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Shadowed Flames: PTSD In RWBY Part 1

Disclaimer: These articles contain in-depth discussion on the topics of mental health/illness and topics such as abuse. 

The writer is also not a trained nor certified therapist. However, they have been writing for twenty years with a heavy focus on correct, realistic portrayals of mental health. They have studied PTSD and C-PTSD in-depth and speak from personal experience. Of course, they only speak from one point of view as PTSD symptoms and experiences are unique to each and every person. This is done from a clinical viewpoint, using sourced academic literature.


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RWBY V5 C4 “Lighting the Fire”: Yang’s fighting the Branwen bandits when her hands shake, reminding her of the night that Adam took her arm.

RWBY, as a series, is one that has been met with much criticism when it comes to its writing. As a long-time writer myself, I can definitely see where the criticisms come from. However, as a writer focused in and around mental illness, one thing I do find to be surprisingly well written is the portrayal of mental illness, namely Blake’s C-PTSD and Yang’s PTSD in primarily Volumes 4-6. 

So what are these terms I keep throwing around?

Most people are fairly familiar with the concept of normal PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. In popular culture, it’s portrayed as a veteran hearing something loud similar to gunshots then being sent into flashbacks of whatever combat zone they experienced. It’s also commonly known as shellshock from way back in World War I when it was first noticed among those who fought in the trenches. C-PTSD is short for Complex-PTSD but that’s explained more below.

However, PTSD is more than just loud noises and flashbacks. It’s a series of complex, subtle behaviors that affect daily living. Like many mental illnesses, it’s the brain’s reaction to trauma. Many of the behaviors are a way of creating avoidance at winding up in situations that resemble the event(s) that caused the trauma. It occurs on a large spectrum with patterning being unique to each individual. In the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (or DSM), psychology’s standardized guidelines for diagnosing mental illnesses, list 24 criteria for PTSD which allows for a lot of different patterns. 

Some of these can include recurring nightmares of the events— 

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V4 C4 “Family”: Yang has a nightmare about the events of the Fall, centering around Adam. It’s implied these are recurrent from her reaction.

—persistent, distorted thoughts about the cause and/or consequences of the traumatic events that lead one to blame themselves or others— 

RWBY DC Comics #4 “Intoxication”: Blake reflecting on her past while going to Menagerie. She feels that she’ll only ever bring harm to those around her because of her past. 

—persistent negative mood— 

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RWBY V4 C3 “Of Runaways and Stowaways”: Yang watching TV. This is the first time we see her after the 6-8 month time skip in V4. Her mood is very flat, implied to be like this much of the time since losing her arm.

—and feelings of estrangement from others.

RWBY DC Comics #4 “Intoxication”: Blake continuing to reflect on her past, feeling she can’t get close to anybody because of it. She feared people would get hurt because of it. It manifested when Yang lost her arm. 

These aren’t all of the symptoms of PTSD, but it shows you how PTSD can impact daily functioning in life and why it can be such a struggle for those trying to help.

So what the heck is C-PTSD then?

C-PTSD is short for Complex PTSD. There are two main manuals used to diagnose mental illness. PTSD is listed in the main one and has been for years. C-PTSD is not recognized by the main manual but it was under consideration for the last two editions that came out in 1994 and 2013. It was, however, put into a secondary manual in May 2019 organized by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Basically, C-PTSD is a subtype of PTSD for individuals that suffered prolonged periods of ongoing trauma. As it stands at the moment, C-PTSD is a more vaguely defined cluster of ongoing behaviors.

Individuals suffering from C-PTSD can include difficulty regulating emotions such as persistent fear and sadness— 

RWBY V2 C10 “Mountain Glenn”: The team talking about the reasons they want to be Huntresses. Yang initially brought up that Blake’s not one to back down from a challenge. Her response was, “But I am! I do it all the time… When you learned I was a Faunus, I didn’t now what to do so I ran… When I learned my oldest partner had become a monster, I ran…”

—feelings of helplessness, stigma, and being different from others— 

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RWBY V1 C15 “The Stray”: Blake taking her bow off after she accidentally outs herself as former White Fang. She hides a major part of herself to avoid being stigmatized and discriminated against. 

—and distorted perceptions of the perpetrator including (but not limited to) becoming hyper-focused on the relationship.

[Image source]

RWBY V2 C6 “Burning the Candle”: Blake is hellbent on tracking down the White Fang, running herself ragged in the process. 

There are more for this as well, but this article is really just a primer. 

So what is the difference?

I think this visual works to show the difference rather well on a basic level.

Put into words, at its most basic form, PTSD is about somebody constantly re-experiencing trauma which makes the person feel threatened and, thus, they go to avoid it.

C-PTSD is that as well as a complete warping of self and reality (not to say normal PTSD isn’t but…). People may end up feeling as if they’ve lost their personality, can’t regulate their emotions, and often tend to shut out interpersonal relationships due to the nature of the abuse they sustained. 

PTSD seems to also have many of C-PTSD symptoms which makes it…difficult to try to show how they contrast in a primer article like this. The following articles will go more in-depth to explain through examples. 


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Katsuki Bakugo’s Spotify: Hollywood Undead: New Empire Vol. 1 Album Review

I know everyone is on their toes ready for nostalgia in the next part of Console Wars since literally the next thing is the infamous Bit Wars, but I’mma need to tell y’all to hold up and take a chill pill, because I need to talk about and review my childhood band that I listened to religiously throughout late elementary and the entirety of middle school and high school.

Hollywood Undead has been a band I’ve been listening to since I was 10 years old thanks to the power of YouTube and the typical “(insert ship here)” videos that existed back then thanks to Happy Tree Friends. And yes I’m a bit of a cursed child when this was a band at the time who had explicit plastered all over their first album. It’s a bit hard to imagine it’s already been 10 years since I first listened to the band, and they made their sixth release since their first release in 2008 and it’s time to bring this band in a bit of limelight here on AAOG.

But first, a brief history about Hollywood Undead

Hollywood Undead is a rap-rock band that was founded by Jorel Decker and Aron Erlichman and were one of the bands to pop up back in the era of MySpace music in 2005. I now made everyone reading this article feel extremely old. Jorel and Aron would soon recruit Dylan Alvarez, George Ragen, Jordon Terrell, Matthew Busek and Jeffrey Phillips, and they needed an identity, so they decided to make masks and have stage names. The names goes as followed: Jorel Decker is J-Dog, Aron was Tha Producer, or now known as Deuce, Dylan is known as Funny Man, George was known as The Server, but is now known as Johnny 3 Tears, Jordon is Charlie Scene (classy), Matthew was Da Kurlzz and Jeffrey was Shady Jeff, and Hollywood Undead was underway in 2005. 

Although literally about a year and a half later in 2007, Shady Jeff quit the band because Deuce was being disrespectful at his birthday party and he pulled out a gun on him in retaliation, telling him to get out his house, although in a 2009 interview on MTV, J-Dog and Johnny 3 Tears claims that he was fired because he was pushing 30 and because he didn’t serve a purpose in the band. Ironic since I was fired for being too young, not wanting to do illegal stuff and “contributing nothing to the band”. I was the bass player who turned the sound into what it was, but stuff happens. 

Fun fact about MySpace era Hollywood Undead: they actually have two songs that they collaborated with Jeffree Star back when Jeffree used to do music during his hayday on the platform, although that would be a bit more in the late 2000’s where his hayday of music truly began.

Feel old yet?

Hollywood Undead would continue as a six-person band with a touring drummer for the majority of their careers and in 2008, they released the album Swan Song which would be the album to spark their success and their slow and eventual rise into the mainstream, with more refined and better-looking masks from their MySpace era masks.

MySpace Era

Swan Songs

This album has quite a lot of aggression and an overwhelming amount of explicit language might I add. Like, the kind of aggression and explicit stuff you’d expect from 2008 when the world was extremely different and a whole lot less PC. Memories.

Unfortunately Deuce’s time with Hollywood Undead would end in 2010 after multiple issues involving touring and creative differences.

The band recruited Daniel Murillo who would be known simply as Danny in the band to take Deuce’s place, while Deuce basically makes an entire album dedicated to crapping on the band and threatening death upon them, with some songs of his members of Nine Lives threatening to kill the members of Hollywood Undead. Classy.

Y’know, in a way it kinda reminds me of Bakugo since he’s always ready to explode at literally anything Deku does, which is pretty much what Deuce did. For one album however, compared to the four seasons of MHA.

American Tragedy

A year after Danny joined, the band released their second album, American Tragedy in April 2011, which gave the band a newer sound and a much newer look compared to before with a more hard rock sound, while sticking with some of their roots of an electronic hip-hop sound. Personally a classic in their lineup of albums with an entire album full of really good songs. Not much to say about this album, but it was the start of the Danny era.

Notes From The Underground

A personal favorite in both mask designs and music, this album kicks the door down for the band into a more mainstream audience in its January 2013 release. I mean if one of your songs makes it to a WWE Pay Per View, you know you’ve made it one way or another. It’s the second album to be in the top 10 of the Billboard 200, peaking at #2. Easily my favorite album all around from both a lyrical and compositional standpoint, as well as their kick-ass masks. Highly recommend you to give this album a listen.

Day of the Dead

I’m a bit torn on this 2015 release, but I generally like it. Some songs I can listen to on repeat, some are just one and done for a few days and then I’m back to listening to them. Their masks were alright, but Danny’s mask I envy because chainmail is awesome. A good album with a much more different sound from the previous.


Probably the most literal album name as it was the fifth album by the band, it also saw the departure of Da Kurlzz from the band as he wanted to go his own direction musically on October 10th, 2017, two and a half weeks before the album released on the 27th of that month. There has been no replacement for him, as the band to this day has continued on as a five-person band, with a touring drummer.

I actually do not like this album at all, outside of four songs I consistently listen to. Unfortunately, they went a little too hip-hop for my taste in this album and it was overall forgettable outside the songs Renegade, California Dreaming, Ghost Beach and Whatever It Takes. Also, the masks were a massive downgrade compared to before, but this was because the band was moving away from masks, and they weren’t joking. Also, I didn’t listen to the EP Psalms so I’m not reviewing or talking about it.

And now the album that we’re reviewing today:

New Empire Vol.1

Y’know, this is actually a pretty good album. The backstory to this album is they want to start anew completely, which I can tell from the way the songs are, and the fact that they’ve officially ditched the masks, which kinda suck, but hey, it’s their decision after all.

This album straddles the line of rap-rock and rap-metal as some of the songs can pass as modern-day heavy metal if it wasn’t for the band’s well-known history of being a rap-rock band. The album starts out with the song Time Bomb and man what a bomb to start out with. It’s a song that would definitely open up a pit and cause mayhem at a concert, and it got my blood pumping when listening to it.

Heart of a Champion is the next song and it’s a pretty good song in its own right with pretty good lyrics and a nice beat and composition to boot. Already Dead is a pretty good song and is easily a song that I could imagine in my head as my opinion to a lot of people. Great lyrics and composition in this one too and it was the lead single of the album. Empire. My favorite song hands down, ’nuff said.

Killin It is an alright song. It’s one of those songs that it’s not something I can listen to on repeat, but overall a good song nonetheless. Enemy is another one of my favorites on this album and easily takes second best for this album, great composition and lyrics on this one as well.

Upside Down. I don’t know how to feel about this song because it feels like a punk rock song more than anything. It’s definitely a good song but it’s gonna take some time for me to get used to that type of sound. I can bet after a few listens, I’m gonna want to eat some pizza on a road trip while wearing flannel.

Second Chances is pretty alright but it’s not really something I can listen to. I need to be in a certain mood to listen to this song. And last but not least, Nightmare. Avenged Sevenfold’s version is far better, but this is still an alright song, but it’s another song where I’d need to be in a certain mood to listen to and it’s their most hip-hop heavy song on the whole album. Also no they actually didn’t cover their song, they just have the same name is all.

No joke, but if you listened to this album, doesn’t it sound like something Bakugo would listen to? Although I haven’t seen MHA, which I know everyone is now gonna tell me to stop writing and get watchin’, but from the memes and jokes and some bits and pieces I’ve seen mostly about him, this is an album I feel like he’d probably listen to, given his attitude and demeanor on being the absolute best hero to exist. Not too sure about the whole “starting anew” thing since MHA really isn’t too much in my memory, and from what I’ve seen, Bakugo seems about as stubborn as a loose brick in a building, but in case it is, someone can give me a shout on that.

The band has been around for 15 years at this point and they’ve had a very strong 15-year career through all the rough issues they had starting off with Shady Jeff and Deuce, but the band managed to find a new sound and new ways to reinvent themselves every single album, and this album is certainly no different, as this album is a big U-turn from Five and went in a direction where they’re going to make their new empire. Apparently as well, the band will be making a second volume to this album later this year, and I’m interested already, so you can bet when that comes out, an article will be written about it.

I highly recommend listening to this album.

10 Illogical Things in Pokemon Generation 1

Anyone who has ever played Pokemon has noticed that there are many illogical things in the Pokemon games. Here are 10 illogical things from the first generation (Blue, Red, Yellow).

1) Professor Oak and his Grandson

Right at the start of the game we meet Prof. Oak. We learn what Pokemon are and introduce ourselves. After we introduce ourselves, he asks us the ultimate question. He asks us what his grandson’s name is. Prof. Oak has forgotten his grandson’s name. I like the idea that you can give your rival a name. But it is his grandson and that makes it a little bit funny.

2) Our Home

After introducing ourselves to Prof. Oak, we start at our home. We have our own room, our own bed and everything seems normal. After exploring our room we go to the kitchen where our mother is. There are only two rooms in the whole house. Our room and the kitchen, that’s it. There are no other rooms in the whole house. There is no bathroom and no room from the mother. I ask myself where does the mother sleep? Does she sleep in the kitchen? It’s a good question because no matter what time it is, our mother is always in the kitchen.

3) Don’t go to the Grass Without Pokemon

It is not possible to go into the grass without Pokemon at the start of the game. We are warned not to go on the grass because there are too strong and dangerous Pokemon waiting for us. Okay, I can understand it, a level 2 Pidgey and Rattata can become bloodthirsty killer machines. But why it is possible to visit the Safari-Zone without Pokemon? It doesn’t seem too dangerous to throw Stones at an adult Tauros or Kangaskhan to make them really angry.

4) Charizard can’t learn the HM02 (fly) in Pokemon Blue, Red and Yellow

Charizard is without a doubt one of the most popular Pokemon of all time. It is a big powerful dragon (no dragon type) that accompanies us on our long dangerous journey. However, there is one detail that I never understood. Why can’t Charizard learn the HM02(fly)? Look at him, he has two big wings! Why can’t he learn to fly? The funny thing is, that Pokemon like a little Pidgey or Zubat can learn to fly. Even a Dodou can fly. Dodou doesn’t even have wings but it can fly. How is that even possible? 

5) Prof. Oak Always Knows Where We Are and What We Do

Each of us has tried to ride with the bicycle in a building or tried to fish in places where we cannot fish. If we try, Prof. Oak immediately informs us that it is not the right time to use the item. How does Prof. Oak know what we are doing and where we are? There is a theory that Prof. Oak has installed cameras all over Kanto to observe and control us at all the time. Prof. Oak is watching you.

6) Our Pokedex

At the beginning of our journey through the Pokemon world, we get a Pokedex from Prof. Oak. The problem is that the Pokedex is empty. It doesn’t seem to contain any information about Pokemon. We only get information about the Pokemon when we meet them or catch them. Prof. Oak has researched all known Pokemon and has collected all data and information about them. Why is he giving us an empty Pokedex? It’s like a lexicon with hundreds of blank pages. It makes no sense.

7) What Happens to Defeated Wild Pokemon?

If we want to catch a pokemon, we usually have to weaken it in battle. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that we defeat the wild Pokemon. The fight ends and the wild Pokemon is gone. Where did it go? The wild Pokemon should lie defeated in the grass right in front of us. But there is no Pokemon. It has mysteriously disappeared. The same goes for wild Pokemon that we beat when we train our own Pokemon. It seems like the wild Pokemon has vanished into nothingness. It does not exist anymore. Okay, it would be quite disturbing if the entire route we were training on were full of defeated Pokemon lying all over the grass.

8) There are No Animals in the Pokemon World

Everyone who has played Pokemon has noticed that there are no animals in the Pokemon world. It is implied that there are animals, but never confirmed. The question is if there are no animals, what do the people eat in the Pokemon world? Do they eat Pokemon? How do they taste? We will never know. But if there are animals where are they?

9) Team Rocket’s Nightmare

At some point during our journey through the Pokemon world, we meet Team Rocket. It is our job and duty to prevent Team Rocket from taking control of Kanto. We as a ten-year-old child who has just started his career as a Pokemon trainer, have the destiny and the future of Kanto in our hands. If we fail, Kanto is lost. Team Rocket will rule with an iron fist over Kanto. We are the last hope of the people in Kanto. Seriously, where is the police? Where is the military? Where are the gym leaders? And where is the champ? Why are we the last hope? Have they all failed? In the end, we defeat Team Rocket and become the hero of Kanto. The only problem is that nobody can remember that we saved them. Nobody on the street thanks us for defeating Team Rocket. Thank You!

10) Our Age

At the beginning of our journey, we are 10 years old. There is nobody who wants to prevent us from going on this dangerous journey alone. The mother doesn’t seem to care that we’re going on a several month-long journey through the Pokemon world. We even get a Pokemon from Prof. Oak. This is the biggest illogical point in this game. Why should you allow a 10 years old child to go on such a trip? It makes no sense. Why isn’t he older like 15 or 16? Why 10?

These are just 10 illogical things in Pokemon generation 1. Some still exist even today in the newer games. But all of these things make Pokemon games what they are. Something special. Anyone who hasn’t played a Pokemon game should do it. Pokemon is worth a gaming experience. I am excited to see what we can expect in the Pokemon games in the future.

Netflix’s The Witcher’s Swordplay is Not Historically Accurate and That’s Okay.

So recently, I was finally able to finish Netflix’s The Witcher. It was pretty much sacrilege for me to put it off for so long as a sword fighter and a Witcher fan. Now that I have finished it, I can say that I very much enjoyed it! The story was very engaging, and I appreciated the episodic nature of the series. I’m still not 100% on how I feel about the different timeline storytelling but it was enough to keep me engaged.

The one thing I was really looking forward to was the sword fighting in the series. I really wanted to see a good fantasy series with fun sword fighting. I was never really into Game of Thrones (I’m not going to draw any comparisons here to GOT) so I only had this to look forward to. For background I am an actor combatant and sword fighter. I’m certified in six weapons including longsword, which is the style of sword The Witcher has branded. To clarify, I am not a swordmaster. I can only give you my thoughts based on my experiences as a fighter. I’ve mainly studied German style of longsword and dabbled in some Italian longsword. I’ll keep you guys posted once I reach Witcher status.

A Lot of Flash

Now that’s out of the way, what do I think of the sword fighting in Netflix’s The Witcher? I’d say it’s basically the same to how I feel about the game’s sword fighting; flashy but not at all realistic. I was hoping to see some historical longsword come to life, but it all came down to all for show and not a lot of skills.

At first, I kind of felt disappointed by this fact and then I was really split. My instructor, who has taught me everything I know about swords, said the fighting was trash. There’s no technique involved and it’s just slashing for the sake of slashing. Then a really good friend of mine pointed out to me, “Of the general audience, what percentage of them would care?” It really gave me a lot to think about because in the end, at least it looked cool.

I for one am in the middle of the argument. Though it’s not something you would show a real-life swordmaster, it does the job for what it’s meant for, entertaining audiences. The Witcher’s sword-fighting choreography is one of those things where if you have to look from afar to enjoy. Start slowing things down and you’ll begin to see the flaws.

The Breakdown

The best example for me to explain is the first episode of The Witcher, the market fight. The pacing of the whole fight is very well done. It’s all one shot and very smooth flowing from one enemy to another. Geralt is a badass and no one can compete with him as a swordsman. And I think that’s sort of the problem when it comes to Geralt fighting other people with swords. He’s such a badass he doesn’t even need to hold his sword upright. He starts in a reverse grip and keeps going in a reverse grip the whole way.

The thing with a reverse grip is that it’s not a real guard if you were fighting in real life. You lack mobility and you don’t get enough reach in terms of attack or defense. Just grab a broom or stick as if it were a sword and hold the long end along your forearm. If you try to slash with it, you won’t get far. I know it’s meant to show that Geralt is better than all of them that he doesn’t even need to try his best. He just slashes and moves on to the next guy. I think it just compromises the tension of a fight. If Geralt’s going into a fight and we know he can beat them no problem, we won’t be as invested. If there’s a danger there for Geralt, we’re immediately on the edge of our seats. When Geralt is fighting monsters and supernatural beings, we’re immediately invested because it’s a bigger danger than Geralt is used to. He could die if he’s not careful. If this were translated into his sword fights, it would be a big A+ for me as a series.

Now Geralt is not the problem when it comes to the show’s lack of sword skills. Henry Cavil is excellent in terms of his form and pacing in a fight. The problem lies in the henchman that Geralt fights. There’s really a lack of targeting and they just go in slashing for nothing. It’s supposed to make Geralt look good, but I just wish there was more of a threat when Geralt had to face human threats.

A Ballet of Blades

With all that said, I understand why they went for what they did. Watching it through a second time I can see that the style they were going for was not brutal German fighting but more of a dance. The show’s choreographer Vladimir Furdik explained, “I thought that [Geralt] should be fighter who can already predict, three seconds ahead, when he’s going to kill someone else. When he fights somebody, he can already predict what they’re doing. So, his fight should look like very comfortable, kind of like ballet.”

I think I will forever be conflicted with the show’s style of fighting. Making the choreography more dance-like makes for more flashy moves and big wow moments, but it sacrifices skill and a sense of stakes. I’m not saying that any of it is wrong. It’s supposed to be fantastical and not everything has to be 100% realistic. I just believe that it can still be improved. If we can get more sword fights with the same stakes as we did with the monsters for the second season, it’ll be one hell of a show.

Looking for New Horizons: Animal Crossing New Horizons

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is perhaps one of my most anticipated games of 2020 and I know I’m not alone. Ever since the Switch came out, fans of the series have been begging Nintendo for a new game. New Leaf was a fantastic game with hits depth of complexity and extreme customization options for both personal homes and the town at large.

New Horizon’s departure from the traditional Animal Crossing formula will definitely be a new, interesting way to experience it. The crafting system does have me a little bit tentative personally My first experience with crafting in games was in Stardew Valley. It was something I hated at first since it was something very foreign to me. In time, though, I did come to accept and enjoy it. I’ve still put over 150 hours into vanilla Stardew Valley on Switch despite my initial feelings. 

Other than that, I am pretty excited for the game. I’ve personally put over four hundred hours across nearly six hundred individual play sessions into New Leaf. I even own the special edition 3DS that came with the game pre-installed on it. I’m a huge fan of the series, stretching back to the original Gamecube version. I didn’t play City Folk since I didn’t have a Wii, but I’ve played every other mainline game.

One of the things I enjoyed most about New Leaf was being able to customize the town which was the main draw for it. Despite my leeriness of the new crafting system, it does seem like it’ll offer even further customization than New Leaf. 

One of my main hopes for the game is that they get rid of the stupid grass wear down. Yes, it’s a life simulator and it’s realistic for grass to wear down as people walk over it. Just because it’s a life simulator, doesn’t mean it has to be realistic. A lot of people that played New Leaf will understand the struggle of pathing to cover the grass wear. 

I seriously had to make three mule accounts just to contain all of the necessary parts to create all of the needed pathways.

Hopefully they’ll also keep the town plans in some shape, way, or form. I know a lot of players including myself really appreciated the environmental plan which keeps flowers from dying. Even after getting New Leaf, my flowers are still alive because of it.

I know there are several quality-of-life improvements that I’m really looking forward to. I’m not one to really want to change my facial features or skin tone, but there are other things that I’ll definitely enjoy.

Perhaps the biggest one will be the fact you can dictate where a new villager can move in. Any Animal Crossing veteran knows the anguish and despair that happens when an animal moves in a space you were using for some reason. This was especially bad in New Leaf where you may have things laid out perfectly but then some jerk decided it would be a great idea to move in over your hybrid garden or a foreign fruit orchard. Or they just moved into the middle of one of your pathways so you now have to spend the next twenty minutes redoing your pathing.

This jerk moved into the middle of my pear orchard.

And this one decided the middle of my pathing would be a fantastic place to move so now I have to go around his house.

The fact that they’re actually listening to the feedback of their players is so good. Animal Crossing is supposed to be a game where you sit back, relax, and not have to worry about a thing other than if you caught that fish or bug. Yeah, you have a lot of debt to pay off, but you can do it at your own pace. It’s not so much about the destination but the journey.

Even though the information is still somewhat limited at the time of writing, we have the Direct upcoming tomorrow. Hopefully it’ll give us an even better look at the game. I know I’m definitely gonna be up at nine to watch it.

My Hero Academia Review “Fighting Fate” Season 4 Episode 4

This episode begins with Deku and Mirio walking through the city as part of the work-study. The two heroes were told to behave normally when they encounter Overhaul. From a small dark side street runs a little girl named Eri, towards Deku and clutches him tightly. But suddenly Overhaul stands in front of them. Deku loses his cool and forgot all about Night Eye’s words.

Mirio acts like a true hero and tries to act normal in this situation. Deku realizes that Eri could be in grave trouble, he starts questioning Overhaul, but he tries to stay calm because he doesn’t want any unwanted attention in a public space. Then even Mirio realizes that the little girl might need their attention. Overhaul gives in, he asks them to follow him. Then suddenly Eri runs back to Overhaul, because she knows that Overhaul will defeat and kill the heroes if she stays with them. Deku and Mirio are forced to hold themselves back because they can nothing do in this situation.

Deku is pretty shocked after meeting Overhaul and his little daughter. Later that day, Deku meets All Might, he starts to ask him all about Mirio. All Might explains Deku that before he decided to pass on his All For One to him, he wanted to pass it on to Mirio. And that he had already arranged a meeting with Mirio because of this.

Night Eye had predicted that, in the near future, he would experience an unspeakably gruesome death. To keep his legacy, he had been looking for a potential candidate. But before he could meet Mirio, he meets Deku. Deku’s bravery impressed him and gave him the strength to keep fighting. Deku has tears in his eyes, he looks up to his hero and suggests that he should meet Night Eye again to predict his future. He hopes that All Might’s future has already changed.

In this episode, we finally have a clash between Deku and Overhaul. Even if there is no fight, we get an idea of how strong Overhaul is. Deku is not strong enough to face Overhaul yet. Eri was also introduced to us in this episode. I’m excited to see what important role she will play in this arc. It’s also nice to see what special relationship All Might and Deku have. This scene was very emotional and brought tears to my eyes.

Episode 4 has many emotional moments. From Eri’s plea for help to the motivational speech from All Might. It shows again how human the characters are in this anime. The relationship between All Might and Deku shows how much personality the creators of this anime have put in their characters. And this is why I love this anime so much.

The Healthy Ways of Shipping

Hello everyone, CuriousCat-13 here to welcome you to what I like to call “The Shipping Corner.” If you’re part of any fandom, you most likely have come across something called a ship, and I’m not talking about the type of vessel that would be used to travel across bodies of water. If you’re not familiar with the term, I’ll give you a quick nutshell explanation. Shipping is basically where you like the idea of two characters being in some type of relationship, the vast majority of the time it’s the idea of them being in a romantic relationship, which leads to some kind of clever name of the ship or pairing.

Some ships can be taken as a small sip of water, however…there are times where a large group ends up chugging an Olympic swimming pool amount of that water, which can lead to another term: Shipping Wars, and this is where things can get very toxic within any fandom. That is where this article comes in play, for me to give a few words of wisdom on how to ship in a healthier manner; not just as a shipper, but someone who is part of a number of fandoms that have become toxic due to shipping. This isn’t me telling you how to ship and who you can and can’t ship, I’m just giving words of advice to help you with shipping and show a more positive side of shippers (for those that don’t ship).

One of the first steps of healthy shipping is asking yourself why you ship these two characters. What made you start shipping them and what kind of future do you picture them having? Is it the way they interact with each other, their chemistry? Or is it because everyone else ships them and because of that pressure you feel like it’s mandatory to skydive onto the shipping bandwagon to be a “true member” of the fandom.

Let me tell you this, just because a bunch of other people ship a certain pair, it doesn’t mean that you have to. Ship whomever you want to, but a the same time, find the reason why. I’ll use one of the most shipped ships out there as an example: Destiel, which is Castiel and Dean from the show (that is sadly on its last season) Supernatural. When I first shipped them, it was mainly because a huge part of the fandom shipped them. Now? I ship them because of how they interact with each other (chemistry), how they look at each other when the other isn’t looking at them, how they react when something bad happens to them (life is at stake or one of them isn’t acting the way they usually do), the sacrifices they made for each other; these are big examples of why I ship them and what I look for when I ship other characters. So try to observe and find various reasons to ship your ship, use what makes a relationship healthy to strengthen your reasoning.

The next big step when it comes to being a healthy shipper is being respectful of what everyone’s ships are. Everyone ships in a different way and has their own tastes, so just be respectful of their opinions; in other words, avoid starting or getting involved with Shipping Wars. Shipping Wars are one of the main causes of gigantic divisions between fans and can lead to extremely devastating outcomes (cyberbullying is a big one); this where numerous fans argue over which ship is better than another, particularly who a certain character is best paired up with.

For those that are in the RWBY community, you know full well about this mess that is going on within the community, especially when I mention these two ships: BlackSun/Eclipse and Bumbleby (pronounced bumblebee). For some reason, when it comes to the shippers in the (or even a non-shipper) RWBY fandom you have to either be a BlackSun shipper or a Bumbleby shipper, liking both seems to be an impossibility; don’t get me wrong there are people who ship either and are respectable with choosing an alternative, but this Shipping War is one of the big reasons why people drop the series. So to summarize this paragraph…just be a decent human being and respect what other people ship and/or don’t ship; you don’t have to agree with each other on who you ship, but just try to respect everyone’s opinion.

Before I wrap this article up with a neat, pink, little bow on top, I’m going to share my final “two cents.” Not everyone is a shipper, I know it may be hard for some to believe this (and I sincerely apologize for the tone you might be reading this part in), but there are members of fandoms that don’t take part in shipping. If you mention any ships that you enjoy to someone and it turns out they don’t do that, please acknowledge their opinion in a mature way and respect it.

I know that I’ve been trying to type this in a more calm, collected manner, but given the severity of this topic, I have to use a more serious tone. Respecting one’s opinion on shipping and the various ships is one of the most important things when it comes to creating a healthy, positive vibe in all fandoms. This also includes the creators of the series and the actors and actresses that play the characters, since maybe a small fraction take part in any shipping, so if you’re at a convention where you get to meet the people that bring your favorites to life….please don’t force your ship or what you think should be down their throats.

I’ve seen too many videos from Supernatural conventions where a number of actors (and actresses) get thoroughly annoyed when fans (that took their shipping of Destiel too far) pester them non-stop about it, thus creating a small rift between them and the fans, not to mention that it can affect how they interact with the friends that they work with in public (i.e. Jensen and Misha).

Another thing to remember is that every member of a fandom, including the shippers, are, in their own way, representing their community. Each and every one of you might be inviting new members to the community, so it’s important to let them take things at their own pace and make their own decisions. You can bring up some of the ships that you enjoy and/or even what is out there, but try to leave it at that in case they are part of the “Not a Shipper” group; remember the important thing to do is respect their choices on whether or not they ship and who they ship (even if you don’t agree with them). 

Now that we’ve gone through all the major points in quite an amount of detail and made it to the end, let’s do a quick recap on how to ship in a healthy way.

  1. Ask yourself: Why do I ship them? What is it about them that gives off a good couple vibe?
  2. Respect the ships of others. Everyone has their own preferences and that’s okay. Even if you don’t agree with their ship or care for that ship, respect their opinion.
  3. Not everyone ships, so don’t force your passion and ideas on them. This also goes for the people that create the series and the actors and actresses that bring the characters to life. 

If you follow these steps bit by bit, it not only can help you find a new, healthier way to enjoy shipping, but it will also help improve the interactions between members of the fandom(s); so practice these three steps and ship on!

Star Wars Clone Wars Ambush, Rising Malevolence and Supply Lines Reaction

“Ambush” Season 1 Episode 01

Jedi Master Yoda is on the way to Rugosa, one of the moons of Toydaria. His goal is to meet the Toydarian King Katuunko. The aim of the meeting is, to build a base for the Republic on Rugosa, to protect the system from the Separatist. But before Yoda arrives on Rugosa, the convoy is attacked by separatist forces, led by Count Dooku. Yoda is forced along with three clone troopers to use an escape pod.

Meanwhile, Asajj Ventress and the Separatist army has arrived on Rugosa. Ventress tells the King that Yoda is dead and that the Republic is to weak to protect his world. She tries to convince the King to join the Separatist. The King says he is a man of his word, and still plans to at least meet with Yoda. The King offers a counter-proposal, if Yoda can still make the negotiations in person, he will join the Republic. But if Yoda can’t make it in time, he will join the Separatist. Count Dooku agrees to the terms.

Meanwhile, Yoda and the three clone troopers landed safely on Rugosa. The Jedi Master and the clone troopers are trapped in enemy territory. To meet the King, our heroes have to fight their way through the enemy lines. They have no other choice than to fight. If they can’t meet the King in time, the whole mission is failed.

The Jedi Master leads the three clone troopers through a gauntlet of sometimes dangerous, sometimes inept Separatist battle droids. Thanks to Yoda’s great handling with the lightsaber and his brilliant tactical instructions. Our four heroes can fight their way through enemy lines. They manage to arrive just in time to meet King Katuunko. But suddenly, Count Dooku gives his apprentice Asajj Ventress the order to kill the King, before he can negotiate with Yoda. But before Ventress can kill the King, Yoda stops and disarms her. Ventress can do nothing against the old Jedi Master and flees. The separatist withdraws their troops and leave the planet.

“Rising Malevolence” Season 1 Episode 2

Jedi Master Plo Koon is on the mission to find the Separatist’s new superweapon that can destroy entire fleets. The search lead them into the Abregado System, where they come across a huge Separatist ship. It is the Malevolence, the separatist new superweapon. It’s a massive ship with an ion cannon that is capable of wiping out all systems of a ship.

General Grievous and Count Dooku, who are on the board of the ship, give the order to attack Plo Koon’s ship. Plo Koon and his men save themselves with escape pods before the ship is destroyed. They can escape, but now, their escape pods floating in space. All they can do is hope that they will be rescued.

Back on Coruscant. The Jedi council believes that Plo Koon was killed in the attack and that there are no survivors. Ahsoka refuses to believe it. She wants to go to save him, but Anakin tries to stop her. Ahsoka and Anakin discuss until Anakin decides to help her to find Plo Koon. Anakin sends his fleet with Admiral Yularen on the mission while taking a small ship with  Ahsoka and going to search for survivors. Meanwhile, Jedi Master Plo Koon and three other clone troopers, are floating in space with their escape pod. They discover another escape pod, but inside are dead clones. They realize that they are not alone.

They pick up a signal from another escape pod. However, before they reach the other pod, they see how droids attack the pod. The droids kill the clones in the pod. Then they notice the escape pod from Plo Koon The droids prepare to crush this escape pod-like the others. But then, Plo Koon and two clone troopers appear outside the pod and begin fighting. They defeat the droids, but now the Malevolence knows that survivors fight the droids.

Meanwhile, Anakin wants to give up the search for survivors, because they haven’t found anything yet. But Ahsoka senses Plo Koon and leads them to the survivors. They take Plo Koon and the other survivors on their ship. Suddenly the Malevolence appears. The giant Separatist ship is preparing to attack Anakin’s ship and the others in it. But before the ship gets destroyed, they manage to jump into hyperspace.

“Supply Lines” Season 3 Episode 3

On the Planet Ryloth fights Jedi Master Ima-Gun Di alongside the Twi’lek Cham Syndulla against the giant droid army to defend the planet. But they have a problem because they running out of supplies. They contact the Jedi council, after which any air support from the transports is rendered impossible as the ship is destroyed.

The Jedi council decides to help and contacts Bail Organa. They inform the Senator that their blockade runner can get through to aid the People of Ryloth. Bail Organa meets Jar Jar Binks who is in Toydaria. They meet with Toydarians King Katuunko and attempts to convince the King to allow them to use the planet as a staging ground, for their blockade runners. But then Lott Dod arrives, a Senator of the Trade Federation. He explains that there is a Separatist blockade of the planet. And if the Toydarians help Senator Organa or the Republic, they would lose their neutrality.

After the King heard Lott Dod’s arguments. The King explains to Bail Organa that he cannot help him. Because it would mean that Toydaria would otherwise lose its neutrality if they help them. But then the King secretly talks with Organa afterward. He’s allowing them to transfer the supplies they already have with them. Just because Toydaria is neutral doesn’t mean that they look away when someone needs help. On Ryloth, Jedi Master Ima-Gun Di plans to hold back the droid army until the Twi’leks can escape. The Jedi Master and his clone trooper fight bravely. But all are killed in the end. The supply ship arrives and the Twi’leks can flee.

RWBY Volume 6 Ch 10-12 Reaction | Tensions Rise in Volume 6, Sprinting for the Finish Line

RWBY V6 Ch 10: Stealing from the Elderly

As far as setup episodes go, this one is also actually a pretty solid episode on its own. It has a lot of good if small character moments. The comedy, in the beginning, is also a welcome breather before things start to get extremely serious.

One of my favorite comedy bits was at the beginning with Weiss’ frankly horrible acting. It’s nothing super deep, but it’s just a fun little scene. Her tone at the beginning isn’t too bad, but her body language and expressions just get so laughably obvious that it speaks to just how utterly incompetent Cordovin and her guards are. 

The little nod to Blake’s history with the White Fang is also a very good touch. It’s not something that’s come up before in the series too much (if at all really), so thinking to take advantage of it is fantastic. It’s something that should be taken into account way more often; it’d be a way of showing us what exactly she did during those years. She’s gotta have a number of accumulated skills even if a lot of them are rusty that could be a huge asset as they fight against Salem. Unfortunately, Volume 7 didn’t show us anything more on this front, so I doubt it’s something that’ll be touched on again.

Perhaps one of the best scenes in the episode is Qrow’s complete and utter freakout over the entire situation once he realises that things are going downhill and fast. It frankly reveals a lot about his character and just how much he blames on himself. Most of what he lists off is something that’s extremely far outside of his control and that his Semblance wouldn’t have any sort of bearing on. It’s…honestly pretty sad to see how much he hates himself. Of course, he is in a pretty dark place at the moment due to the entire Ozpin reveal, but even so, it’s just upsetting to see the man so down on himself. 

Of course, it’s followed up by Ruby giving a Power of Friendship Speech™ to Qrow which pulls him out of his thoughts. But there is one moment in particular that stands out in it.

This is such an excellent moment of show, don’t tell especially as far as RWBY goes. Without him saying anything, you can just see the gears in his head turning. He’s starting to realise that Ruby’s not just a helpless little girl anymore, but a young woman on the road to becoming a full-fledged Huntress, wise beyond her years. 

It’s likely that he’s also remembering Summer and how she sounded. Going back to V5 C11 “The More the Merrier,” we see Ruby give a similar talk to Raven and her expression is very similar to Qrow’s right before she says “You sound just like your mother.”

And, of course, the episode ends with Blake fighting Adam and it’s a pretty strong character moment for her. Even though she’s visibly frightened, she’s not backing down. 

“Let go of the past, Adam. Do it for yourself.”

Of course, he’s a complete creep about it.

It shows just how far she’s come since the likes of Volume 2 in Mountain Glenn when she said she was somebody that just ran away from her problems.

All in all, it’s a solid episode on its own and a very good way to set up the rest of the volume’s finale.

RWBY V6 Ch 11: Lady in the Shoe

The episode starts off with Weiss questioning Ruby on wanting to go to battle between Cordovin in her massive mech suit and Team RWBY along with, Oscar, Qrow, Team JNR and Maria in a battle to stop Cordovin from preventing the entire team from getting to Atlas. I think it’s safe to say that we all thought Cordovin was basically power hungry in bringing out the shell of Megatron to take out an entire squadron of huntsman and huntresses.

And knowing Ruby, she fights it anyways.

The first shot was fired by Cordovin by launching a missile to the airship, which was shot down by Ruby, and Cordovin retaliated by firing what seems like an ice cannon which Weiss came in to block the shot from the entire team.

Jaune decides the best option is to distract Cordovin as long as possible until Yang comes back from checking on Blake, who is now in a battle with Adam. This battle against Cordovin would go on for the majority of the episode with close calls and plot progression that would continue on in the next episode, as the battle for this episode would end with the airship getting caught in the crossfire of battle and was going down after a missile that was fired from the ship was tossed back to them and it seemed like the ship was going down.

After that scene, it cuts to Adam and Blake having a battle in the woods with Blake mostly going in retreat to the point where he says “can you do anything besides run?” A bit ironic given Adam runs away from the truth.

 What we thought was a possible scare in the fight where Adam swung his blade and probably cut off a limb was luckily just him cutting off Blake’s jacket and the fight would resume. This fight would reach its endpoint with Adam launching a barrage of hits, while calling Blake selfish and a coward in the process, but Blake spits back by calling Adam delusional, with him retaliating with a swing that broke Blake’s weapon. We then see Adam taking off his blindfold with him revealing a branding he got from the Schnee Dust Company firmly in his left eye, with it being permanently damaged from it. 

Firstly, that’s a brand deal taken way too literally, and secondly, I honestly did think Adam was blind this entire time until this point of the show.

 Adam goes on with one of his monologues of guilt tripping and spite towards Blake for her deciding to part ways with Adam until Blake got assistance from Yang who came in with her motorcycle and it hit Adam, and fell into the river. Adam and Yang goes into a battle of their own briefly in the last minutes of the episode, in a battle that felt like it had been building up since Adam cut Yang’s arm off in the third volume, with the episode ending with Blake and Yang together as one, ready to go into the final battle with Adam.

Both battles melded well into the next episode in what would be the episode that got everyone talking about the events within the episode.

RWBY V6 Ch 12: Seeing Red

As far as this episode goes, it’s a little hard to write too much in depth on it. It’s almost all action, wrapping up what Chapter 11 started. Fight choreography isn’t my strong suit, so it’s hard for me to comment on it. 

The first half is just the Cordovin vs Ruby, Qrow, JNR, Oscar, and Maria fight and winning it. 

However, there is a pretty good if brief moment to touch on here between Ruby and Qrow.

Qrow can tell what Ruby’s about to do as she walks toward the edge of the cliff and catches her hand to try to stop her. 

She asks him to trust her and the look he gives her is just utterly heartbreaking

You can tell just how much he doesn’t want to. He’s slipped back into protective uncle mode, trying to protect the little girl he loves so much. His little speech back in Chapter 10 didn’t help matters either. With as much as he blamed himself for, it’s not hard to imagine that he’s feeling like he’d be letting her walk to her death if she goes through with it. 

But, of course, it’s Ruby, so she goes anyway.

The main body of this episode comes in the latter half with Adam and Blake vs Yang.

There is a lot that can be analyzed in what Adam says and does in order to manipulate the fight. This is just a brief episode review, though, so I won’t go into great depth with it outside of one moment.

After a combined attack, Blake gets thrown off the cliff and her aura breaks, leaving Yang alone with Adam. He sees Yang’s desperation and goes for what he’ll know will likely stop her in her tracks.

So, of course, her hand starts to shake badly since he purposely hit one of her triggers. (In this context, trigger is being used in a clinical way, not online vernacular. It means a reaction to an external stimulus that causes a reaction. Within the context of PTSD, it causes an emotional and/or physical response to a reminder of something that specifically resembles the traumatic event(s).)

It really does show Adam’s colors as a manipulator.

And it’s Yang, so she does manage to push past it and fight him by herself.

I’d be remiss to not mention the moment she uses her Semblance and just the crowning moment of awesome that’s capped off by the arrangement of Armed and Ready in the background when she catches his sword.

And then there is the elephant in the room: Adam’s death.

I won’t get into the drama on either side. I have my opinions like anybody else, but this isn’t the place for that. It’s just something I felt needed to at least be acknowledged as that is one of the big things when it comes to this episode.

Going back to just the context of things in-universe, it’s the close of one story and the beginning of another for these two. With Adam gone, they no longer have to fear the threat he poses. They can both begin on their journeys of truly healing for the damage and terror he inflicted on them. His reign of fear has ended, so they can keep moving forward.

The episode then ends with a horde of Grimm flying in, led by the Leviathan. Argus begins scrambling its ships to go destroy it, leading into the volume finale. 

Overall, a pretty solid episode especially when strung together with Chapter 11. 

FanFaireNYC 2020 Review

Conventions have always been something I’ve always wanted to go to since I first heard of Comic-Con, MAGFest, PAX and E3 when I was a young teenager starting high school, but instead of going to a very major convention, I decided to go to FanFaireNYC for three reasons: it was closer to home, cheaper, and a majority of the All Ages Of Geek team was going to be there and I wanted to help out as well as meet them for the first time. So as a first experience with the convention, let’s start from the beginning as I tell you the tale on how my day went in my point of view.

I woke up at 7:30 in the morning thinking it was past 9 AM since my brain tends to have alarms thinking it’s late, but luckily I didn’t have to panic much since it was still early, and after about an hour of getting ready, I hopped out the house with energy, and an empty stomach. The train ride was quick and the weather was calm, but windy and cold when I got to Manhattan, since it’s basically an island, and it was just 10 AM when I got there. Now people who were getting ready to go in had to wait a while as they wanted every person of staff ready for this event, and it was completely understandable since there were already about 30 people waiting to get in, but also not wanting to be in the borderline Russian Winter of Manhattan. So after a few minutes, they let us in to pay for our tickets and hang up our jackets, and the first thing I went to do was find the team and give them a good ol’ “heyo”.

Unfortunately, that took an hour, but I’ll explain why.

When I walked in, I saw the AAOG poster next to this big revolving door, and I was thinking that maybe they’re upstairs where all the guests are. So I went upstairs by elevator and went to check it out, and I saw a lot of vendors that were just setting up or were getting ready to sell whatever it was they were selling. I hadn’t seen anyone from the team, so my first assumption, which anyone who’s gone to Community Day, I thought that maybe they were late in classic AAOG fashion, so I didn’t think too much about it since it was a tendency we had. So I went into the main vendor area where people were selling stickers, hats, art, pop vinyl, books, magazines, comic books, you name it, there was a lot of stuff. I kept roaming around waiting on if they were gonna have their own area, but I didn’t see any hints towards it so I started to question a bit, but not to the point of “maybe something happened for them to cancel.” After several minutes I decided to purchase a hat that has “YAOI” written on it with beads and has the LGBT flag on it, because who wouldn’t want some cool weeb swag that makes your dad question your sexuality? So now I have a SENPAI and YAOI hat, all I need is a hat that just says “FUTANARI” and I’ll just have all the key lewd hentai hats at that point.

After about a half-hour I decided to have one last roam around the main area, and I made a purchase of a Kill Bill sticker, since the Kill Bill movies are easily the best Quenten Tarantino movies I’ve ever seen, and a book that was written by Anthony Del Col called “Son of Hitler”. I wish I was joking, but the title alone along with the reasoning as to why Del Col decided to make a graphic novel about it was enough for me to drop a hearty 25 bucks on it. Plus I got a free selfie with him and he signed my book, so that’s an added bonus. I’ll review the book soon as I’m really intrigued by the story and the brief plot I was given as to what the story is about, but that’ll be sometime after Console Wars comes to a close.

So after 45 minutes, I finally had the sudden realization that they might be on the first floor where the massive revolving door was, but them being in the basement was also a possibility, in reference to us working in the basement with other stuff. So instead I went to the first floor because that’s where I saw the poster. I went into the room and was immediately struck by walls full of great artwork from the students of the high school this convention was held and pretty much was becoming more and more stargazed by the art that they made. Eventually, Ariel said something probably to get my attention, and that’s when I had one of those “hold up, I know who these are people are, but who’s gonna say something first” moments, so I said that I knew they looked familiar, and I said “it’s me, Dio!” and then they all had that moment of realization of who I was. I think the Yaoi hat is what made me unrecognizable lol.

I got to meet Ariel, Kat, Tat, Richard and his boyfriend for the first time at that moment and Evan would pop in a little while after I was conversing with them. Admittedly I was nervous as I usually am meeting people for the first time since I’m used to having voice chats with these people whenever it’s Community Day or a meeting of all folks on the team, but I felt a bit more relaxed as time went on since there was nothing to be nervous about anymore, and I also got a sticker, which I stuck onto the back of my Thunderbird bass since it was too big to fit in the front. 

Stop laughing in the back. 

I should’ve mentioned that I originally wanted to come as part of the press team, but I kinda forgot to speak up about it, and I also thought it might’ve been too late since the last time I hung out with Evan (although it was the first time) was at OS-NYC the week prior for the meet-up of local Twitch streamers. Either way, I still volunteered to be part of the press team and help out with any little thing that may have needed to be done for the day.

Also for the reasoning as to why I was so nervous at FanFaireNYC and not OS-NYC is a bit of an easy reason. When I went to OS-NYC, I was only meeting Evan and everyone else I had no clue who was who. I did get to meet new people that I’ve never met before and we all talked about our love for gaming and streaming, as well as celebrating someone’s birthday that same night. FFNYC on the other hand, I kinda felt like I needed to set a bit of the kind of a first impression of thing since I’m basically meeting up with my bosses for the first time, and I’m the scrappy little intern wanting to help out as much as I can, but I also have a walnut for a brain. I guess it’s probably natural to feel a bit out of place when everyone else is a whole lot more experienced, and hopefully, over time I can get over that feeling whenever the next convention will be.

The primary thing I helped out with was the stuff relating to the Q&A panels that would happen in the basement with people like the co-creator of Ren and Stimpy, a show that was my childhood at 2 AM on NickToons, a popular tattoo artist and a group of women who helps New Yorkers become PA’s. And it was at this point that my weirdness started to show along with my endless references, but it was pretty subdued since I still wanted to remain somewhat professional. This is what happens when my brain goes full dumb dumb mode. You never wanna go full dumb.

Some of the dumb things I said was “the screen looks like boiled soup”, “can the skeleton of a comic be boneless?”, “my brain is singing Feliz Navidad”, me playing with a light while also saying “I’m trying do Morse Code”, having my hand up to a light and saying it’s hot while Kat and Tat ask why do I have my hand up there, replying with “because my hand got cold”, and me staring off into space as if I’m trying to find Polaris. I’ve also never had Chipotle, so I went to McDonald’s instead. I also bought Ariel an “UwU” hat at the vendor place I bought my “YAOI” hat. We went full weird by the end of the whole event.

By the end of the event, Kat, Tat, Ariel, Evan and I were packing up all of our stuff and was also taking a gander of the retro and Japanese imports of Famicom, Super Famicom, Game Boy, Game Boy Color and N64 cartridges that were on sale in the same basement we were recording the Q&A panels at. We had our last conversations for the night while we were packing the stuff up in Evan’s car, and I gave everyone a hug before I waved goodbye heading to the train station.

FanFaireNYC was probably the most fun social experience I’ve had since the OS-NYC Twitch meet-up, and it really feels like 2020 finally started while January felt like a bit of a wet fart to start the year off, with me working a pretty crappy job, only having to quit it two days after my 20th birthday. It really has been feeling like an enjoyable time meeting the people I work with when it comes to writing articles or helping out with networking or any other thing, I really enjoyed my time at the convention. For a minute I thought the day would end a bit flat because some lady was being a Super Weenie Hut Jr. but I (and the others) didn’t want that to bother us since we all had an enjoyable day of interviews, Q&A’s and our randomness. 

It makes me happy that I’m part of All Ages Of Geek.