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10 Masked Costume Ideas for Halloween 2020

We’re in for an even weirder Halloween in 2020 than normal. The COVID-19 pandemic will surely have an effect on many people’s favorite holiday. Trick-or-treating, costume parties, and other festivities will have to be drastically altered for this year, or outright canceled. But as long as a face covering is involved, there are still fun and clever ways to dress up this year. Here are ten costume ideas that include a mask or face covering.


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One of the easiest masked costumes to pull off is Spider-Man. However, everyone and their nephew will be wanting to dress as Peter Parker on Halloween night. Fortunately, there are a plethora of Spider-Men to choose from! Aside from Peter, there is Miles Morales, Miguel O’Hara (Spider-Man 2099), and Ben Reilly (Scarlet Spider), all with their own unique suits. There are even alternate versions of Peter Parker such as Spider-Man Noir, or you can try to find an Iron Spider or Symbiote suit that Peter wore in the comics. And for the ladies, there are plenty of Spider-Women as well! Jessica Drew (aka Spider-Woman), Spider-Gwen, and Silk are some great examples. Although it might be a simple choice, there are plenty of ways to make a Spidey suit stand out.

Darth Vader/Kylo Ren

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The two helmed Sith Lords will surely be a popular costume choice this year. Vader and Ren both wear helmets that encompass their entire heads, ensuring the utmost safety for Halloween 2020. While their outfits are bulky and extravagant, they are still easy to find due to their popularity. The budget for these costumes might be on the high side, but owning a fully functioning Vader helmet is probably worth it. The only downside to these costumes is that you will possibly have to engage in a lightsaber battle with your doppelganger at some point in the night.

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Mortal Kombat Ninjas

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The Mortal Kombat universe may be the best place to find masked costume ideas. The games feature an abundance of ninjas who all wear masks, including poster boys Scorpion and Sub-Zero. The palette swaps are all in play as well, including Reptile, Smoke, Rain, Ermac, and Noob Saibot. There are also female ninjas in Kitana, Jade, Mileena, Frost, and Skarlet. These costumes are both easy to find and easy to make if you want to go the DIY route. Just don’t go performing any Fatalities out there; do Friendships (Friendship?) instead!

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This is a costume I feel like I don’t see enough under normal circumstances. In the COVID landscape, there is no better time to take to the streets as V for Halloween. Taken from Alan Moore’s classic comic V for Vendetta, V’s costume is instantly recognizable thanks to the movie adaptation released in 2005. The costume is rather easy to pull off, needing only a black cloak, a matching brimmed hat, and V’s patented mask and wig. There is even a complete costume set available on Amazon!

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For the ladies looking for an anime character to dress up as there might be no better choice this year than Sango. One of the more popular characters from Inuyasha, Sango is a female yokai slayer whose talents rival anyone else in the series. She has one of the cooler-looking outfits in anime, especially with her metallic mask. Along with her sword, she wields a giant boomerang that drapes over her shoulder. This costume may require a big budget or some serious DIY work, but the best costumes usually do!

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Kakashi Hatake

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This will likely be the top costume choice for anime fans this Halloween. Naruto‘s Kakashi Hatake sports one of the most famous looks in all of anime, most notably (and conveniently) for his face mask. His outfit is also the most modern out of any character on this list, making it very easy for DIY methods. The only challenge with this costume is dying your hair white or finding a wig. If you are having trouble, Amazon has a complete costume set available.

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For everyone planning on dressing as Princess Zelda for Halloween, why not go with her masked alter ego instead? Sheik first appeared in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and was further popularized in the Super Smash Bros. series. Her face mask was used to conceal Zelda’s true identity, but it will work well as a safety measure this year too. Sheik has a very unique and complex look to her, making this a very difficult costume to find. You will probably have to look at cosplay stores, which usually have a heftier price tag. But dressing as Sheik would catch the eye of many onlookers, especially those who main her in Smash (like me!).

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Samus Aran

If you really wanted to turn some Nintendo fans’ heads on Halloween, look no further than gaming’s first leading lady. Though fair warning, this will be the most expensive costume on this list, given that Samus wears an entire power suit. On the other hand, it will also be the safest costume during COVID Halloween, so there is a fair trade-off. Zero-Suit Samus is perhaps a cheaper option, but she normally wears no mask or helmet. To dress in her classic look from the Metroid games, it will require a big budget and advanced DIY talents. A Samus Aran costume is only for those willing to go all-out this Halloween.

Ghouls from Tokyo Ghoul

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The ghouls in Tokyo Ghoul may be mostly villainous, but they could be anime fans’ saving grace this Halloween. All ghouls wear masks to conceal their human identities, each being unique from the other. The simplest masks belong to protagonists Ken Kaneki and Touka, with the latter being that of a rabbit (very easy to find). The best masks belong to the leaders of Aogiri. Tatara, Noro, and Eto Yoshimura have eclectic masks to go along with their outfits, making them some of the more cooler-looking ghouls to choose from. While some characters may be harder to pull off than others, they can probably all be accomplished through DIY means since most wear modern attire.

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Bleach Characters

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Simply put, Bleach is one of the most beloved anime of all time. Protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki is already a popular costume choice for Halloween, only needing to don his mask for this year. But there are many other masked characters in Bleach who deserve some Halloween shine. Similar to Tokyo Ghoul, most of the masked characters in Bleach are villainous. The masks are related to hollows, evil souls who remain behind to wreak havoc on earth. However, the two main groups of masked characters are the Arrancar and the Visored. The Arrancar are hollows who have reverted back to human form by removing parts of their masks, though some still have their mouths covered. Tier Harribel is perhaps the most famous example and is a great choice for ladies. The Visored are Shinigami who betrayed the Soul Society and have adopted Hollow masks. They perhaps have the best-looking masks in the series and are prime choices for costumes, given that there are both male and female members. While there are plenty of masked characters to choose from, Ichigo remains the most popular and easiest to accomplish.

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If you have any other suggestions for masked Halloween costumes, be sure to leave your suggestions in the comments!

My Top Three RWBY Reviewers/Reactors

With Volume 8 on the horizon, I thought I would list three of my favorite RWBY reacters/reviewers. Now, I honestly do not watch many reactors or reviewers. But these three are ones that I try to not miss a single video from. In no particular order, here they are. If you find any your interested in, go ahead and watch them!

1.) The Judgmental Critter

The Judgmental Critter is one of my favorites and she isn’t talked about much. Her styles of videos for RWBY are reviews. She points out what she didn’t like and what she does like, while still remaining a fan of the show. She shows that you can critique a show, but yet remain a fan. She has also covered fan-made RWBY works like the SLVR Trailers. She seems to, at least to me, go into everything unbiased as possible. If she doesn’t like a character, she’ll admit it. Also for the beginning of Volume 7 and now Volume 8, she made bingo cards of what she wants to see happen. I honestly thing that is a great concept. Her videos are perfect to listen to while you do something else like work or even go for walk.

2.) MurderofBirds

If you have been part of the RWBY community for awhile, you are not surprised to see him on this list. MurderofBirds, otherwise known as Arnold, does reactions to RWBY and personally, I find them entraining. Some say that his reactions are too over the top, but I don’t think so. MurderofBirds gets invested into every single scene, character, and fight which is wonderful to see play out. His investments into characters has led to some great moments. By great moments I mean the second half of Volume 3. Jokes aside for me, his reactions are perfect for getting comfy, grabbing a snack, and just watching thinking about what was going through your mind during those scenes.

3.) ThatKaitoDan

ThatKaitoDan reactions are like having a friend watching the show. Their reactions feel completely genuine. I can’t think about anything else to say. His videos feels genuine, which I feel is rare in this day and age.

The PlayStation App Gets A New Makeover As the PS5 Gets Closer To Launch

The PlayStation 5 is getting closer to its release, but before that happens, players will be able to connect with other players and games thanks to the PlayStation App. The program has just received an update as the company looks toward the future to improve upon the gaming experience for both PS4 and PS4 users. The PS App used to only let users download games onto the PS4, but now it will do a whole lot more in the new update just as it gets ready for the PS5. 

According to the official PlayStation blog, the PS App will start updating for those who have iOS and Android devices running on the latest operating system. The app will present some new features like voice chatting and remote downloads as well as a fresh new look to the user interface. Users will notice the new look on the PS App as the home screen will display what your friends are currently playing and give access to your games library as well as your trophies. The Home Page will also display the latest news straight from PlayStation through the Explore tab as you stay up-to-date on the new games and announcements on the system.

Previously, players would use the PS Messages app to communicate with friends and other players. With the new PS App, all messages would be moving to the new app as the messaging program will be integrated into the PS app. Those with existing messages and threads can find them on the PS App, which makes PS Messages no longer available as a standalone app.

With the new PS App, users can now make party groups and even voice chat with up to 15 friends with just their mobile device. Other than your system, you can now chat with other fellow players to make plans for the next play session. The technical team will still be available for any feedback that players will have using the PS App. So in case anyone runs into problems with the new app, the development team will be right on it.

For those browsing games on their phone will be able to not only just shop for the latest titles, but they can also remotely download them as well as add-ons directly to their system. Once you purchase a game, you’ll find it available to play once you turn on your PS4 or PS5. Speaking of PS5, once your new system arrives, you can actively launch your games remotely through the app and even manage storage from your phone if you happen to run out of space. Even signing in to your PS5 will be a breeze thanks to the PS App. 

The new PS App is now available to download on the App Store and Google Play. 

RWBY is Leaving YouTube

This was news that I did not expect to hear, but I must report on it. Today, (10/28/2020), Rooster Teeth announced that RWBY, excluding Volume 1 Episode 1, the Red White Black and Yellow Trailer, and a few other things, will no longer be on YouTube. Instead, Rooster Teeth is highlighting their website, mobile app, and soon their TV app. Personally, I have no idea why they did this, however, not my place to judge.

They said on a YouTube Community Post “Got a quick piece of news to share with you all. With our new living room apps coming soon (hint hint, REAL SOON) you’ll finally be able to stream RWBY from your couch on your big screen. In preparation, starting today we’re removing all of RWBY from this YouTube channel and we will not be posting Volume 7 here. All of the episodes and the movie-length completes remain available FOR FREE over on Rooster Teeth dot com. We’re leaving Volume 1 Episode 1 up on the main YouTube channel, as well as the trailers and other fun promotional videos we’ve made over the years on all channels. So if you still haven’t watched volume 7 yet, come to roosterteeth.com and watch it for free. No need to sign up, just enjoy. And don’t forget volume 8 drops a week from Saturday (11/7) for FIRST members!”

RWBY Soundtrack Covers!

With RWBY 8 on the way All Ages of Geek wanted to share some covers we spotted on twitter! Be sure to check out each musician. Get ready for some awesome covers!

If you love RWBY be sure to check out All Ages of Geek’s reactions and commentary. Don’t forget to share your music covers, fanart, and cosplay with us! Be sure to tag us so we can see your work!

RWBY Fan Art!

With RWBY 8 on the way the All Ages of Geek team thought it would be a good idea to share some of our favorite fan art! Here are a few amazing artists on Twitter! Be sure to check them out!




If you love RWBY be sure to check out our youtube! We will be covering RWBY 8 and giving our commentary on everything RWBY. We want to see your RWBY art so be sure to tag us so we can see what you create! Happy drawing~

Professor Lupo: Ocean

On Oct 5, 2020 Professor Lupo: Ocean was released! You can play this exciting game HERE

“Created by the studio behind Nihilumbra, Professor Lupo: Ocean is the standalone sequel to the Horrible Pets saga.

Ocean blends gorgeous hand-drawn characters with 2D grid-based gameplay and challenging, deadly puzzles, all accompanied by an evocative synth soundtrack. With 40 story-driven levels, you’ll have to navigate an abandoned ship, utilize water flow and currents to progress, and avoid alien creatures set on harming or hindering your journey, to discover the mysteries of who you really are. “

Happy 30th Anniversary Fire Emblem

In 1990, Nintendo released a new game for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), with Intelligent Systems as one of the developers: Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light. As the first game of the series, Fire Emblem was one of the games that popularized the tactical role-playing game (RPG) genre of gaming. It followed the story of Prince Marth (one of the first Fire Emblem characters that were playable in Super Smash Bros.) and his quest to save and reclaim his kingdom. Now, 30 years later, the game is finally going to be available outside of Japan for the Nintendo Switch (with an official English translation and for only $5.99) on December 4th of this year.

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon And The Blade Of Light Out On Nintendo Switch  This December - Nintendo Insider
(Photo from nintendo-insider.com)

In my younger years, (est. 11 years old) I had played some of the Fire Emblem series, mainly The Blazing Blade and The Sacred Stones for the Gameboy Advance and Path of Radiance for the Game Cube. I spent countless hours playing these games and had a fantastic time bonding with the characters, story, and gameplay. Sure, it took me a while to finally beat Path of Radiance, but I loved the journey that the game took me on with all of the characters. In case you haven’t noticed, Fire Emblem has left a pretty big impact on my life. It wasn’t until the release of Shadow Dragon for the Nintendo DS that I learned about the first game of the series. Since that moment, I think I was about 16, I waited patiently for the day when I’d get the chance to finally play the game that started it all (mainly because I didn’t care for the cardboard cutout like visuals of Shadow Dragon). Hearing the reveal of the first game coming out for the Switch felt like a dream come true. And the Anniversary Edition (at the lovely price of $49.99)? Sign me up with the pre-order, please.

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light seeing fully localized  release with Anniversary Edition on December 4! - Serenes Forest
The Anniversary Edition
(Photo from serenesforest.net)

With the re-release of Shadow Dragon and the Sword of Light, it brings up a pretty big question: will this happen for any other previous games of the series? We’ve had The Blazing Blade and The Sacred Stones made available for the Wii U, so maybe we can get the Radiance games or even games that came out not too long after the first one? It would be a great way to introduce newcomers and veterans, that never got the chance to play specific titles in the series. While there are sites where you can download emulators in order to play specific games, but that’s not always a surefire way to experience a game. Not every emulator program will work for you and it can lead to more frustrations than enjoyment. I’m honestly lucky that I had people tell me what programs worked for them before searching on my own (in case you’re wondering, I would go to Vimm’s Lair).

While Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light will only be available for a limited time (four months, so until around April), I am thrilled to finally be able to experience the game that started the series. It will be interesting to see how the game plays without everything that was added in the newer additions to the series (character supports, weapon triangle, etc.). In other words, the game is going to have a gap in the levels of the challenge it brings. Sure, this version will allow you to rewind and retry the moves you make, but it’ll still be a fun challenge. What do you all think? Are you looking forward to the re-release of a classic and the beginning of a popular series? Feel free to let me know in the comments down below, I’d love to hear your thoughts on all of it. Until then, this is CuriousCat-13/Tracy: signing off.

RWBY Halloween Ideas!

With Halloween around the corner, everyone is questioning “What should I dress up as this year?” Here are a few RWBY cosplayers you can take inspiration from for your Halloween costumes! Be sure to check out All Ages of Geeks RWBY reactions on youtube HERE! And don’t forget to check out each cosplayers work!

@ActorsCentralVa Qrow cosplay
@sarelcon Salem cosplay
@Queenbecky1515 Ruby Rose cosplay
@sennedjem Qrow cosplay

We want to see your cosplay and Halloween costumes! Be sure to tag us this year in your costumes! Happy cosplaying~

The Relics of RWBY and What We Know

There are some things in RWBY that have been built up. From Silver Eyed Warriors, to the revel of the Spring Maiden, to even Salem doing something besides be in her castle. One thing that has my mind wondering is the Relics. We know that the Relics are: Creation, Destruction, Knowledge and Choice and they are sealed in Vaults that only a Maiden can open and if they are all in the same space, the gods will judge humanity. This is what this article is going to be about.

To start with, the first one we see in the show, the Relic of Knowledge. We know that if you say Jinn, the Relic activates by Jinn coming out of the Relic, and you ask any question and Jinn will tell you the answer. The catch is you get three questions and when they run out, you have to wait 100 years to ask again. Jinn is a reference to the Genie in the Lamp. We know this because her name is another name for genie. So, it’s the genie and it’s lamp, that’s all right? No! There is an actual symbol known as the Lamp of Knowledge. What the Lamp symbolizes is mainly life, but it can also symbolize knowledge

Then we see the Relic of Creation. The Relic of Creation is what is supporting Atlas above Mantle, though Atlas told the public that it is high amounts of Gravity Dust. Now, this is a bit tougher to understand because we have only seen it be used as a power source for Atlas flying. We don’t know what it can do or what the catch about it is. We know the Relic of Knowledge has a catch with the three questions.

Now there is a third relic we have seen, but not in the show proper. In the book RWBY Fairy Tales of Remnant, we see the Relic of Choice. We see it in a form of a Fairy Tale from the world of RWBY. We know this from the book having notes from Ozpin himself and that some stories are recorded by Goodwitch and Doctor Oobleck. In the story of the Indecisive King, the King is gifted a crown that lets him see the outcome of his choices, as he tries to find what the right choice. Now it ends with a woman locking the crown away in a Vault. We know the Relics are locked away in their own Vault, and the Maidens are the only ones who can open and close Vaults.

The final Relic is the Sword of Destruction. This is the vaguest Relic so far. We only know its silhouette and that it is destroys. We do not know HOW it destroys, but we know it IS a sword. I know that’s not a whole lot to go off of, but that’s all we have so far.
In closing, I can’t wait to see the full potential of the other relics. Plus, it is interesting thinking about the influence these items have had on the world of Remnant.