not only did this guarantee smooth transitions and prevent potential video playback errors from copyright (which happened a few times to the San Diego ComicCon panels due to YouTube’s stringent copyright laws), it made the event feel structured and purposeful. It truly felt as if it was an other worldly portal teleporting you to the DC realm. 

DC took the feeling of uniqueness a step further by filming its content in a green-screen space constructed especially for occasion. Unlike the typical panel rooms one would see over many a Zoom call, the FanDome’s green screen capabilities allowed for guest streams to be projected side by side along the Dome walls, imitating an in-person interaction. The space helped the event appear much grander across the screen, reinforcing the feeling that this was something for audience members to get excited about. Spliced in between the convention’s most highly anticipated events were quirky sketches, speedy interviews and q&a’s, and tributes to the many years of the DC Universe. These spurts of stimulation broke up the monotony one would usually feel from attending never ending zoom calls and allowed the audience a moment of reprieve. Again, like everything else, these bites made the event feel specific, and much like extravagant commercials commissioned especially for the SuperBowl, it made DC’s online convention all the more a spectacle. 

As you can pretty much expect, the DC FanDome 2020 was an absolute smashing success, exceeding 22 million views across the globe, presented in nine different languages (Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish) across 220 countries and territories. Thanks to its overwhelming popularity, DC Comics has officially announced the event will come back for its second year, so y’all better mark your calendars for October 16, 2021!! 

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But wait. Before we all get too excited, what exactly is going to be revealed at this year’s convention?

…Well, it’s not exactly clear. DC is keeping it pretty hush, hush as of now to increase suspense and intrigue. Figures.

Buuuut… we do have some possible predictions thanks to the good ole rumor mill and past announcements. I’ve included a short list of possible titles of which we can potentially hope to see sneak peaks. 

Predicted titles of panels/teasers:

1. The Batman: Will Robert Pattinson finally get his day in the not-so-sunny sun? Jk. But actually can we get some long awaited panel action?

2. Sequels and Triquels: Wonderwoman 3 💪 and Aquaman 2 🧜‍♂️

3. New Titles: Blue Beetle, Cyborg, and Zatanna … holy heck am I excited for magical girl Zatanna!

4. The Flash: Finally! The film starring Ezra Miller we’ve all been waiting for?

5. The Green Lantern Corps: Hal Jordan AND John Stewart, babbbiiii!

6. Stargirl: It’s on the bubble for a season 3 renewal… 

7. More Arrowverse shows: who else besides our newest DC hero Naomi will gets an adaptation?

8. Batgirl: BABSSSS!!! ‘nuff said.

9. Animated goodies: Batman: The Long Halloween Part Two, YOUNG JUSTICE: Phantoms, Harley Quinn, etc.

10. The Other Batman (???): Idk y’all, but there be some rumors of two different Batmen moving forward. Is Affleck actually keeping the cowl? It may actually work if Pattinson’s Batman is going to exist in a stand alone universe anyway. Honestly, if you ask me, it sounds like baseless rumors, but who really knows at this point with the multiverse…

Now, as far as unannounced projects go… those we can only pray for the good DC gods to grace us.

If you are interested in keeping up to date with DC’s live announcements should check out the DC community here and sign up for their newsletter here.

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IRL: A Graphic Novel About Economics and Video Games

Back in High School, I came across a graphic novel titled IN REAL LIFE and it was one of the best original stories I have ever read. You also did read the title of the article correctly….A graphic novel about video games and economics has been one of the best graphic novels I have ever read. I am here to tell you more about IN REAL LIFE!


The story follows Anda Bridge, a coding student. She learns about a game called Coarsegold, which is a massive multiplayer role-playing game (MMORPG), from a guest. The guest is the leader of a clan in Coarsegold. All of the players are females. As Anda plays more she becomes friends with another player named Sarge and discovers the world of gold farming.

That is all I can really say without going into too much into the plot itself. I love the writing by Cory Doctorow. Not one part of the writing feels forced or out of character. Every single line is perfect for each character. The art is done by Jen Wang. Every single character looks distinctive and the art is great to look at as well. The writing and art just work in tandem with each other creating these wonderful and colorful characters. I cannot stress enough how much I enjoyed this book and I hope other readers enjoy it too. If you want to see economics and video games work hand in hand, check out IN REAL LIFE!

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Lore Olympus, The Number One Romance Comic on WEBTOON (Review)

Olympus, the fabled paradise of the gods is a bustling human like city with the crazy drama of a reality show in WEBTOON’s Lore Olympus. The comic takes the audience into the world of the Greek gods, exposing all of the drama and romance of their lives. Rachel Smythe, creator of Lore Olympus, takes the legends of the Greek gods in a new direction by depicting them in a modernized Olympus. The story is based on the tale of Persephone who is  traditionally stolen by Hades to become his wife, but the creator spins a new tale of how the King of the Underworld fell in love with a nineteen year old, spring goddess, leaving home for the first time. In Smythe’s comic, the mortal world is still in the time of ancient Greece, and the immortal world is set in modern times with modern luxuries like phones, laptops and Fatesbook, a social media site. 

Persephone, formally known as Kore, has suffered the effects of having a helicopter mother her entire life, so when she earns a scholarship to Olympus University, she jumps at the chance to be on her own. However, Persephone has trouble on her first day in Olympus City when she goes to a party with her roommate, Artemis. She attracts the attention of Hades, which is the beginning of her dramatic love life that gets twisted in all of the secrets of Olympus. From the goddess Aphrodite to the god Apollo, Persephone runs into trouble with every person she meets although some like Eros and Hermes become her friends along the way. Her biggest struggle is her attraction to the King of the Underworld, Hades, because of her own personal commitments and his complicated relationship status. 

The comic doesn’t spare the gods of dealing with trauma and abuse from their past or the present. Smythe warns her audience before any trauma or abuse appears on screen from toxic relationships to past events that haunt the character throughout the comic. These dramatic scenes are well done minimizing any potential graphic illustration, so the audience understands the scene. Many of these scenes drive the gods to become better versions of themselves for the others around though some are tragic. 

Smythe effortlessly unfolds each character’s story arch as well as relating it back to the main characters of the comic. The complicated lineage of the gods, their emotional relationships and experiences are cleverly revealed as Persephone and Hades interact with the different gods through each new problem. Lore Olympus has attracted many to the comic, and has now become a graphic novel and slated to become an animated TV series on Netflix. For those who enjoy a dramatic romance between the gods, Lore Olympus has a tangled tale of love for two underdogs in the world of the gods.

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Sea of Sorrows – Comic Book Review

IDW Publishing enters the supernatural in the 1920s as the depths swell with evil. At the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean lies a sunken boat that holds all the gold in the world. In the Sea of Sorrows you can’t trust anyone or anything you see.  

Rich Douek writes a compelling story about greed and fear as an unlikely band of sailors and crew explore the hidden depths. Captain Deke Harlow makes waves to claim this treasure; he enlists the help of deep sea diver Nick Shoals. In the ruins of the submarine Nick discovers an underwater creature resembling a woman with grey skin and red hair. The problems don’t stop for everyone on board the ship wants a piece of the gold and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it.  

Artist and colorist Alex Cormack creates a gritty world that is relentless towards its characters. Alex uses a quick hand with sketching characters and details and leaves bold outlines. Dark shadows are ever present highlighting emotion on characters or the surrounding environment. The style fits the time period within the story offering a grounded realism to the people and sea life. 

Red sprays across the page painting the panel with blood and delivers a masterful use of grey, black, and blue. The water is ever shifting and presents realistic circumstances of life at sea and back end dealings with extreme money. 

Helplessness is the proper term for what the reader feels as these characters journey across the bottom of the sea. The fear of the unknown is present for anything could be swimming in the dark waters all around with the only salvation being the surface.  

The adventure will continue with this ongoing comic book for the risk and danger are just beginning in this Sea of Sorrows. Who knows who will go down with the ship, but all will endure Davy Jones locker to achieve the ultimate prize. 

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A Review of the RWBY X Justice League Comics

Before I go into detail about these comics, this review will not have, spoilers. I personally believe that you should read these comics so I do not want to give away the amazing plot! This is a perfect mix of RWBY and Justice League. Before reading the comic I did not know what to expect. Now, after reading six issues so far (the seventh comes out on April 20th, 2021), the whole team: Marguerite Bennett (writer), Aneke (artist), Hi-Fi (colorist), Mirka Andolfo (cover artist), and Andrew Marino (editor) deserve a round of applause.

The story is very intriguing, and I would love to see some scenes in the comic animated for the RWBY show. To be honest, I did not know what story they would be able to tell with RWBY and Justice League. I don’t want to go into too much detail, no spoilers and all, but this is a mystery that I cannot wait to see solved! Personally, I give the RWBY x Justice League comics 5 stars out of 5 stars. So excited that I pre-ordered issue 7 and will pre-order the rest when given a chance!

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My Favorite Comic of Twisted Superheroes That I Hope Become UnOrdinary (Opinion)

WEBTOON’s unOrdinary is just that, completely unordinary. This comic is in my personal top five for originality alone. The creator, Uru-chan, has illustrated a world filled with super-powered people and very few people have no power at all. The people with no power are called “cripples,” because the rest of the world has some type of power. The world is governed by a power ranking system that favors the high-ranking people as the people in charge. We see the ranking system in action in the high school the main character, John attends as a pretend cripple though he is actually a high-ranked person. We see firsthand how each person selfishly looks out for themselves instead of helping others through John’s journey in high school.

Unfortunately for cripples and low tiers, people with low ranking abilities, the ranking system just makes typical high school much worse. John, being a pretend cripple, is beaten up by mid-tiers, people with mid-level abilities,  because the mid-tiers like to pick on him every day to seem powerful like most underdog stories. The high tiers, or high leveled people, rule the school literally because teachers and principals hardly get involved in student matters. John becomes best friends with a high tier, Seraphina, which is the beginning of the ranking system falling apart because of John’s experiences and beliefs, which he shares with Seraphina.

About two years ago in the present time of the story, the main character’s father writes a book about a person who uses their super abilities to help other people instead of for selfish means, which starts a revolution of sorts when a few masked vigilantes start defending cripples and lower tiers. However, the ranking system is easily corrupted by the high ranking officials of the world, and as a response to the vigilantes threatening their way of life, the high ranking officials develop organizations to find ways to manipulate people’s abilities and rid the world of vigilantes.

As the story continues, Uru-chan weaves together almost two completely different stories between what is happening in the high school and the world around them. The creator is setting up for a group of high school students to completely turn the world upside down as events unfold, and they begin to question the ranking system and uncover the truth about the organizations manipulating people’s abilities. All the while, John is having to face the truth of his past and come to terms with himself and the people around him. 

Everything is uniquely connected to the high school students that the audience follows in the story. Uru-chan illustrates the comic with amazing detail from the slightest character expression to the gravity of destruction a super ability has. It’s not a typical superhero story where the underdog saves the day, but an inspiring group of students have the truth of society thrown at them, causing them to try to fix their broken society. unOrdinary is a comic that I hope all the main characters become unordinary and my ship of John and Seraphina comes to fruition. This comic has all that superhero fans could desire from epic showdowns to amazing character-building moments, which is why it ranks fourth in the most popular category on WEBTOON. I highly recommend checking out the extraordinary unOrdinary comic on WEBTOON with two seasons full of content. New episodes are uploaded every Thursday, and here is a series official trailer for unOrdinary

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Review: Saving Breakfast with The Breakfast Bunch

Are you looking for a new series to start your morning with? Well, do I have the comic for you! Meet The Breakfast Bunch, a new comic written and created by Ryan Little. The story follows a group of cereal mascots, or “Breakers,” given the task to find the legendary treasure known as the Perfectly Balanced Breakfast as a dangerous foe rises up to steal this treasure. So sit down and grab a bowl of your favorite cereal, here is my spoiler-free review of the first issue of The Breakfast Bunch.

Right at the beginning, the reader is made aware of the threat that the characters will be facing. From what the reader is being told, a blight is ruining the crops that are grown to make each type and brand of cereal, and our heroes must find the three magic items that create “The Perfectly Balanced Breakfast” to defeat the blight and restore balance to the kingdom. As previously mentioned, the characters are mascots (known as Breakers) of their cereal brand and their cereal contains a different kind of magic, depending on which breaker’s cereal is being consumed. Just one bite of their cereal and BAM!! The consumer gains a portion of that magical power. While there are many different Breakers, the story focuses on three (so far): Commodore Crackle, Midknight, and Fortu-Nat. Commodore seems to be the leader of the group, given that she was given the task by her master Honey before they parted ways. She’s also charming, headstrong, and helps new Breakers with finding themselves while they start creating their brand of cereal. With Midknight’s character, he’s the mascot of the last homegrown cereal and from the looks of it, he’s still trying to figure out how to put that special magic into his cereal. Fortunately, he’s had Commodore teaching him how to get there. Despite the small setbacks, he has plenty of confidence in his abilities and doesn’t let anything bring him down. As for Fortu-Nat, it’s a bit tricky figuring out her character, given that she was introduced near the end of the first issue. She has a bit of a mischievous rogue-like side to her, but not to the point where she’s a villain. Other than the main protagonists, I love the villain of this story. While he’s only had a small amount of “screentime,” the evil that the heroes will face made a strong enough impression on me. From the few pages he’s shown up in, this villain is going to be a looming shadow throughout the series. He hasn’t even been addressed by a given name and he’s done more than enough to prove that he can back up his words. Along with destroying the crops, he’s also stolen boxes of cereals (along with the mascots) in order to have more power and claim the three relics for himself. I can’t wait to see how much trouble he’ll give our heroes. What I also love is how the story makes sure to give some attention to the real world, given that it seems to affect the Breakers’ strength and ability to keep on existing. At least, that’s what I’m understanding from the explanation (I could be wrong). Which brings up the question: what happens to a breaker if their cereal is discontinued? Given how severe the results could be, I can’t wait to see where that could come into play.

Along with the story, writing, and characters, it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with the art style. The art style has a cartoonish feel to it, but not to where it becomes distracting during the serious moments. It’s an art style that both older and younger audiences would enjoy. Honestly, the cover left me unprepared for what was in store for me, which is a good thing. At first, I thought it was going to be a goofy fantasy adventure story, but after the first few pages, I knew that there was much more to the bigger picture. While there are moments where the characters are smiley and goofy, the writer doesn’t hold back when things have to get serious, especially at the beginning. Like the perfect breakfast, the different shades of colors (bright and dark) are perfectly balanced and complement each other. Even the characters, with their different designs, to go with their cereal brand, help balance each other out. 

After reading all of this, the big question that’s popped into your brain is “That’s nice and all, but where can I read this comic that you’re reviewing and praising?” Unfortunately, at this time only the first 16 pages of The Breakfast Bunch can be read on its Kickstarter page, which made it past the original (big congrats on the achievement). In other words, I don’t know if it’ll be available in stores for those that want to read the story but were unable to support the Kickstarter. However, I’ll be keeping an eye out for any news of future releases of the series. The second I see and/or hear any news, I’ll be sure to re-tweet it online for anyone that is interested. For those that are interested in a taste of the adventure, here is a link to the Kickstarter page HERE

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Proctor Valley Road – Comic Book Review

#supernatural #comingofage #periodpiece #mystery #suspense 

In the backdrop of 1970s Chula Vista, California a group of highschoolers find themselves in the clutches of supernatural forces. Boom Studios! brings a new tale of evil and mystery that lures its victims on the outskirts of town in Proctor Valley Road. 

The leading team behind this new series are writers Grant Morrison and Alex Child. Together these two creators develop a world that is believable in the coming of age scenario bringing focus to growing up in an era with rich culture and history. 

Our heroes are four girls August, Rylee, Jennie, and Cora. When the town is spooked by the disappearance of local teens it inspires a myth about the presence of a monster on the outskirts of Proctor Valley Road. 

In a means to collect money for the Janis Joplin concert the girls create a tour of horror for all who are seeking a thrill. But little did they know the myth was all too real for the body count rises, the disappearances grow, and an unprepared town is about to encounter beings from beyond this plain of existence.      

Naomi Franquiz projects an art style that favors bold lines with simplistic features. Everything on the page is easy to understand as to what is happening as the story unfolds. Cartoon emphasis is within the characters and backgrounds. Therefore, the reader becomes relaxed with the atmosphere until the monsters take hold of the story delivering a timely switch up that is most effective. 

Colorist behind the comic book is Tamra Bonvillain. Tamra uses solid colors each color pops for it highlights the characters and background whether it pertains to the clothes or environment. Vibrant colors of yellow, black, and orange are the most powerful across the page.

Boom Studios! Will continue to explore the town of Chula Vista in a time of Woodstock, Vietnam, and Flower Power. Follow August, Rylee, Jennie, and Cora as they explore the mystery behind Proctor Valley Road. This comic is for any one who favors mysteries, horror, and young adult stories.

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Review: Shotgun Boy, Bustin’ in With a BANG?!

**TRIGGER WARNING – The following content may not be suitable for young viewers. The following webcomic contains implied depictions of school shootings, gun violence, body horror, and other disturbing scenes. Reader discretion is advised. **

Isolated in the wilderness of the mountains, a school retreat becomes the perfect target for a grisly disaster.

By the darkening twilight, Gyunhwan, a high school student, makes a desperate escape from his abusive bullies. As he runs for the backwoods bordering the school retreat, he happens upon an abandoned shotgun and just enough shells for his heartless classmates. 

By the looks of it, we can all guess how this will end. 

However, an unexpected turn of events spells a drastically different type of tragedy for our bully victim Gyunhwan. What awaits him when he returns with arms to his school retreat?

His classmates, possessed by brain-eating monsters!! 


SHOTGUN BOY…the newest webcomic written by Carnby Kim and illustrated by Hongpil has arrived.

For those who don’t recognize the name Carnby Kim, you might recognize one of his previous works: PIGPEN, Bastard, and Sweet Home —  all of which can be read on Webtoon

Shotgun Boy marks Kim’s fourth webcomic featured on Webtoon and comes as a prequel to Sweet Home, arguably his most renowned work. Sweet Home follows a disparate group of personalities fighting human-turned-monsters in order to survive a post-apocalyptic world. Netflix has recently adapted the webcomic into a live-action original series.

“Sweet Home Live Action Promo”

Shotgun Boy vs. Sweet Home

So how does Shotgun Boy compare to Sweet Home? Following suit to its predecessor, Shotgun Boy takes on a similarly dark, horror-esque tone. Readers be forewarned: this story is not for the faint of heart! There are depictions of violence and other disturbing imagery, giving this comic a solid PG-13 rating (or up).

Although Shotgun Boy and Sweet Home are illustrated by different artists (Hongpil and Youngchan Hwang respectively), Hongpil pays homage to the original and keeps the style relatively cohesive. However, they also add slight twists that set Shotgun Boy apart. 

Both comics employ muted color schemes, as expected for a horror manhwa. However, Shotgun Boy’s uses a palette primarily composed of blues and grays, whereas Sweet Home’s uses a palette primarily composed of browns and reds.

Sweet Home‘s color scheme casts the scenes in an eerie glow resembling dried blood. It sets a dire mood that is befitting to an ongoing apocalypse. By comparison, the cooler palette Hongpil uses in Shotgun Boy, sets a more foreboding, mysterious atmosphere. As this story takes place before the apocalypse, the shadowy atmosphere must build readers’ anticipation. While the red tones create a constant state of panic, the dark colors leave readers curiously unsettled; it plays with what is actually shown versus what is left lurking unseen. We’re not supposed to know what’s coming around the corner, but we want to find out. The more the shadows leave us wondering, the more our imaginations run wild with all the possibilities of what is to come.  

My Impressions of Episodes 0-4

Right from the get-go, you can tell Kim is a master at suspense: he keeps his chapters short, but effective, ending at the point highest tension. He begins the webcomic with a particularly evocative and violent prologue that immediately catches the readers’ attention (and boy, does it work to set the tone for what is sure to come). The pacing of the next few chapters is quick; the story picks up in medias res, without much explanation to the MC’s backstory. Kim chooses to ‘show’ characterization rather than ‘tell’ it through lengthy exposition. This leaves room for readers to discover the characters’ full backstories over time through their actions and dialogue.

IMG. 5 [via https://i.ytimg.com and https://www.youtube.com]

As of now, the story focuses on an entirely new cast of characters, although, it may make reference to Sweet Home‘s characters later on. It is still too early to fully determine the trajectory of the webcomic, but the beginning chapters suggest a potentially similar set up to Sweet Home: an odd crew of individuals fighting for survival. Gyunhwan likely will band together with a small group of classmates who’ve survived the monsters’ onslaught, battling for their lives within the area of their retreat’s encampment.

It will be interesting to see how the plot and character arcs play out. My hope is that the author will continue balancing character and story equally, developing characters in relation to each other whilst propelling the action forward. The first few chapters seem promising, and I believe, at the very least, we’re in for one entertaining ride. For those of you who are into the horror/thriller genre, I urge you to check this webcomic out! 

Shotgun Boy updates every Wednesday on Webtoon. Currently, 0-5 Chapters can be accessed for free. For those who have Webtoon accounts, episodes 6-8 can be purchased at 5 coin per episode. Click HERE to read today!

I’ll catch y’all at the next review! Until then….back to binge-reading. 


T. Wu

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Geeking Out Over Free Comics on WEBTOON

What is WEBTOON?

Comic enthusiasts and avid readers have turned to an online medium for new stories. WEBTOON, formerly known as LINE WEBTOON, is among the most successful online comic providers in the United States and worldwide. WEBTOON  is an online platform that allows new and independent artists to create comics for millions to read for free. WEBTOON started as LINE WEBTOON in South Korea in 2004 where online comics dominate overprinted comics. In 2014, LINE WEBTOON was renamed as WEBTOON and expanded into the United States where its online interface and mobile app bring comics to the public for free. Over 10 million active readers visit every month in the United States alone. 

WEBTOON is split into two sections with each section covering a variety of genres for readers to choose from. The first section is the featured comics in the ORIGINALS category. These comics have a strong number of subscribers and are signed creators with WEBTOON to publish comics. The ORIGINALS’ comics are updated on a schedule, so readers know when to expect the next episode or chapter. Each episode is read like a vertical comic strip for ease of scrolling through the episode. 

The second section is CANVAS where new authors can upload their comics at their own pace. The CANVAS category is a proving ground for creators where readers can discover stories before they are polished by an editor. CANVAS is full of unique stories that are just waiting to be fleshed out by their creators. If a CANVAS comic gains a study audience, then they may be offered an opportunity to be featured in the Originals category.

Both sections have hundreds of comics for readers to choose from romance, thriller, drama, fantasy, and more. The comic that holds the number one spot consistently in the ORIGINALS category is a romantic comic called Lore Olympus. Rachel Smythe, author of Lore Olympus, an Eisner Award-nominated series, has four million subscribers worldwide to date. Each genre has its own top-five ranking in both sections of WEBTOON, which is updated daily.

Readers are not the only ones who benefit from the WEBTOON platform. Authors of the comics can earn money for their episodes through ad revenue and number of views per episode. Depending on readership, an author on WEBTOON after reaching 1,000 subscribers and 40,000 monthly views can submit to be reviewed by WEBTOON to qualify for their ad revenue plan, which can have author’s earning up to 50 percent of the ad revenue from their page. In addition to revenue payment, featured authors can earn an extra 100 to 1,000 dollars a month based on their overall performance.

WEBTOON is a reader and author  friendly platform with a wide range of comics to read or create. It is home to over 100,000 English comics to date with 16 million active readers world wide daily. The app is free to download in either Android or Apple app store. Explore the platform, find some new comics and support upcoming creators.

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