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Five Tips to Get Motivated | All Ages of Geek

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Do you have a special project that you’ve been wanting to get done? Are you struggling to find the motivation to even get started? Well, look no further, for I have 5 helpful tips that can help find that missing motivation (Note: These tips aren’t 100% guaranteed to help, they’re mainly pieces of advice that have helped me in the past with getting motivated. Also, these tips can be done in whichever order works best for you.)

Tip #1: Create an outline/blueprint.
Before you dive into work, it’s always important to make some form of plan to figure out how you want everything to go. Believe me when I say that I’ve started a number of writing projects without doing this and….well….let’s just say they ended up being more of a mess than what I wanted it to become. And hey, if the first outline/blueprint isn’t as motivating to work with, try a different form or angle, there isn’t just one ultimate format to work with.

Tip #2: Create a relaxing, but productive working environment.
What type of
environment do you enjoy working in? Where do you find the most motivation to work? Do you find work easier to do at a desk? Is it more comforting on the couch or on your bed? Is there a place that doesn’t help at all? It’s important to know which environment will do the best with maintaining your working motivation, especially which ones will be more distracting and disruptive; experiment with different places to find out which ones do and don’t work. Oddly enough, working at a desk never worked with motivating me; it always made me feel like I’m back in school and somebody is watching to see me make any mistakes and point them out. Another thing you want to put into consideration is how many distractions there are in your working environment. Too many distractions can lead to a loss in motivation; there have been times where I would be more motivated to play on my gaming consoles or look at other things (phone and other things on the internet), than to work. This doesn’t mean that you can’t keep your phone next to you in case somebody is trying to reach you. If somebody is trying to reach you for any type of support, then, by all means, keep your phone on you.

Tip #3: Take a break every now and then.

Burn-outs or sudden creativity blocks are going to happen, so be sure to rest your brain and creativity every once in a while, recharge your motivation. There were times where I would finish writing a chapter and jump to the next chapter right after, and this ended up damaging my motivation to keep working (I haven’t worked one of my stories/fanfics for a good number of years because of that lost motivation). Take some time to listen to music, grab a snack to eat, re-hydrate yourself, surf the web a bit, play a game, or whatever you want to do for some time, and hope back feeling refreshed and ready to go.

Tip #4: Never be afraid to search for any inspiration.

I know that some would not see this as a way to get motivated, but I truly believe that getting inspired can lead to being motivated (especially if the inspiration is that powerful). If you’re writing something, listen to some music related to the subject, immerse yourself in the genre (ex. If you’re writing something sci-fi related, listen to music from Halo or Destiny). Trying to draw a specific landscape? Go out and explore different environments, embrace the colors and life that are thriving.

Tip #5: People do things in different ways.

Something that is very capable of destroying one’s motivation is when people spend more time comparing their works with that of another. Sure, your work isn’t going to be as powerful or amazing as theirs, but they also struggle with this motivation killer. Everyone has their own style and/or way of doing things, and that’s what will make yours just as amazing. Show how your way of doing things is amazing and capable of inspiring and motivating others. Who knows, maybe the way you draw or write something will also inspire and motivate that person to improve something they struggle with (i.e. writing fight scenes, drawing the full body just as well as the head). Like I said in the previous tip, inspiration can lead to motivation.

Hello Readers,

Why Patience Motivates Me | All Ages Of Geek

This article is about patience. Patience can be very motivating if you have a goal or a dream in your life that you want to achieve. But it also can be very difficult and demotivating at the same time. Because you will see that the way will be very long and difficult.

It will take a lot of time and you will have to work hard to reach your goal. This can be very exhausting and demotivating, but in the end, you will get what you so long worked for. It will fill you with satisfaction and pride when you finally fulfilled your dream or reach your goal. Being patient always pays off in the end.

Sometimes we have to go a very long way to reach our dreams and goals. The most important thing on this path is our patience. Only with our patience can we reach our major goals in life. It teaches us many important things and experiences that carry us forward in life. We will have good but also many bad experiences that we make. Through our patience, we always have a story to tell at the end, and with our experience, we can try to help others. My patience has always motivated me. It can also be very difficult to always be patient. For example, when we feel that others are much further and faster than ourselves. We get nervous and start making mistakes because we try to keep up with them.

Don’t always compare yourself with others. Stay always true to yourself and believe in yourself. Everyone goes their own way, and just you need longer, doesn’t mean that you can not reach your dreams or goals. It doesn’t matter how fast you are or how hard the way is. It depends on how hard you work and how patient you are. Patience is something very difficult. Because we always strive to get or reach everything immediately. We have to believe and work hard for what we want. And one day we will lock back and have a great story to tell.

All our suffering, despair and pain have paid off in the end. We can be proud of what we have achieved. Without patience, many dreams would not be possible. Being patient has always helped me, good things take time. Remember, the slow and steady wins the race. Work hard, believe in yourself, and always be patient. But the most important thing is Never Give Up!

My Weight Loss Journey | All Ages of Geek

Thousands of people work hard to try and improve their physical health every day, but it isn’t always easy to stay motivated sometimes we need help from people in our lives to really show us that if you never give up you can achieve your goals and improve your health and mindset, in this article I am going to tell you how I stay motivated on my ongoing weight loss journey.

Back in 2014 I was in the worst shape of my life, I felt really uncomfortable in my own body and I couldn’t even look in the mirror without feeling bad about myself, I would get bullied for the way I looked being called horrible names, and just being constantly mocked, I knew I had to do start doing something otherwise my mental and physical health were only going to get progressively worse.

Who really started to motivate me was my dad, who at the time he was already starting to exercise more often he would ride his bike to work instead of driving and go hiking up a hill with our dog nearly every single day, and he has had amazing success with his weight loss. I have always considered him my inspiration, so to see him do this truly inspired me to make some much-needed changes into my own lifestyle.

Now going to a gym 3-4 times a week is great and really does help but sometimes there are days when I just can’t bring myself to go, and I lack energy to even get out of the house, this is a problem I struggled to beat until recently as I have had one of my best friends join me on this journey he has encouraged me to go beyond my comfort zone while exercising and try using the different gym equipment such as exercise bikes, and rowing machines, since we have been doing this together we have motivated each other beyond our limits and have inspired each other to reach our individual goals no matter how hard it may seem.

Another way I stay motivated is due to history of diabetes in my family so I try to reduce the risk of it affecting me later in life, by having a more balanced diet which I have received massive motivational support from my mother who has taught me all about these alternative healthier food options which I would of never of discovered myself.

I sometimes go online and look at other people’s stories of their own journeys to lose weight and I just think if they can accomplish what they want then anyone can. All of these factors may not seem like much, but they all play a huge part in motivating me to improve my physical and mental well-being. So far, I have lost 64 lbs and I am only partway through my journey, I will continue to gain motivation from the sources I have spoken about and others.

Never underestimate the power that motivation can give you if you are struggling don’t give up because you can make a difference for yourself and achieve anything you set your mind too.

Band Decisions: My First Trip | All Ages of Geek

So if you read my bio, I mentioned how I got fired from my band for not wanting to drink or do drugs, and I’d explain it in the future. Well since it is the time of motivation here at All Ages Of Geek, I might as well explain my beginnings in the band all the way to the bitter end but the bright side in all of it.

I’d like to make an immediate disclaimer before we continue and say that I will not be mentioning names and the name of the band and will use false names, as I absolutely do not condone attacking anyone who is currently or used to be in the band as I’ve fully moved on since, and I already slammed the door behind me when the firing happened, so it’s best not to cause any issues as this is old tea that has since expired.

I graduated high school on the 25th of June and got my diploma in two days on the 27th, and I didn’t really have intentions to go to college yet as I wanted to take some time off, but it wasn’t long until my calling happened two weeks after graduation.

I got a message from the lead singer to join his band “Cold Shoulder” as their inaugural bass player, and as an 18-year-old, fresh as hell out of high school who’s been dying to start a band or find one, without hesitation, I joined. My first day of practice was the 16th of July, and the band consisted of Johnny, the lead singer, Andy the guitarist, Roger the drummer, whom I’ll talk about later in the story, and myself, the young bassist. The age gap between the four of us was pretty major since Roger was turning 28 in August, Johnny was turning 25, and Andy I think was turning 23, so from 18 to 28, major gap.

It was a speedy start because the next show the band had, was on the 22nd of July at The Bowery Electric, so I literally had 6 days to learn all of the songs we were performing that night, and add my spin on it to give the band a wholly unique sound for the show, and would you guess it, I nailed it, and the crowd couldn’t believe that an 18-year-old kid, fresh outta high school could play as well as I could. It was a feeling I never experienced before, even though I was in a school band, rocking my five-string and my pre-stickered Thunderbird bass since I was 15, but it was something completely different, as it was a feeling I wasn’t gonna experience again.

August came around, and after a second successful show, we found out that we were gonna record our first singles together, which both are currently still on YouTube, as the songs are “Little Things” and “Back Against The Ropes.” I documented the experience as well on my YouTube channel, and we spent 20 combined hours in the studio working our asses off to make these two songs the best songs ever… but a dark cloud began to loom over while that recording process was being done on day two.

There’s really no way around it, but I got peer pressured into smoking weed. This was from the band, yes, but it was mostly Johnny and his friends who were putting in most of the pressure onto me, even when I was saying no. I just did it so it can shut them up, and that didn’t really help much. After the recording was done, Johnny invited me to his place to watch the GGG vs Canelo 2 fight that went on, and that’s pretty much where I saw his true colors. He wanted me to do more than just weed, as he also had mushrooms, and cocaine, which his comments before he did a line were “this is a big boy’s thing Dio, you’ll be able to do this when you’re older.”

This is where regret started to immediately set in.

We were back to doing shows in October with an acoustic set at The Parkside Lounge, and that was the last time I decided to smoke weed, as I wanted to get a job, but really, I was beginning to rethink my decisions and leave the band some time in the new year, and I was gonna focus on college as I had applied to start going in January. After another successful show at The Bowery Electric in November, we, unfortunately, found out that Andy would be leaving the band after our next show in December, and unfortunately, that was the show where we ended up flopping really hard, due to it being a cold night in Brooklyn, the fact that it was a local coffee shop, and we played last, and no one was there besides one of Johnny’s friends. And after that, haven’t talked to Andy since.

Joey was going to be the new replacement in the band and our new comrade in the band, stepping in for the departure of Andy, and he was a damn good guitarist. He was 20 years old and he was gonna turn 21 in April, and he had one hell of a dedication because he would travel from New Jersey to come to rehearsals, but unfortunately, he was no different than Johnny when it came to drugs and alcohol. The final show I performed in was at Arlene’s Grocery, on the 19th of January, 9 days before I turned 19. Now, footage of this show has since been deleted from the band’s YouTube channel, which I’d assume it’s to erase any existence of me and Jack as he’s no longer part of the band either, but I do have one song on Google Docs that I will be uploading to YouTube, which is the only remaining footage of me being a part of the band.

This show was riddled with issues, from my bass strings not being that good in my honest opinion, the sound guy was simply an idiot, and when I upload the video, my bass was completely inaudible for most of the song. Talk about getting the Jason Newsted treatment. Joey himself said that he wanted to “kick the sound guy’s ass” for messing up his sound, which I advised him not to as it would ruin any opportunity of the band making a second show at Arlene’s. After the show, I went back to Johnny’s place for his little after-party and played Smash with his friend, and this was where I had fully decided that I wasn’t gonna stay in the band anymore, as drugs and alcohol were everywhere. Mushrooms, Coke, Amphetamines, Ecstasy, Acid, Weed, you name it. All we needed was Ketamine and Meth and we’d be in a trailer park hoedown hootenanny in a barn in the middle of Nowhere, Alabama.

I had to make this a little bit funny.

After all the commotion died down, it was pretty much just me, Joey, and one of Johnny’s sisters and Johnny wanted to find someone to have sex with because his sister’s had some sort of argument. Yeah, that just shows why I wanted to bail. After spending an extra half hour at the place, I pretty much told Joey and Johnny’s sister about my bisexuality (which has since shifted to pansexuality), that I never told anyone at the time, and they welcomed me with open arms about it. I decided to leave a bit afterward because, well, Jack wanted to get down and dirty with Johnny’s sister, so basically, bro code, and I didn’t want to break it, so I obliged. Joey’s last words to me before I left were “I love you man, I won’t tell anyone” and I went home after that.

On February 9th, I got fired from the band by Johnny, as he called me and said: “I’m going through a different creative direction, and I’m gonna have to let you go.” Keep in mind, he said “I’m” not “I was talking to Roger” or “I talked to the others” “I’m”. After hearing about getting fired, I told my friends about it and saying how it honestly sucks that I got fired, but I forgot who the friends I told this to were. My friend Randy rather quickly went on to YouTube and voiced his displeasure of Johnny of my firing, criticized his lack of singing abilities and praising the talent that I, along with Roger and Joey had, while my friend Samantha only criticized the audio problems throughout the footage.

Around 11 at night that same time, Johnny called me in a high and/or drunken fit of rage about my friends comments, even going to lengths calling me “a self-absorbent piece of shit” and ridiculing me about my mental health, as I posted stuff on Instagram about my mental struggles, telling me “I’m fucked up in the head, and that I need help” which didn’t help because that plunged me into an even deeper depression knowing that he never cared about me. I’ve since made two posts on Instagram completely exposing him for his actions, as I wanted to speak up about it instead of staying silent about it. I hadn’t said a single bad word about him throughout my time in the band, and I respected him throughout my tenure there, even if the things he did were questionable, that moment where he disrespected me, he had lost all of my respect for him as a musician, a bandmate, and as a person. At this point, I had wanted to give up as a musician, and I was even contemplating on selling my basses. It’s probably the lowest I’ve ever been in my life.

“Hey dude. Sorry about the way shits gone down the past week. For what it’s worth, just wanted to say you’re a damn good bassist/musician. Bands come and go (I’ve been in like 8 myself) but don’t ever stop playing music! A good bass player is hard to come by, so I hope this whole thing doesn’t discourage you.”

Those were Roger’s last words to me in a text he sent me a week after I got fired. To know that he messaged me after all of the hate and anger I had aimed towards both Johnny and Joey, it pretty much made me breakdown knowing that he cared about me, even after I spoke up about what happened. I haven’t spoken to him since as I’ve distanced myself from anyone who associates with the band, but I absolutely respect Roger for being a professional and handling it properly and telling me to not stop playing music. Thanks a ton, Roger, you’re the man.

Since then, I’ve been on a musical hiatus, but my creativity has no boundaries as I do plan to start up a project or two in the future, as I don’t plan on giving up on music. What I’ve learned from this, is be careful in who you trust, because sometimes, that person you look up to can be your worst nightmare. But even through all those issues, not only do you have to enjoy the little things but even when your backs are against the ropes, you’ll have someone by your side, giving you words and encouragement, to never give up on what you love.

My Life With Depression | All Ages of Geek

In this article, I want to write about my life with depression. I hope I can help someone who is in a similar situation. I’ve been struggling since the age of 14, with partial severe depression and anxiety. This depression and anxiety were caused by heavy bullying during my school days. I also got a strong social anxiety disorder from the bullying, which still causes me problems today.

It’s therefore very difficult for me to forge social contacts and friendships. It’s difficult for me to trust other people because I’ve had a lot of bad experiences in trusting other people. I’ve lost all my friends because of my depression, and no one in my family wants to have anything to do with me.

The worst thing is the isolation, the loneliness, the sadness, the feeling of emptiness and meaninglessness. Your negative thoughts can make you crazy and will finally destroy you in the end. Every day is a new challenge not to give up. There are days that are so bad that you don’t want to get out of bed. You just want to disappear and stop existing, so that this horrible feeling finally disappears. It’s difficult to fight if you know that you will lose in the end. I’ll fight until my little heart stop beating. But I also know that maybe it will never get better, but I will not give up.

I’ve gone a long way and can not just give up now. I have a good job and have found a great community that has given me new hope. My biggest problem is that I can’t talk about it. I always act as if I’m happy, but in reality, I’m the opposite. I always try to be friendly and helpful, but inside I scream for help. I’m always there for everyone, but when I’m home alone in the evening, night, and the weekend nobody is there for me. I have no family or friends I’m always alone. It’s a very hard time for me sometimes it is so bad that I don’t want to live anymore.

I know there are many in this community who offer me their help. I’m very grateful to these people, but I don’t want to burden anyone with my problems. There are also good days, not every day is horrible and bad. But after every good day, many bad days follow. The depression is patient because the slidest drop of rain will cause these seeds to sprout. The rain will come and the seeds will sprout. The depression is always with me, it’s in my little heart, it’s in my thoughts, and deep in my soul. My depression follows me wherever I go.

If you suffer from depression and anxiety then talk about it. Believe me, it helps. Go to a psychotherapist, do something that is fun to you. If someone offers you help, then accept the help. Never give up, it will be better again, even if it’s currently very difficult for you. Believe in yourself and please DON’T GIVE UP! Better days will come, believe me. My faith in God always helps me at this time. As long as you have faith in your heart, you’ll never walk alone. God is always with you on your way.

The reason why I wrote this article is, that I want to help anyone who experiences a similar situation. You’re not alone, depression is not a choice.

The Motivation Killer: Burn Out | All Ages of Geek

Hello class, please have a seat. We have a really good lesson prepared for you special snowflakes today. We shall be talking about what all YouTubers refer to as, “burnout”. For anyone who hasn’t studied, burnout is the term used to describe when someone spends all their free-time focused on one specific task until that task causes that person to feel unmotivated and even hate the task.

For example, if you are a creator who keeps a tight schedule, but leaves no room for other activities. Not letting yourself do something less stressful to cool off from a hard day of giving 100%. Then you will find your motivation reserves plummeting. Suddenly your creative outlet is just work, and work is all you know. It’s like all the color is zapped away, there is no substance. Quite the scary scenario. Burnout is the mass murderer of your potential. The silent agent that is ready to destroy your motivation. And when you aren’t motivated, why even continue?

I follow many creators on YouTube, who upload regularly, like clockwork. And never take breaks or holidays. While their comments overflow with suggestions and requests that their audience wants them to fulfill. They feel obligated to continue. Until they find themselves drowning in a silent sea. The S.S. Motivation, taking on water and sinking to the dark depths. And let me tell you, it is a sad sight to see.

My favorite YouTuber of the RWBY community Arnold, also known as MurderofBirds, gave his own experience recently while watching the Rooster Teeth series Red vs Blue. While the Rooster Teeth fandom can be very warm and welcoming, at the same time they can become obsessed with getting new reactors speeding through series without putting a foot on the brake. They are so excited to discuss future moments of a series that they are impatient and don’t realize when their demands are like me when I am at a buffet. Yes person scooping my mash potatoes, make Mount Spud-icus higher. Eventually, we hit the bottom of the pan. The food worker sheds a tear in dismay. His hard work, now a beacon of poor decision making on my plate.

On a Patreon update post, Arnold had been running behind on his schedule. He had been having trouble making sure to upload on time. Fans were hounding him, wondering why the video wasn’t up yet. Arnold had this to say. “I’m tired, guys. I put dozens of HOURS into Red vs Blue on a weekly basis. You guys might get 2-3 hours videos per week, of my reaction and in-depth thoughts and breakdown of the batches, with notes provided, but there’s so much legwork involved and I’ve been stumbling to keep up.”

To summarize, when you feel like you are drowning you search for the escape route. And when what is drowning you is the videos you are making. What is the solution? You stop making them. And this has happened. Many YouTubers end up ending their youtube channels after getting burnout. Some are gaming channels, sick of playing the same game over and over, a game that once gave them joy. Now feels like a chore. A past time spent to connect and create, suddenly a burden.

Now you may be saying to yourself. “Okay, Professor Kai, this is interesting and all. But how does this affect me? My motivation to do what I want. I’m not a YouTuber.” And it’s a simple as this. When you start to see your creative outlet as a burden. That is a clear sign to take a break. Motivation is all well and good. But one should never forget that they need to take a break from time to time.

And if you do feel like your motivation is waning. Try to mix it up. Don’t feel like you are stuck to one form of creativity. Or one format. Sometimes the best way to get motivated would be to stop trying to please others and please yourself again. Do not be stuck on making sure you don’t disappoint those you entertain with your creations. It is yours when all is said and done. Give yourself regular breaks, as well as getting out and doing things with friends or family. Go see the world. You’d be surprised how it will give you the charge you needed. And remember, we have an exam next week and I expect you all to ace it! Seriously this will be on the final.

All joking aside, thanks again for trudging through the word trenches with me, next time I shall make sure to pack an extra shovel. Until next time! Stay safe, stay motivated, and stay true!

Loss of Motivation | All Ages of Geek

Life isn’t about who is the best dressed or who has the most money, its more a puzzle we are all meant to figure out and finish on our own. For starters, most people who claim they have their life together don’t. And that ok. Most of us don’t. The point of it all is figuring out what makes you happy and the rest goes from there.

Now you’re probably reading the title and thinking “how does happiness have to do with motivation?” And I’m here to tell you. Let’s say you’re passion is writing. You write stories and share them with your friends, you post poetry online, and sometimes you submit articles to your school’s newspaper. Which is all great. But as time moves on you start comparing yourself to other writers and start doubting your abilities. You slowly start forgetting to submit articles, you haven’t posted poetry online for months, and you stopped writing short stories. Now, my friend, you have reached something I like to call “Loss of motivation.”

“Loss of motivation” is kind of like burnout but has nothing to do with the amount of work you have been doing. It kind of happens when you start listening to what other people are doing and forget about what you want to do. So let’s say you and your friend are both writers and she asks you for help with her poem. Which you can help her! But, do not stop doing what you want, to help other people get to where they want to be. Because you need to focus on YOU.

“Loss of motivation” can happen at any time. Insecurities, loss of ideas, or maybe just a bad day. BUT! Do not worry because there is a solution to all of this.

Remember at the beginning of this I was talking about finding what makes you happy. Again the point of life is finding what makes you happy. So when you lose motivation, think about what truly makes you happy.

Again you’re a writer. And you lose motivation. “Now what?” Just paint a picture in your head and think about what made you love writing? Was it your professor? A writer whose work inspired you? Your family? Whatever it is that made you love writing or the thing you call your passion, think about it in your time of “loss of motivation”

When you think about why you love doing something, you’ll forget why you can’t do it. Because there is absolutely no reason why you can’t. Everyone can lose motivation which is fine. But! When it becomes permanent that is not ok. We all have dark days but working towards something will bring us out of them.

Sometimes hearing what your friends and family have to say can help you gain that motivation. But I am a firm believer that your mind can help you. “Why do I love this?” Ask yourself that and continue to do what you love. Because we all create for something. A loved one. Self-expression. The desire to help others. Inspiration. Fame. God. The list goes on. Just find where you fall on the list and continue to do what you love when you find that answer. Stay strong and keep doing what you love!

Doctor Sleep Review | All Ages of Geek

Directed by Mike Flanagan, and starring Ewan McGregor, Rebecca Ferguson, and Kyleigh Curran, Doctor Sleep is the newest Stephen King film adaptation and the third theatrically released Stephen King film of 2019. This is the sequel to The Shining, but it uses elements from both the original source material and the iconic 1980 film directed by Stanley Kubrick which is considered by many to be a masterpiece in the horror genre.

The story follows an adult Danny Torrance (Ewan McGregor) several years after the trauma, he experienced In the Overlook Hotel. Trying to live a somewhat normal life until he is contacted by another person with the shine, a young girl named Abra (Kyleigh Curran) who has reached out to Danny to stop a supernatural cult of lead by a woman named Rosie (Rebecca Ferguson) from harnessing their powers and very life essence to become immortal.

For a two and a half-hour movie I was invested from start to finish the pacing was perfect not one moment did I feel bored watching this, the slow first act establishes how Danny’s mental state is affected in his adult years and this slower-paced feel gives him more character development and the audience is given a chance to know Danny all over again in a new light, Ewan McGregor portrays Danny’s personality perfectly from the first movie of being very anxious and quiet making for a very intriguing character study for the opening act, Kyleigh Curran gives the best child performance this year and has proven that despite her age she has a commanding screen presence and has a bright career ahead of her, but it is Rebecca Ferguson as Rosie that steals the show with her sadistic and menacing performance making her a formidable and powerful antagonist. All three of these well written and developed characters get equal focus and screen time allowing the audience their motivations and personalities.

The film has some incredible set pieces especially when it comes to recreating the Overlook Hotel which looks like a near-perfect replica of Kubrick’s vision, Mike Flanagan also uses very similar camera work techniques of Kubrick’s to masterfully recreate iconic moments from the shining in a new and interesting way and at the same time he uses his own style with a much darker color palette for the hotel walls giving it a more creepier mysterious vibe compared to the bright colors of the original film.

There are also very clever uses of flashbacks of the original film during the third act which are used perfectly and are not just used as fan service, if you are a fan of The Shining these moments will definitely satisfy you as they did me.

The cinematography by Michael Fimognari is excellent using lighting and camera work in a well-placed manner to give the film an unnerving sense of dread and fear with its disturbing imagery and intense moments. The score composed by The Newton Brothers is very atmospheric making every single moment feel tense and unnerving, there is also a clever use of the Shining theme being incorporated into the opening moments of the film.

As for negatives there were a couple of moments that I found to be unneeded mainly in the first act when the film keeps jumping from location to location showing us all these characters that we don’t get to really know or care about which affects parts of the pacing in the first act but that is more of a minor gripe I have with the film, and the third act has a situation that feels a bit rushed and gets resolved too quick for my liking.

Doctor Sleep is a great continuation of what Kubrick created but it is also a great sequel to King’s original novel and even could be considered a good stand-alone film of its own whether you have read the book or watched the movie of The Shining I highly recommended this film to any fan of Stephen King’s work.

My Score 9/10

The Aesthetics of Vaporwave | All Ages of Geek

Music has always been something that has an evolution every decade or so, as disco was very short-lived, The Beatles lasted all of the 60s, hair metal lasted all throughout the 80s, grunge, well, that died pretty quickly, not gonna lie, and rock had its evolution for almost a century. But there’s been one genre of music that has been interesting for the most part that quietly popped up in 2011 and didn’t get stupid popular until Vine happened and then YouTube caught wind. That genre is the interesting world, and the aesthetics of Vaporwave.

Sampling music has always been a common thing in the music industry, as such example is some of the old hip hop back in the day when it was created here in my home of The Bronx in the 70s and it wasn’t until 1979 that it finally got on the radio, and it became the eventual mainstream genre of today. It’s always been a genre where a sample of old songs, even in the rock genre to sing from it and that became its own song. A good example is “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice, as the famous bass line of the song comes from the song “Under Pressure” by Queen with a feature by David Bowie. Sampling has always been common in hip-hop, and even bands like Slipknot had samples of something back in their debut self-titled album, which is full of samples.

But what if whole songs or big chunks of them, commercials from the 80s and 90s, even computer startups and sounds, got sampled? What if its entire subculture is all about the aesthetics? Enter: Vaporwave

Probably the most interesting genre of music to pop out of the 2010s that quickly grew into its own niche subculture, Vaporwave is basically a genre of music that is all about the flow and aesthetics than becoming a mainstream genre. It’s a variant of Chillwave but taken on a satirical level that is mostly satirical in itself since it’s basically a meme that spawned a meme from Vine, that ended up launching the genre into the internet limelight. The album Floral Shoppe by artist Vektroid under the alias “Macintosh Pro” has been widely regarded as the birth album of Vaporwave, and the song that has defined the album and has been the meme of memes is the song “リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュ” (Lisa Frank 420 / Modern Computing in English). This song has been the Vaporwave national anthem for quite a long time and one that has been used in the crying kid Vine, “The most satisfying video in the world” by the YouTube channel “Digg”, even YouTube bassist and multi-instrumentalist Davie504 gave the song a nod of approval in his video “30 Music Memes in 2 minutes” which the song came in at number 19.

Currently, Vaporwave is going strong, and it had gotten so well known, that there’s even a website called Vapor95.com dedicated to the aesthetics of clothing and personal gear and items. Pretty cool clothing and things that they have is what I’ll say. Vaporwave co-exists with its parent genre Chillwave, and now with the rise of Synthwave.

It seems like the music of the mainstream will be driven by money and commercialization, while Vaporwave, a music of and from the internet, will be known for three things: pretty cool clothing, really cool creativity, and, the most important one: A E S T H E T I C S. 

Photography by Tatiana Stec

Fulfilling Your Dreams | All Ages of Geek

In this article, I’d like to tell a little personal story about motivation. How it helped me in a very difficult time of my life, and how important motivation is to achieve your goals and dreams.

In 2007 when I was 14 years old I was heavily bullied in school, I had no friends, and even the teachers were against me. I got depression and severe anxiety, I had reached a point where I saw no future for myself. At my lowest point, I was not able to leave the house or go to school because I had a strong social anxiety disorder. At that time, I was completely down. I lost all my hope, and my whole family was against me. They blamed me for my situation because they could not understand why I had these problems.

They knew about the bullying, but in their eyes, it was all my fault. My uncle even called me a total failure. After being in inpatient for 3 months to treat my depression and anxiety I had a conversation with my grandmother. We talked about my goals, my dreams and about my future. My grandmother then said a sentence that motivates me to this day.

“There will be no one to fulfill your dreams and wishes except yourself.”

This sentence opened my eyes, it gave me new strength, new hope, and above all, I finally believed in a future for me. I’m infinitely grateful to my grandmother, she was the only one who understood me and stood by my side in this difficult time. I finally started to believe in myself, I changed school and tried to make friends. The bullying did not stop, but it was not that bad anymore. I never was the best at school, but the ambition drove me on. I learned and learned because I wanted to be the best and show everyone who didn’t believe in me who I am and what I can.

At the end of my school days, I was one of the best graduates. It would never have happened without my belief in myself, my faith in God, and my ambition to be the best. After my school days, I worked for 2 famous magicians and became a member of the ultra group The Unity. It was a very crazy time but this is a topic for another article . Today I’m an engineering technologist but without the motivation, I got from my grandmother, I don’t know if I would be here today.

This little sentence changed my whole life, it helps me so much to this day. It is important that you always believe in yourself, even in difficult life situations. Never give up on your dreams and if you have the opportunity to fulfill one of your dreams, go for it. Because maybe you get the chance to realize your dream only once in your life. Sure there will be moments where you want to give up, where you have no strength left to continue. But remember why you started, and look how far you’ve come. One day you will look back, you will realize that all the hard work, all the pain, and all the despair have paid off.

Give up only when, NO, NEVER GIVE UP! Work hard, be patient, and fight till your last breath take, your last heartbeat to fulfill your dreams. Remember you are the only one who can fulfill your dreams, GO FOR IT! If you believe in yourself enough and know what you want, you are going to make it happen.


Photography by Tatiana Stec