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RWBY V8 Ch7 “War” In-Depth Review

Is a spoiler warning needed? I hope it’s not. But if it is, this obviously contains spoilers for the episode that non-FIRST Members can’t see yet. If you aren’t FIRST and don’t want to be spoiled, then don’t read this.


That out of the way.

Oh my god this episode was absolutely fantastic. I personally was not a fan of last episode. Cinder’s backstory came far too little too late. I could probably write an article about how it would’ve been better utilised in V4. 

Onto the actual episode. This was done as running commentary while rewatching.

There are a lot of critiques here, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love this episode. I’m a writer so I will nitpick things when actually watching with a critical eye. 

The opening. You know stuff’s about to go down when they start with the environmental shots. It’s such a common thing to use in any visual medium. It helps create the illusion things are peaceful before breaking into the absolute chaos that is about to erupt.

And yep, things go to complete heck. We pan to the Atlassian soldiers on the frontlines, waiting for the Grimm.

I do like the little detail of the soldier’s gun rattling. Anyone in their right mind would be absolutely terrified of this absolute insanity. Considering Salem parked her whale on the ground like it’s a big ole semi truck… 

And back to Ironwood completely losing it. 

I can understand what he’s doing here. Trying to protect the people is good. But causing further mass panic is just…not great. I know that you need to get citizens moved as quickly as possible. And you need every man possible on the front line. But even so…that was not the smart way to do it. The efficient one, yes, but not smart. Causing even further negative emotions will just make the Grimm attracted even more and make things far, far worse than they already were. There have to be some officers that can help keep evacuations orderly… 

My other point was just “okay so you’re sending them to where the centipedes are tunneling in. That’s another massacre waiting to happen.”

The next scene is just…so heartbreaking. 

The bbys have been arrested. The orders have been given and just, yes Yang, Go. Go my child. CALL THEM OUT.

Of course the Ace Ops don’t believe them about Oscar. I know it’s not typical of Grimm, but come on. The lady who creates the Grimm is literally in her SUV whale. Is it so hard to believe that she could create something that was never seen before? That whale probably doesn’t exist elsewhere. 

This scene is great and sets up the next section for that interaction so well.

The rotating shot around Winter’s head is just beautiful. I’m not an animation nerd, but it’s just so pretty. The sky, lighting, the shading around her head… It’s all so subtle and beautiful. 

And her eyes, oh the beauty in her eyes in this scene. 

The orders Ironwood gives are just nuts. “Drop a bomb in the whale. Don’t care about the people inside.” That’s understandable since they’re all on the crazy train. They’re the enemy. But Oscar. Ironwood doesn’t know that, but he wouldn’t care.

“Your team will deliver the bomb when it’s ready.” 

You can just see the resignation on Winter’s face. There are just so many things you can read into that expression especially once he finishes the orders. Especially with what’s coming up.

Even with all of those thoughts, she still agrees. She still agrees even though this is quite possibly the equivalent of a nuclear bomb for Remnant. Ironwood isn’t giving a single care for the safety of her or the Ace Ops. After the scene in Ch 1, you know he doesn’t. Any sacrifice is worth it if he can save Atlas. Nothing else matters. Not even if it means losing his absolute most elite personnel.

And just her hand shaking. My sweet child, I feel for you so much.

I know I should get into this part, but I just…I don’t care. I don’t care about the villains. I do find Salem fun to watch, but that’s it. I don’t care about Emerald, Mercury, or any of them. Cinder least of all. 

And Tyrian even less. I’m not a fan of the psychotic types.

It is an extremely well-done segment though. 

Salem literally doing Grimm bending like she’s a waterbender or something. Paired with the classical music, it’s just such a great dissonance.

Oscar trying to get Hazel’s trust by telling him about the lamp is an angle I expected. 

Emerald has never been loyal to Salem either. All she cares about is Cinder. That sort of by proxy loyalty isn’t what you want in an arrangement like this. It opens up this exact sort of opportunity for defection. The only thing that probably will keep her there will be Cinder. She’s clearly not going anywhere due to the power Salem offers her. The power to do whatever she wants in the world. 

Just the looks when you can see Hazel, Emerald, and Mercury want off the freaking crazy train. 

And we’re back to the complete heartbreak up in Atlas. This…is another well-done scene.

“She needs a doctor.” Let’s stick a pin in that for later.

The discussion of what to do next is just so good. The conflict and uncertainty just oozes in every line spoken. They’re doing their best, but you can tell they know it’s not good enough. They’re so small against something so large and seemingly insurmountable. 

The major turning point is Weiss being forced to choose between Atlas and Mantle. 

They want to stay there to help even though, originally, the plan was just to launch Amity and get back to mantle. Nora kinda threw a wrench into that. 

But you can understand Weiss’ feelings so well here. They’re in her home, where she was raised. Even if she doesn’t care for her brother and her mother’s a drunk…they’re still her family. Plus Winter’s fighting in Atlas too. Even if they stand on opposite sides, they’re still sisters. Weiss probably wants to protect all of them. Plus, more people will continue to die in Atlas which isn’t what they want by any means.

May has a serious point though. Team RWBY’s idealism won’t work here. They have to choose between helping Mantle or Atlas. Mantle only has the Happy Huntresses and Weiss, Blake, and Ruby. She has to make a choice. THe same sort of choice Ironwood himself made.

The parallels are so good here.

Also, of course, May being acknowledged as transgender in this scene is A+ too. It was originally just a Word of God thing. But, now, it’s fully out in the open. It’s good to see this sort of representation. 

And next… 

…I wonder just how long Whitley’s been listening. It seems to be implied from the beginning but May certainly would’ve seen him. 

Next segment is more villain stuff. I kinda summarised the two above, so I’ll just move onto the next bit.

This. This is the best part of the episode. I do not have enough praise for it. Ren calling the Ace Ops and Winter out on their BS was just so expertly done. 

Let me just first give props to Neath for this entire thing. His delivery was what nailed this scene. You can read what’s going on through Ren’s head so well. The strong writing plus delivery just makes this possibly one of the best scenes in RWBY up to this point. My favorite is still personally the one in Alone Together (V5 Ch8) when the girls are talking about Blake.

First point. Y’all are talking to the wrong team here. People are absolutely not replaceable. They agreed to keep fighting like Pyrrha’s by their side. You are saying the exact wrong thing to them

Second point. Oh my poor babies Marrow and Winter. You could just see it in Ch 1 those two didn’t want to be a part of it anymore. Ironwood shooting the councilman was the breaking point. But they’re probably also afraid. He shot a councilman who was just trying to talk. How much worse would they have it if they left? He definitely wouldn’t let them survive if at all possible.

Third point. Ren’s Semblance. I am of two minds about this. On one hand, it just feels awful convenient. We haven’t seen this ability before in him, then it’s just suddenly…there. But, on the other hand, it does contribute to making the scene so phenomenal. 

Fourth point. I love this explanation for them losing against Team RWBY. I know a lot of people were upset about how the Ace Ops lost. It was a phenomenal fight, but it didn’t exactly make sense how such an elite squad could lose against a bunch of newbies. But, with this, it explains the team dynamics that led to the downfall. Not being able to work together and actively fighting against each other will undermine even the most elite. For a team as close as RWBY, it’s much easier to win when the opponents aren’t in sync.

Fifth point. Let’s go into the Ace Ops’ colors a little bit. Information pulled from Incredible Art Department and Empower Yourself Through Color. Also this is just a very basic layout of things. You could write an entire breakdown on all of them. I just wanna try to keep it kinda brief. 

I also did read a breakdown like this from Marrow Loves You on twitter (it’s where I got th idea). We probably pulled from the same site(s). So it’ll likely pull the same information and be similar.

Harriet’s colors are red and orange with red being the most pronounced of them. On the positive side, red is associated with passion, love, desire, speed (hah), and strength. On the negative side, it’s associated with war, violence, and, of course, anger.

Orange’s positive traits are energy, warmth, enthusiasm, and balance. On the more negative side of things, it means things are superficial and insincere, overbearing, pessimism, and being overly proud. Interestingly, the orange doesn’t appear until Ren starts talking and she starts denying things. 

Marrow’s color is blue which, positively, means peace, tranquility, calm, and trustworthiness. Negatively, it’s associated with despair, depression, instability, and aloofness. 

Elm’s colors are the same as Harriet’s. 

Vine’s color is green. Positively, it means generosity, stability, renewal, and health. Negatively, it’s associated with jealousy, envy, misfortune, and cautious. 

I could do more of an analysis on this, but this article is already long. That’d probably double this already excessive wordcount… 

I really do wonder how Ironwood’s going to react once he learns Winter let fugitive traitors go…


Hard cut to Ruby trying to be idealistic (again) and May being the pragmatist. Though, one detail I just noticed in that scene was Blake’s ears folding down. 

You can only imagine what’s running through her head right now. People are dying because of decisions they’re making. She’s being pulled and tugged in directions she doesn’t like. They’re leaving a bunch of people to die because they’re the “wrong” crowd. 

May is being pragmatic and realistic, but I can imagine that at least some part of Blake things she’s lashing out at Atlas for how they treated her.

Just like she did in the White Fang.

But man, this scene makes me so happy. Whitley is finally showing some character development. Jacques wouldn’t have approved of this sort of thing most likely. So him doing it because it’s the right thing is just so good. And then Weiss showing her appreciation…

Oh my heart can’t take it

And then Penny of course.

Not entirely sure what to make of it.

All in all, I feel like this is one of the absolute strongest episodes in the volume so far. While I do have some criticisms of it toward the beginning, the later parts make up for them far far more than I can count. It entirely washed the bad taste of last episode out of my mouth. 

Kasai’s VTuber Debut – All Ages of VTubing to Launch in 2021

Kasai joins the All Ages of Geek Crew as the first member of All Ages of VTubing, All Ages of Geek’s upcoming roster of VTuber talents. Kasai will be hosting weekly videos in the form of reactions, gameplay, and interactive content. In 2021 she will be streaming on the All Ages of Geek YouTube Channel and Patreon to provide hours of entertainment. 

The VTube Popularity Surge

VTubing has taken the world by surprise with how popular it has gotten. Hololive, a Virtual YouTuber agency by Cover Corp, has a roster of 33 VTubers, including six Hololive China idols, as well as three Hololive Indonesia members. Talent includes popular VTubers such as Shirakami Fubuki, Minato Aqua, Natsuiro Matsuri, and Akai Haato. VTubing has become extremely popular in the United States as of late, having Hololive create Hololive EN with members Mori Calliope, Takanashi Kiara, Ninomae Ina’nis, Gawr Gura and Watson Amelia. 

What Kasai will be Bringing to the VTubing World

All Ages of VTubing will be starting out small with just Kasai as a talent, but expanding once there is more demand on the channel. Kasai will have a Japanese Dub for shorter videos voiced by yuruma a Voice Talent from Japan. The All Ages of Geek audience can expect to see a mix of funny videos, heartfelt moments, PSAs and  more from Kasai. 

Her first video covered an introduction + a reaction to TomSka’s asdfmovie12 as requested by All Ages of Geek community members. Her style is a mix of sly + shocking comedy and is suggested to be rated 16+ like most content provided by All Ages of Geek. Good news for Patron members (Instant Geeks) of All Ages of Geek who will be able to request Kasai videos depending on their Tier Levels. 

Kasai will also be making short and funny Twitter videos on her personal Twitter to interact with All Ages of Geek community members. She’ll be featured on many announcement videos keeping those community members updated about new content, regular weekly updates and more.

All Ages of VTubing and What to Expect

As far as collaborations go, Kasai will collaborate with aspiring VTubers (big or small) and introduce them to the All Ages of Geek style. All Ages of VTubing will host smaller VTubers on the channel (who would like to join the upcoming network) to help them grow under the All Ages of Geek brand while also providing them their own spot on the website for people to discover their work. 

About Tales of Knight Academy

Kasai‘ s book(or biography as she calls it) is written by Lars van Breems and the All Ages of Geek Writer Community. The book can be found online on ForgeFiction for free as each chapter is worked on privately, while public members of the Writing Discord can be submitted daily. 

Who Helped Create Kasai?

Our artist Marc Zapata has worked extremely hard on visualizing Kasai for the last 3 years. Kasai has had many changes to her appearance over the years but the green hair, spunky personality, and dragon half have always been present. Expect Kasai to pop up in almost every part of All Ages of Geek’s brand given that she is the mascot but she’s gone from 2D brand mascot to 3D brand personality.

Kasai‘ s modeler is dannayy who worked extremely hard on bringing Marc’s 2D art alive. He’ll also be upgrading Kasai’s model with new outfits, emotions, and all sorts of requests from our patrons. Expect an interview with him soon as he’s also listed on All Ages of Geek’s Team Roster/About Page. 

We’re excited to be a part of the future’s form of entertainment with VTubing. When it comes to All Ages of Geek we are going to continue to provide our community with the best possible content we can create while always staying relevant to Internet Culture. Stay tuned for more with Kasai as we go on this journey together! 

An Interview with Cami-Cat

Art by: @KIDWMA

Will: Just to break the ice a bit, how has your day been?

Cami Cat: My day has been alright! A little tired, but who isn’t this year? laughs

W: For those who do not know you, how would you describe your YouTube Channel and yourself?

CC: I think the best way describe it is I post what I like to do.

W: Allagesofgeek talks about a variety of fandoms. What would you say is your top three that you are a part of?

CC: Ok. Critical Role, but I enjoy things without being major part of fandoms

W: What is your favorite cover you have sung?

CC: Ok, I give a different answer every time. Welcome Home is a good one, so is Friend Like Me. I like doing different voices.

W: What is one song you would like to cover?

CC: This is hard laughs Maybe more of the forever alone covers.

W: What is your favorite original song that you have wrote?

CC: This one is a tie. I love Maw of the King and Lioness

W: Is the Jingle Bells parody based on a true event in a Campaign?

CC: Not entirely. There were definitely moments in the Campaign. I’m working of a few other songs about the Campaign.

W: What are some interesting things about your bard Danni?

CC: Danni is more of a follower than a leader. When she performs being a leader.

W: What is one D&D class you have not played yet, but you would like to play?

CC: Ooh, I think that I would be interested in playing Ranger. I have seen people bashing the ranger, but I have seen so many others playing Rangers.

W: What is the oddest character you have ever made?

CC: I think Kiriki would be the oddest. She’s a Tabaxi that sells goods out of a bag of holding that she made out of yarn. The only bag she has that she didn’t make is a bag that allows her to teleport to a random location.

W: What is your favorite memory from a D&D Campaign that you were part of?

CC: Oof ok, it was probably the giant sword. We dropped a giant’s sword with a force ball attached to the bottom, the sword was imbued with our Paladin’s Divine Smite, and we just dropped it 100 feet off a peguses onto a pirate ship.

W: What is your favorite thing about D&D?

CC: I love the storytelling potential, interactions between characters. I’m not much of a Dungeon Crawler.

W: In closing. What words of wisdom would you leave the reader with?

CC: No matter what the numbers are saying, keep doing what you are enjoying. The more you are enjoying doing something, the more people will flock to you.

Shigeru Miyamoto Offers A Sneak Peek Into Super Nintendo World

Nintendo opened the curtain for the company’s very first theme park in Japan, a brand new attraction from Universal Studios looking to open its doors next year. Game director and Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto offered fans a glimpse into the theme park, being called Super Nintendo World, during a special Nintendo Direct on Friday.

Everything at the park brings the world of Super Mario to life as Miyamoto takes us on a journey through the upcoming attraction. The man behind Nintendo’s famous mascot took viewers through a giant pipe that takes them to what looks like Princess Peach’s castle from Super Mario 64. As he gets out of the castle, we can see just how vast the theme park is with its various platforms and the many inhabitants that occupy the park like the Goombas and the Koopas. Miyamoto also took viewers to other parts of the park, like an underground maze that can make one look smaller, a gift shop, a cafe run by Toads, and Bowser’s castle where one can take a roller coaster ride on a course from Mario Kart through AR.

What’s special about this park is the use of a special smart wristband called a “Power-Up Band” that allows visitors to interact with many objects throughout the park. Miyamoto offered a demonstration on how it works by punching a question mark block with his hand wearing the watch, which makes a coin-collecting noise. According to the famed video game designer, the device would keep track of the coins you collect throughout the park as you participate in the many activities. The band also syncs with the Super Nintendo World app that you can download on your smartphone to keep track of your progress. It’s a mystery as to how these items you collect at the park will affect your visit, but Miyamoto did tease that there are other surprises in store as you find more interactive panels throughout the area.

The 1-Up Factory will be the destination for all kinds of exclusive merchandise from Nintendo. One of these items that you can purchase at the shop is a Super Mario toy that can move its legs just by pushing its hands, no batteries required. Miyamoto offered to showcase what it looks like and demonstrated how it actually moves. It’s a nice sentiment to a company that was once a toy company before moving into video games that we all enjoy now.

For those looking to grab a bite, Miyamoto took us to see the Kinopio’s Cafe, the restaurant run by Toad chefs. As we enter, we get a greeting from one of the Toads as they help prepare a meal. You can see all the Toads hard at work prepping the food as you enter the dining area. Most of the food we see here are well-designed cuisine to match the world of Mario through the use of mushrooms and giving a fresh spin on dishes we normally eat.

Super Nintendo World will be open to the public on February 4th, 2021. With the COVID-19 pandemic, it’ll be a while before any visitors overseas can get to visit the theme park in Japan. However, the company did reveal plans on opening the theme park in other parts of the world, including California, Florida, and Singapore.

A Brief Review on RWBY Volume 8: “Midnight”

Greetings fellow RWBY fans, welcome to my brief review of the newest (at the moment) chapter of Volume 8. I will say, before I start talking about the chapter, there will be some slight spoilers. If you’re not caught up, I suggest that you watch the chapter before reading. You have been warned.

First things first, I LOVE this chapter, it just might be one of my favorites! If there’s one thing I love, it’s when we have an episode dedicated to one of the main villains of the series. While I might not love the things she’s done up to this point, this episode has made me love Cinder’s character even more. In case the title of the chapter wasn’t a big enough clue, “Midnight” is all about Cinder Fall and what her story is. Sure, there are a few moments that give some focus on other characters, but this is Cinder’s chapter. We learn about where she came from and how it all led to who she is now. And honestly, it made me understand and pity her. It also gave us the origin of the line “without you I am nothing,” giving it more power. What makes it fill me with more pity, is that there was a small spark of light in her darkest moments. Somebody came along and showed her kindness in an attempt to lead her to a better life. However, things happened and people pushed her over the edge, destroying that chance. While I’m hoping that Cinder can gather the strength to get out of where she is now, this chapter has shown us that that ship sailed a long time ago.

Along with the writing for this chapter, I had a wonderful time just watching the animation and the new characters that were revealed. While I recognized the references for some of the characters, there are definitely a few that I’ll need to figure out. The choreography for the few action scenes was simple yet effective. The expressions in both facial and body language held an equal amount of power. Also, we got to hear, at most, three new songs, (unless all of them are part of the same song) so that will be something to look forward to when Volume 8 ends. The small moments the other characters had in this chapter had enough impact and flowed well enough that they didn’t feel forced. And the ending, oh the ending of this chapter was perfection. Whoever was in charge of writing this chapter did an amazing job. Along with the animators, the writer was able to fill the viewers with so much dread and anticipation for what to expect in the next chapter, which is what I’m still feeling.

All-in-all, as I previously stated “Midnight” has become one of my favorite chapters. Not just with what we have so far in Volume 8, but in the entire series. This was Cinder’s time to shine and she set the stage on fire. However, once we watch the next chapter this coming Saturday, we’ll be without any new chapters for a while (till about February I believe). With the way this chapter ended, I can only imagine what this Saturday will give us. To those of you that watched this episode, without giving away any spoilers, what were your thoughts on “Midnight?” As always, feel free to leave them in the comments down below, I always want to know about your opinions. Until next time, this is CuriousCat-13/Tracy Preston: signing off.

We Only Find Them When They’re Dead – Comic Review

A new intergalactic adventure is making waves at Boom! Studios for the new title We Only Find Them When They’re Dead, pins the survival of the human race on finding scarce resources on the corpses of alien gods.  

Al Ewing creates a universe with unknown wonders in deep space as the crew of the autopsy starship Vihaan 2 harvest the extraordinary life forms. The maverick crew is led by Captain Georges Malik and with his team including Coroner Ella Hauer, Quartermaster Alice Wirth, and Engineer Jason Hauer. 

When the crew encounters rival competitors and a battle hardened Space Officer it launches a whole new adventure beyond the galaxy. The Vihaan 2 sets out to find a live alien god whose active body could be worth millions and produce an abundance of potential resources.

The artwork is clean and crisp as Simone Di Meo leads the illustrations with a steady hand. Simone carries a style that is comic book realism. Detail in physical structure is present with bold lines near the eyes with loose lines creating the lips, mouth, and nose. The color takes over to complete the image with indention and shading. 

Mariasara Miotti does a fantastic job by developing a beautiful array of colors for each panel and page of the comic book. Vibrant hues pop upon the characters and background giving the reader something otherworldly and futuristic. Light sources fade and blend together creating auras of pink, green, red, and purple. Neon lights and technology shine in this regard immersing the reader in an era beyond that of normal comprehension to endless possibilities.

Captain Georges and his crew will continue to venture the stars as this ongoing series will take the reader beyond the edges of space. Witness the extraordinary threats this team will face as the alien gods watch these mortals clash in a sea of planets and opportunity. 

Bandai adds One Piece to the Anime Heroes line up!

Exciting news from our friends at Bandai!

“Bandai is very excited to add One Piece to the Anime Heroes line up.  Fans have been clamoring for this since we began the line, and we listened. When you think of any anime property that deserves a fantastic action figure- how can you not think of One Piece?.  So what’s next?… we have something in mind- but the world will have to wait just a little bit longer”-Cisco Maldonado, Senior Director – Brand Strategy, Bandai America.

Fans of One Piece can pre-order Luffy, Zoro and Sanji today on Amazon and other hobby channels! Retailers are expected to have these figures nationwide in Spring 2021.

Pre order on amazon HERE

How The Lion King Impacted Me As A Child

With #AnimationIsForEveryone trending on Twitter, I thought I throw my hat into the ring and talk about how Disney’s The Lion King impacted me as a child. 

I remember my parents giving me a VHS cassette when I was about 3 or 4 years old and it contained the recording of The Lion King that was shown on the ABC channel. There would be ads sprinkled throughout the film, most notably, the broadway version of The Lion King and the Taco Bell ad with the chihuahua trying to capture Godzilla in a tiny box (I believe that ad was promoting the 1998 version of Godzilla). Putting nostalgic ads aside, what I remembered and cherished most from that film was enjoying the musical numbers, especially “Be Prepared”, which is probably the best Disney villain song I’ve ever heard. The heart-wrenching scene with Simba witnessing Mufasa’s death and seeing him trying to wake him up, the scene with Simba, Rafiki, and the ghost of Mufasa, and the climactic fight between Simba and Scar are my favorite scenes throughout the film and those scenes stuck with me over the years.

Overall, to this day I consider The Lion King to be one of the best Disney films of all time, and I still find it interesting that this film was based on Hamlet ( which I didn’t know about until I was in high school). If you guys haven’t seen this film yet, please do so and don’t forget that animated works, such as The Lion King, aren’t just for children, but for everyone.  

How Animation Impacted Me

Animation is a fascinating subject, if you ask me. In animation, you can tell a large variety of stories. I firmly believe that there is an animation for any single story that you could possibly want to hear and see. Personally, animation has really impacted my life in multiple ways, in multiple stages of my life.

In my childhood, I was a Cartoon Network kid. I grew up on Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo Where Are You?, Pokémon, and others that I can’t remember. Looney Tunes was great growing up with because I got to see the same cartoons my parents grew up with. Same goes with Scooby-Doo. Finally, Pokémon was my introduction to anime, much like some people.

In Middle School, I watched the Secret Saturdays. This show was awesome and I never missed an episode! It was all about a family of cryptozoologist discovering cryptids making sure the villainous V.V Argost didn’t get them first. The show made me laugh, cry, and even made me feel fear. One villain was a chef. Doesn’t sound too bad, until you realize he has a mouth like the Predator from Predator!

High School to Present is Gravity Falls and RWBY. Gravity Falls made me theorize like I never had before! Every detail of that show was important for the overarching mystery. RWBY is what led me to Allagesofgeek. Me arriving in AAOG also allowed me to become a writer for them. Now I have a decent amount of articles under my belt!

In closing, respect animation. There are so many beautiful films. Basically, anything from Studio Ghibli will take your breath away and you can feel the passion from the creators.

The Community Manager of All Ages of Geek Talks About How Animations Impacted Him

The Community Manager of All Ages of Geek Talks about how animations impacted him:

“Animation has always been important to me. Ever since I was a little kid stories told in animation have touched me deeply, shaped my morals and helped me understand ideas more complex than my young mind would have been able to otherwise. Shows like Steven Universe and She-Ra are made for young audiences yes, but the themes they convey are just as relevant to adults. Stories of acceptance, and caring, teaching children and adults that your worst moments do not define you as a person. These shows teach us to stand with our friends, in their worst moments just like we would want them to stand by us. And that the most important step on the road to recovery isn’t the first one, it’s the next one always the next one. “

Remember animations are for everyone!