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Seven Secrets – Comic Review


Boom! Studios creates a new original series called Seven Secrets. Tom Taylor builds upon this new adventure by writing action, suspense, and mystery all around these seven briefcases that hold the power to change the world. Each briefcase is assigned to individuals who are responsible for holding the case and another to be the protector. 

The story follows Sigurd, a Keeper, who protects the secret and the wielder, and Eva a Holder who carries the briefcase with the secret inside. Together these two characters are met with the ultimate challenge when a new threat reaches The Order of The Seven. The society is immediately wiped out from an unprecedented attack on the Order’s headquarters. Numerous lives were lost in the assault. Now, Eva is on the run from legions of assassins aimed to take over the secrets and the world.   

The artwork is done by the talented Daniele Di Nicuolo with colors forged by Walter Baiamonte and Katia Ranalli. The art style is unique and simple Daniele puts together an image that is not over saturated with detail. The line work is straightforward with sharp lines for facial features or movement. Overall the comic maintains a cartoonish theme that is easy for the reader to view when coming across each page. 

Walter and Katia like to use solid colors in the forefront of the comic. The background tends to blend pigments in casual fades or breaks up the light source with complementary or opposing colors. The colors are vibrant in appearance, which adds value to the comic book.   

The comic book series leaves with cliffhangers and brings about new questions to the lore and origins of the mythical briefcases. Find out as Eva fights for her life and the sake of the planet in this rat race to world domination.   

Stephen King reveals new novel ‘Later’ and approves of ‘Firestarter’ film adaptation

When it comes to horror, the dead never seem to rest. The same goes for the genre’s king.

Only a few months after the release of his last collection of novellas, Stephen King has announced his next novel, titled Later. A statement via Entertainment Weekly revealed the book will follow Jamie Conklin, a boy with unusual abilities who will need to pay a “terrible price” if he wants to help his single mother and her police detective lover.

“I love the Hard Case format, and this story — combining a boy who sees beyond our world and strong elements of crime and suspense — seemed a perfect fit,” King said in the statement.

King shared the novel’s cover art, depicting a stylized scene that could be pulled right out of an old box of ‘50s pulp, on Twitter with the caption “Next year. March.” 

He might be pegged as a horror writer, but King has shown that he’s not restricted by the label. Fans of the macabre itching for a fix have no need worry, though — horror elements are certainly incorporated into Later.

“It’s terrifying, tender, heartbreaking and honest, and we’re so excited to bring it to readers,” said Charles Adai, editor of Hard Case Crime. 

The novel will be King’s third with the publisher, the first two being The Colorado Kid and Joyland

Those looking for an exclusively frightful experience will soon be catered to as well — Later’s reveal came at the same time as fresh details on the new film adaptation of King’s novel Firestarter.

The film’s director Keith Thomas, who also directed The Vigil, sat down with Zavvi to give a window into the Blumhouse project.

“It has everything you would want, people’s heads catching fire and their faces melting off, and a dad and daughter on the run trying to survive being chased in this heightened tense experience,” Thomas said. “We are hoping to film it this year, and it will be a lot of fun.”

Thomas said Firestarter’s screenplay is by Halloween Kills writer Scott Teems. Though the Halloween film has been delayed until next year and has not yet been able to exhibit Teem’s latest writing efforts, fans can rest easy knowing King himself is pumped for the project.

“He watched The Vigil, approved me as director and he read the script from the early stages, and he’s very happy with it,” Thomas said. “He’s excited for it, he’s there the whole way.”

My Top 10 Shows to Watch

While I was in COVID-19 quarantine I watched the following shows since I had to pass the time somehow. Most of these shows have one season and can easily be watched in a few days. Shows like My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan require more time to watch since they have more than one season. One show, in particular, Neon Genesis Evangelion, I never actually watched and this seemed like a good time to finally do it. So, here is my top 10 shows I watched in quarantine.


Watchmen only has one season with nine episodes but you can easily get through it in two days. I didn’t know anything about Watchmen when I first started watching so right away, I was confused. If you do not know anything about Watchmen you will get confused right away as well. However, that confusion does go away and all your questions are answered by episode 5. For only one season with nine episodes, it still packs a punch leaving you wanting more. One of the best features of Watchmen is the soundtrack done by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails and Atticus Ross. The soundtrack is eerie, builds tension, and makes you want to have an existential crisis while wanting to fight villains.

Where to watch: HBO MAX, Hulu, HBO

The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy has 2 seasons with a total of 20 episodes. Based on the comic book by the same name written by Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance and Gabriel Ba it was adapted on Netflix by Steve Blackman. The Umbrella Academy is about a group of 7 superheroes with special abilities that were adopted by a billionaire who had formed a special group of superheroes called The Umbrella Academy. The Umbrella Academy deals with mostly superhero action but also has the theme of loss, family, being different, and of course time travel. Also, Ellen Page.

Where to watch: Netflix

What We Do In The Shadows

What We Do In The Shadows (WWDITS) is a mockumentary and spin-off of the movie with the same name. WWDITS so far has 2 seasons with a total of 20 episodes. It’s like The Office but with vampires living together with elements of supernatural entities like werewolves, ghosts, and zombies. It’s a fun series that leaves you laughing for more.

Where to watch: FX, Hulu


Chernobyl is a miniseries with 5 episodes that describe the horrors of the 1986 Chernobyl incident and the aftermath. In suspenseful detail, it shows you exactly what happened on that fateful night as well as exploring the psychology of how the Soviet Union dealt with such situations.

Where to watch: HBO MAX, Hulu, HBO

Summer Camp Island

Summer Camp Island is a cartoon created by Julia Pott a former animator and story writer on Adventure Time. Summer Camp Island is about two anthropomorphic animals named Oscar and Hedgehog that are staying on an island with other anthropomorphic animal campers where magic is real, anything can happen, witches make the rules, monsters are cool and of course, the moon is your friend. Actually, that was the theme song but it essentially sums up Summer Camp Island and gets stuck in your head frequently. Everything on the island including your own pajamas comes to life and is just happy and friendly all the time.

Where to watch: HBO MAX, Cartoon Network

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is an anime that currently consists of 3 seasons with a total of 59 episodes. It is about people living in a city surrounded by huge walls within another city with people surrounded by more huge walls within yet another city surrounded by huge walls. What is the purpose of these walls? To keep out the Titans. The Titans are basically really tall zombies that roam the land beyond the walls. To make matters more interesting there are some Titans that have special abilities. I’m not revealing spoilers here so this is just a quick summary and there are many surprising twists in Attack on Titan.

Where to watch: Hulu, Funimation, Netflix

*Note: Only Funimation has all of the seasons. Netflix only has season 1.

Parasyte: The Maxim

Parasyte: The Maxim is an anime about a world that is suddenly invaded by alien parasites that secretly take over some humans so that they can feed and stay alive. The parasites do not know why they are there but they know they have to feast on humans to survive. The humans are essentially already dead and are just being used by the parasite trying to live in the human world. The human-infected parasites also gain special abilities just like the main character Shinichi Izumi with his parasite named Migi. His parasite only infected his right hand and they end up forming a friendship while making Izumi super strong due to the parasite. There are only 24 episodes and you can easily get through it in a few days.

Where to watch: Hulu, Netflix

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion first aired in 1995-1996 and has become one of the best anime of all time. I had actually never seen it until COVID-19 so I decided to finally watch it. Considering it was made around 25 years ago it still holds up. Neon Genesis Evangelion is about a world that is invaded by supernatural beings known as Angels and they can be only defeated by large mecha, man-operated robots, called Evangelions. The anime is beautiful, riveting, dramatic, sexual, and deeply psychological. It is difficult to sum up Neon Genesis Evangelion here. You may be thinking, “It’s just about giant robots fighting aliens so what?” It is so much more than that! I’m excluding the later Neon Genesis Evangelion films and just focused on the original series here. The original series only has 26 episodes. Also, the intro song will get stuck in your head all the time. It is perhaps the greatest intro song of an anime. Yes, I said it and I don’t care!

Where to watch: Netflix

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Demon Slayer is an anime that takes place in Taisho Japan (1912-1926) where demons exist only to feed on humans. Tanjiro Kamado lives in rural Japan with his family and one day he finds his whole family was slaughtered by a demon. Only his sister Nezuko survived the slaughter but had been turned into a demon in the aftermath. Now, Tanjiro vows to seek revenge on demons by becoming a demon slayer and returning his sister back into a human. Demon Slayer is perhaps the most popular anime at the moment and watching it myself for the first time in 2020 I can see why. Demon Slayer is engaging, dramatic, humorous, and dare I saw kawaii? Demon Slayer only has 26 episodes at the moment with a film projected to come out in October 2020.

Where to watch: Hulu, Funimation, Crunchyroll

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is an anime about a world where humans gained superpowers or what is referred to as a quirk. For example, one human can shoot fire out of his hands, one can create any kind of inanimate object and another can turn invisible. Some humans like Izuku Midoriya were born without a quirk but it doesn’t stop him from idolizing the greatest superhero of all time called All Might. Midoriya idolizes him so much that he himself vows to become a superhero one day. The only way you can become a superhero is by attending a superhero school such as U.A. High School the most prestigious school. Midoriya sadly doesn’t have a quirk so how can he even attend a superhero school let alone become a superhero? That all changes when he meets All Might in person on one dramatic day and then finds out there is a way to gain a quirk from his idol so that he can finally attend U.A. High School to become a superhero. My Hero Academia currently has 4 seasons with a total of 88 episodes

Where to watch: Hulu, Funimation, Crunchyroll

*Note: Only Funimation has all of the seasons. Hulu has all of the seasons but does not have season 4 dubbed.

Anime To-Watch During Covid

I’m sure that, by now, most of us have run out of things to watch. Things have gone to some sort of normalcy for many of us, but the fact is that we should still stay inside as much as possible. Social distancing is important. Cases in the US continue to rise at a staggering rate. Safety precautions should still be followed as much as possible.

I’m sure we’ve all scoured through the entertainment that appeals to us. We’re bored. We feel like we’ve hit the wall for every bit that we’re familiar with.

Sometimes, going off the beaten path can be fun, though. Looking back in time at shows we’ve never heard of or at some more obscure topics that we didn’t know about is a great way to broaden our horizons.

So here are some suggestions for things to watch in no particular order from me!

ARIA: Animation, Natural, Origination

[Image source]
[Image description: A beautiful blue sky with several buildings in the style of Venice. A girl with long, black hair rowing a gondola sits to the left. She wears a white dress with red markings around it and a small hat. On the right a pink-haired girl stands up, also rowing. A blonde woman sits in the gondola in the bottom right corner, holding a white, blue-eyed cat. These two also wear white dresses but with blue markings instead.]

ARIA is personally one of my favorite anime. It has three seasons with around 50 episodes plus a couple of extra OVAs. Honestly, it’s one of the perfect shows for a time as difficult as this. It’s part of a genre called “iyashikei” which roughly means “healing.” This is a subgenre of slice-of-life. It focuses on people living their daily lives. The trademark of the genre is the conflicts being small to nonexistent or even large conflicts somehow feeling very tiny. It’s the same sort of sensation you get when watching Studio Ghibli films, namely those like Totoro.

ARIA is focused around the lives of mainly three young girls, training to be gondola guides called Undine. It takes place on in the 24th century on a terraformed Mars, now called Aqua due to the sheer amount of water on it. The city they live in, Neo-Venezia, is a recreation of Venice which has been swallowed into the sea by that point in the future.

This anime is absolutely gorgeous even though the first season came out in 2005. Thankfully, due to a kickstarter, it was remastered and released earlier this year on Blu Ray! I unfortunately don’t own these myself, so I can’t really speak to the quality of it. But it also has been dubbed thanks to the same kickstarter. To attest to how beautiful it is, it was actually the trope namer for Scenery Porn on TV Tropes. 

This anime whisks you away to a much simpler, slower lifestyle and lets you enjoy the beauty of Venice. If you’ve never been there, this is a good replacement. While it is focused on the life of Aika, Akari, Alice, and friends, that doesn’t mean it’s boring. This series delves into the fantastic with plenty of fantasy-esque elements. There’s more than one instance of time travel, magic, and more in the series. Cats are usually the culprits. (It makes sense in context.) 

But, despite those fantastical elements and episodes, it’s mostly grounded and down to earth. One episode is literally just focused around going to an onsen that’s overtaken much of a mansion. 

Iyashikei is definitely not for everyone. If you find slice-of-life boring, you’ll find iyashikei even worse. The pace is extremely slow and meandering. There’s generally no objective. The point is just to experience life. And ARIA is definitely that sort of anime. It’s quiet, simple, and extremely optimistic. Akari, the main protagonist, is your typical, wide-eyed shoujo protag. She can be a little bit of an airhead at times but she never reaches levels like Ui from K-On! 

The characters themselves are also generally…very simple. Like I said, Akari is a typical shoujo protagonist and not much else. Aika is the typical stern friend that balances out the wide-eyed protagonist but still causes shenanigans herself. Alice is the little girl that’s trying to grow up fast but still gets caught up in childish moments.

But, honestly, that’s all a show like this needs. It’s less about the characters and extreme growth as more just about the experience. That’s not to say the characters don’t grow slowly and incrementally over time; they do. But it’s small, slow growth and nothing that 100% alters the fabric of who they are. 


[Townsends Channel Link]

[TastingHistory Channel Link]

Now I’m putting these two together because they’re similar in content though very different in approach. 

Both are historical cooking channels. 

Townsends is a channel focused on a very specific point of history: American cooking from the 18th century when the colonies were just being settled. James is an extremely good host, having a calm, measured voice and upbeat personality. I’ve seen some people call him the Bob Ross of cooking (though I’ve also seen other I follow you YouTube called that). I agree he does have a Bob Ross-like attitude and temperament. You can just feel his absolute enthusiasm for what he’s doing and how much he wants to share this all of this with other people. I’m pretty sure historical reenactment is his job, considering he has a fully tricked-out 18th century kitchen in his backyard.

His approach to things is to do it as authentically as possible. Of course, most things he uses are modern reproductions of old utensils and such, but for the most part, he keeps things 100% straight. I have seen him bump things up to our technology level, mainly for people that’d like to do recipes but just don’t have the time to invest in doing it the hard way. The one that mainly sticks out in my mind is the portable soup recipe mainly because most people can’t spend days tending a stew. He taught how to do that in a slow cooker. I think a few other recipes were shown in one too. But outside of that? He does everything over a fire with wooden or metal utensils as best he can. Of course, this channel is huge with well over a million subs, but it speaks to the quality of his content.

TastingHistory is another channel in a similar vein, but he approaches it differently. He jumps around the world to different time periods while doing things in a modern context. That doesn’t mean his content isn’t pretty high quality, though. He’s only been making videos for five months and his production quality was already very high.

He takes the format of sitting at his table and talking about the recipe for a bit while doing it, then while it’s going, he’ll talk about the history of it in greater depth. His demeanor is extremely calm and open and feels fairly natural, all things considered. I personally find him to be a fairly engaging host. 

Honestly, even if you aren’t a history buff but like cooking, I’d say check both of these guys out. Or even if you aren’t into either, still do. I find both hosts engaging simply for their demeanors. You may just find some new recipes to try and learn some new facts along the way. 

Snake Discovery

Channel Link

[Image source]
[Image description: An off-white background with stylised logo. It reads “Snake Discovery.” The S in snake is a snake, tail off to the left, holding a globe in its tail. The rest of the word is in light green with a few dark green patches on the right side of the lowercase N and bottom part of the lowercase E. “Discovery” is simply written in black caps.]

Snakes may not seem like a geeky thing, but I think they are! I’ve personally loved snakes ever since I was a little kid. My uncle had two of them growing up and it made me a reptile lover for the rest of my life. 

Even if you’re afraid of snakes, Snake Discovery may honestly be the cure for that.

Emily and Ed run this channel and are avid reptile lovers. They obviously mainly do snakes, but they also do geckos, anoles, turtles, and even have an alligator! As hosts, they’re extremely warm, personable, and really know how to talk to a crowd. Granted, it’s mostly Emily front of the camera more than Ed, but her ease there is really owed to the amount of educational programs she does. 

The way they present information is extremely entertaining and easy to understand. They’ll often go into things like snake genetics, care videos, and a lot more. Most videos are packed with a ton of information, really brought to life by (mostly) Emily’s upbeat and friendly personality. A lot of people in the comments have attested to Snake Discovery helping them overcome their fear of snakes.

I know a lot of people would be tempted to click off videos like this to just listen to them, but don’t do that! One of my favorite running gags for them is the fact they make subtitles on the screen for what the animal is “thinking” in that moment. It’s so funny.

[Image description: A black granite countertop with white speckles. A small, thin plastic bin sits in the center of the frame. A white snake sits in it. A few fake leaves sit under the snake on top of a paper towel. Near the snake, the words “Heck off” are written in white font, outlined in black toward the top center of the screen.]

My personal favorite videos of theirs are those involving Rex, their alligator, and their hatching videos. Sadly, hatching videos only happen during the summer after breeding season, so it’s a treat when a new one comes along. It’s just so exciting to see what they get from each clutch.

So if you like snakes and/or are just interested in reptiles in general, give these guys a shot. They’re a huge channel at nearly 2 million subscribers (at the time of writing), but still, they’ve created an interesting community and I hope they catch your interest!

BREAKING NEWS – ‘Black Panther’ star Chadwick Boseman dies from colon cancer at 43

Today is a sad day for Marvel fans as they mourn the death of Chadwick Boseman, who passed away today after a 4-year battle with colon cancer.

This year has been a roller coaster of ups and downs. But this is an all new low. News of Boseman’s tragic–and untimely–death shocked fans, mostly due to the Hollywood star’s decision to keep his diagnosis a secret.

His family posted a statement on his Twitter account earlier tonight:

He will be missed…

Boseman was diagnosed in 2016; the same year that would catapult him to fame as “Black Panther” in Captain America: Civil War. He would later reprise his role as King T’Challa in 2018’s Black Panther. The film garnered universal praise and cemented itself as one of the most important films of the decade. Boseman’s work on Black Panther would be his career’s defining moment.

“It was important to us, I didn’t know how other people would feel about it,” Boseman told Good Morning America in 2018, during a press tour to promote the film. “I knew just from the comic book what a ‘Black Panther’ movie could be, the type of impact it could have, I knew it would be a revolutionary idea. I didn’t necessarily know that people would buy out [the seats in] theaters.”

“It was the honor of his career to bring King T’Challa to life,” his family stated.

Black Panther is considered one of Marvel’s highest grossing films, making over 1.3 billion dollars worldwide at the box office. The film’s major success–both critically and financially– was enough to convince Marvel/Disney to begin working on a sequel. It was scheduled for release in May 2022. No word yet from Marvel/Disney on how they will proceed with “Phase Four” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, without one one of their big hitters.

Fans took to social media to pay their respect with the hashtag #WakandaForever-– Black Panther’s rallying cry.

He died with his family by his side.

Wakanda Forever.

Cancellation of Anime NYC 2020

If there is something we all have had to become accustomed to, it is COVID-19. With this pandemic, most events have been canceled or postponed. Comic-con, weddings, family gatherings, and more have fallen victim to cancellation. One event that recently was canceled was Anime NYC 2020 which was scheduled for November 20-22nd.

This would have been Anime NYC’s fourth year of hosting and the organizers expected at least 50,000 attendees. Now, everyone who bought a ticket is subject to having a refund. Though this is a shame that there will not be an Anime NYC 2020, I believe that this shows something very important. That the organizers are not thinking about the profit they could get, but the wanted to ensure the safety of their attendees. After all, that should be the first thought with this pandemic, ensuring safety. On the bright side, they already announced the news about Anime NYC 2021. They (the organizers), will be looking at possible online alternatives for their convention.

An Opinion on Affordability in Gaming

Ghost of Tsushima recently came out which is one of the only games in 2020 I looked forward to. I was planning on purchasing it for Playstation 4 but due to unforeseen circumstances that is the dreadful year of 2020 I cannot get it. Ghost of Tsushima isn’t my only issue I face in terms of the problem of costs but its just an example that affects gamers on the problem of affordability in gaming.

New video games cost $60 which for some is just too much at that moment in time. Sometimes I’m able to purchase a brand-new game like Resident Evil 3 and Animal Crossing: New Horizons but for the most part I just cannot continue to purchase brand new games continually. That $60 price does eventually come down but only contingent on demand and, to some extent, reviews. Constantly purchasing $60 brand new games is an entire paycheck for some people.

Luckily, we have a used-game market which allows gamers to purchase video games at a more affordable price. Games I have wanted to purchase brand-new is Super Mario Odyssey, The Last of Us Part II, Spider-Man, Horizon Zero Dawn, Red Dead Redemption 2 and of course Ghost of Tsushima. Because the video games I mentioned still have an above average demand and great reviews they are still priced somewhat high. Thankfully there are gamers that turned them in to Gamestop allowing consumers such as myself to purchase them at a reasonable used price.

Gamestop also contributes to the problem of affordability. Trading in several video games for cash will net you a substantial loss of money whereas in Gamestop credit it gives you more purchasing power with a higher return. You can play the game of what I call Gamestop game swap where you just exchange one game for another while still paying for the game but just much less because your trade-in helped cover some of the cost of the game.

Other costs to consider if you want to pursue more gaming is VR. A VR headset will cost you anywhere from $200 to $300. If you’re like me then you have yet to experience VR gaming due to affordability. Downloadable content or DLC helps contribute to the costs of gaming but it is, for the most part, not optional for the video games but nice to have. For example, I purchased all of the DLC for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate because I wanted to continue having a huge roster of fighters to choose from.

If you are like me you prefer to purchase physical copies of video games but purchasing them digitally has some affordability as well. There are sales online where some video games will be anywhere between 10% and 50% giving you the incentive of purchasing that game. However, most brand new games as well as high rated games and popular games like Super Mario Odyssey or Marvel’s Spider-Man are still priced around $60 despite coming out a few years ago. If you choose to purchase video games digitally then you run a higher chance of taking up more memory in the console making you find a way to transfer memory to an external storage unit, which you have to purchase, to free up space.

While I wait for games to be affordable via waiting over a year until the prices come down I just stick with one game like Animal Crossing: New Horizons or Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to keep me busy. However, in November 2020 two new consoles are coming out, the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X. I will already assume they will be priced between $300 and $600 so I will most likely not purchase one at that time.

Gaming is an expensive lifestyle. Having friends and family that game can go a long way because you can borrow their video games when they are done with them. Because of the problem with affordability not everyone will be able to play the top video games at the time until either you know someone that will let you borrow it, the price comes down or it has a reasonable used price somewhere. I purchased The Last of Us a few weeks ago for the first time and I loved it. The Last of Us came out in 2013 but I don’t care if I’m 7 years late. I had fun, played at my own pace and will play it again.

The most important message to gamers in these situations is to not let FOMO (fear of missing out) get to you. Play what you like at your own pace and just have fun with it because that is the whole point of playing video games.


‘Gotham Knights’ revealed at DC Fandome

After years of waiting, rumors, and forum discussions and speculations, WB Montreal Games–the developers behind the underdog classic Batman: Arkham Origins— announced their new “Batman” video game at DC Fandome:

Gotham Knights.

The initial trailer reveals to us that the game takes place after the Death of Bruce Wayne. He sends a video and a set of instructions to his sidekicks giving them a final mission to continue his legacy. If the gameplay and new graphics didn’t whet anyone’s curiosity, the involvement of The Court of Owls certainly piqued interests.

Though a fairly new addition to Batman’s historic Rogues Gallery, the Court of Owls became a fan favorite after Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s 2011 run. WB Games Montreal have been teasing fans of the Court with cryptic messages on Twitter for quite some time. The Court of Owls have been the topic of many “Top 10” lists of villains fans would like to see in a Batman: Arkham video game, and fans are ecstatic that they made it in.

The surprises don’t end there. DC Fandome dropped a demo trailer showcasing seven minutes of actual gameplay and teases a boss fight with Mr. Freeze

By far, the best Mr. Freeze design, I’ve ever seen…

The game allows the player(s) to play one of four of Batman’s sidekicks– Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Red Hood– each sporting a unique skill set, gadget, and combat style. Their movesets appear to be completely different from their Arkham moveset, so fans would have to learn new combo routes and strategies. Detective mode seems to be a missing feature. However, it may still show up once the game nears release.

Each character drives their own Batpod inspired bike, but it is unclear if they serve any other purpose other than traversing Gotham’s city streets. Hopefully, the devs learned restraint after Arkham Knight‘s overuse of Batman’s sweet ride.

Gotham Knights is expected in 2021 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

“Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League” revealed at DC Fandome

The surprises don’t stop coming from DC FANDOME 2020.

Rocksteady unveiled their new project Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League this weekend. Check out the trailer below:

All doubts I had is just gone. Pack it up and take my damn money!

Like I said in my earlier article, I wasn’t really all that thrilled about a new Suicide Squad game. But the fact Superman is in it, made me want to reconsider.


Can we get Jeffrey Combs to play him again?
There’s just something about the Re-Animator being an Alien Knowledge-Seeking Destroyer of Worlds that just seems right….

The cinematic trailer opens up with a big reveal: Brainiac.

It seems that he will be the “big bad” of the game, as a giant Brainiac ship has made its home among the Metropolis cityscape. The scene looks very reminiscent of Injustice 2‘s take on a Brainiac invasion. Fans were wondering why Task Force X would be targeting the Justice League when it was announced. It didn’t occur to fans that Brainiac was the answer.

I call that a win-win.


Metropolis seems to be the main setting of this game.

[Insert mandatory “Inception BRRRR” here]

Rocksteady presents us a gorgeous and sunlit Metropolis– despite the Brainiac invasion. It is a rich and colorful environment that contrasts Gotham’s dark and decrepit streets. The sun never rises in Gotham, but the sun never sets in Metropolis.

I am hoping that the game’s final version of Metropolis is just as gorgeous as the one seen in the trailer, and as expansive, if not bigger, than the Gotham City map in Arkham Knight. The city is just stunning to look at. It’s almost as if they were making a Superman game at one point, then the execs said, “No, make Suicide Squad…” and Rocksteady shrugged and added the Suicide Squad in…


Guardians of the– who…?

The Suicide Squad roster is composed of Deadshot, Harley Quinn, King Shark, and Captain Boomerang. They’ve become the face of the group ever since their resurgence in popularity prior to 2016’s film adaptation.

The trailer introduces us to the Squad as they lounge about the rooftops awaiting further orders from Amanda Waller. We get a real sense of chemistry between the characters that was sorely missing in the 2016 film. Deadshot boasts about never missing a target, while the rest of the gang mock him for repeating the same Snapple fact for the umpteenth time. Captain Boomerang is a sarcastic yet charming Aussie through and through that contrasts Deadshot’s uptight personality. King Shark, oddly enough, gave me Drax-like vibes, providing an awkward yet satisfying dumbwitted yet endearing aura about the character. Harley is just.. well, she’s Harley.

No word yet if other, and more disposable, members of Task Force X will make an appearance but the possibilities are endless at this point.

Harley and Deadshot console King Shark after Boomerang ate the last slice of Pizza…

No gameplay was shown, but based on the cinematic trailer, it is looking to be an action/shooter experience with a possible option for 4-player co-op. We get a glimpse at what we can expect from each character’s skill kits. Everyone seems to have a traversal gadget that allows them to move along the city rooftops: Harley has a grappling hook; Deadshot’s got a jetpack; King Shark looks like he may have an enhanced jump; and Captain Boomerang either has a Boomerang that allows him to teleport to it’s location, or some sort of speed force ability. As for combat, they all seem to have projectiles guns of some sort, and different melee styles. Honestly, I’m getting Fortnite vibes mixed with Sunset overdrive from this trailer.


Superman is here!

And his name is JOHN CENA!!!! {DUDUDUUUUU!!!!)

Yes. I, too, am tired of evil Superman stories. But I shall allow this. I feel that the concept of Task Force X being a countermeasure to superheroes-gone-rogue has been mishandled by the 2016 film and I just want to see it done right. Besides, what better threat than the most powerful superhero of them all.

Keep in mind, that this story takes place in Rocksteady’s “Arkham-verse.” Yes. You heard that right. This game is a spiritual successor to the Batman: Arkham games– which is why I’m more excited about this game than the Gotham Knights game. Batman, at this point in time is no longer around, unless of course this takes place before the events of Knight, instead of after. The Justice League has been brainwashed by Brainiac, and no one else is capable of taking down the Justice League. Hell, not even Task Force X, but that’s why it’s a suicide mission after all.

When Superman appears on screen, he’s shot in the typical superheroic way to convey that he’s a symbol of hope and peace. King Shark even hammers the point down by giving the best line in the trailer.

Drax the Destroyer? Nah… Just Destroyer.

“Look! It’s Superman! The Mighty Superman has just rescued that pilot…”

I don’t know about you guys, but I was cracking up when King Shark said that line. It has a very childlike and fanboy-ish delivery to it, as if King Shark actually idolizes Superman. He just stares at him with awe before Supes goes full Homelander on that poor pilot.

EDIT: I just learned that Samoa Joe is the voice of King Shark. Perfection, I tell you. And it explains the Samoan Tribal tattoos.

I feel that this game might make a lot of great and dark jokes at the expense of the Justice League in the same manner as Harley Quinn’s TV Show, albeit more subdued and grounded.

Superman as a boss battle is enough to get me to pre-order the game, regardless of how it turns out. I am curious to see what Rocksteady has learned and how they are going to apply that in these boss battles against the Justice League. Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern… If this game is half of what I expect it to be, I think I’ll be satisfied.

All in all, this game is looking to be an interesting one. No word yet, when the next announcements for this game will be made. It seems that DC hasn’t given up on this IP just yet. With this game and a new movie in the horizon, I feel that Suicide Squad just might make an explosive comeback.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is set to release in 2022.

2022… Yeah…

but why tho?

Resident Evil 3: A Millennial’s Review

On September 22, 1999 I leave EB Games with Resident Evil 3 Nemesis for Playstation eagerly excited to get home and play it. The original Resident Evil 2 on Playstation cemented the Resident Evil series as a force to be reckon with. Resident Evil 3 Nemesis continued with Resident Evil 2’s success by giving the consumer exactly what they wanted plus more. It was the success of Resident Evil 3 Nemesis that gave it reason to be ported to the other consoles just like Resident Evil 2 and of course I got them all because of the replay value. Going into the Resident Evil 3 remake 21 years later in 2020 I had high expectations. Coming off the highly successful Resident Evil 2 remake I anticipated Capcom would remake it with the same results. Unfortunately, Resident Evil 3 turned out to be a short and unfulfilling remake that just could not live up to the original Resident Evil 3 Nemesis.

Resident Evil 3 is fast paced to a point where it is actually disappointing. The fast-paced nature of Resident Evil 3 led to drastically reduced locations from the original as well as just not being in the remake entirely. Jill’s apartment in the original was briefly in the intro but in the remake that is where the fast-paced action begins for Nemesis. It’s not necessarily bad that it is fast-paced in the beginning because it can actually be entertaining but the fact that Nemesis shows up right away detracts from the fear that built-up in the original prior to his first appearance at the police station.

Raccoon (small) City

The city walkthrough is disappointing because of how little exploration you can do compared to the original. Granted the city walkthrough has its moments with the visually appealing toy store and the diner but it wasn’t enough to save this short area. As Jill you do not explore the police station at all which is very disappointing. She is a member of STARS and Capcom should have left that part in the remake. Sure, Carlos gets to go to the police station but is that what we really wanted?

Since Resident Evil 3 takes place before Resident Evil 2 we can get the opportunity to explain some things in the police station like those holes in the walls or at least that’s what we were assuming. For some unknown reason there was a random detonator already placed in the shower room and Carlos just blows it up. So that’s why there was a hole there! I thought it was Nemesis! Nemesis must have broken through the wall on the third floor because surely they would have explained that in Resident Evil 3. Nope. Capcom forgot to explain that third floor hole in the wall. At least we saw Brad Vickers at the police station and how Marvin was wounded which was the only saving-grace of this police station walkthrough.

No Action Command Options

The original had one of the most interesting options in all of the Resident Evil games and that is choosing what to do in a situation. For example, when Nemesis first appeared at the police station in the original you had two options to select: to fight him or to flee into the police station. In another option command you can choose to either flee second form Nemesis or push him off a bridge. Of course, I chose to push him off the bridge because it was just the best option. Resident Evil 3 had no such action option commands at all.

The Nemesis

The second form of Nemesis in the original occurred when part of his outfit and body was badly burned resulting in his tentacles to protrude out more. Nemesis then used his tentacles to throw you around or stab you much more than before. In Resident Evil 3 he does use his tentacles in his original form with the added new move of him creating what I call Nemesis zombies by injecting them with his virus strain turning their heads into a kind of parasite-like creature with a long tentacle attached to it. What is actually disappointing was his second form in the remake. It’s essentially a giant licker that runs around trying to jump on you. It’s not menacing or intimidating just sad.

His second form shows up in front of the clock tower in the original and becomes much more menacing than what the remake did to him. Visually the Nemesis in his first form and second form do look great but it is in their lack of suspense overall which helped contribute to this lackluster remake. It was enjoyable to see Nemesis use a flamethrower but he hardly used his rocket launcher which was disappointing because it was one of his greatest features in the original which made him more suspenseful.

No clock tower but hey a hospital

The clock tower in the original was my personal favorite location and I was excited to explore it in the remake. It was amazing and it saved the game entirely! I’m just kidding. Capcom left out the clock tower walkthrough entirely. The building was in the remake but Capcom just got lazy and decided to leave it out. After the clock tower walkthrough in the original you explore the hospital and thankfully Capcom left the hospital in the remake. However, the hospital walkthrough was just okay. The hunters were actually challenging and brought some needed horror to the so-far lackluster walkthrough. Toward the end of the hospital you have to fight off an invasion of zombies. When you kill a zombie during this invasion they go down and just…evaporate? Capcom didn’t want to leave zombie corpses among the invading zombies so they had them mysteriously evaporate which completely ruins that moment.

No cemetery, no worm, no park

In the original you get to go to a park where you fight giant frogs. It’s scarier than you think. In the remake the giant frogs were moved into the sewers but were so easy to kill they just became sad to watch. In the original you go to a cemetery where you actually had zombies coming out of the graves. Then, you fight a giant worm which became the only other boss besides Nemesis. In the remake there was no cemetery, no park, no worm and no factory where you encounter the Chimeras. The Chimeras in Resident Evil 3 were reworked into the Drain Deimos and relocated to the power plant. The power plant and the Drain Deimos was suspenseful but again underwhelming.

Finale is a dud

Finally, the final walkthrough is another underground laboratory because why not? It wasn’t in the original so let’s just make up another generic laboratory. The Pale Head zombies in the laboratory were a nice addition to the remake bringing more needed suspense in this underwhelming laboratory. Nemesis’ second form makes an appearance here in some kind of gladiator-like arena that is just a disappointment compared to the more suspenful battle in the original. The final boss is Nemesis in his final form which is him just really big with pimples all over that you shoot to temporarily stun him which then allows you to recharge your giant gun to use to kill him once and for all. You board the helicopter after a brief encounter with Nikolai and then depart Raccoon City. Oh yeah, the city was nuked which was entirely underwhelming.

Overall, Resident Evil 3 is visually appealing but falls flat with a short storyline combined with the unfortunate reduction of Resident Evil 3 Nemesis to what essentially feels more like a DLC for the Resident Evil 2 remake.

2 out of 5 cats